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He rolled his eyes. “Fine. And stop biting your lip. It isn’t good for you.” He stood, heading out of the room.

Nishinoya shook his head. “Last I looked it was about ten though..”

Sugawara hummed then shook his head. “Nope. Just hugging and holding hands and stuff like that.” It wasn’t entirely true but for the most part his fantasies had surprisingly not gone very far.
  Hinata/Nishinoya/Sugawara / Raiders / 251d 18h 3m 29s
Kageyama bit his lip. "Oh... okay." He shifted. "Can't you leave at, like, any point in time? For like five minutes?"


Asahi grinned. "Great." He popped open the conditioner bottle and combed it through Noya's hair, still humming. "Do you have any idea what time it is?" he asked.


Daichi grinned. "And what else was in those fantasies?~" he asked, nudging Suga. "Anything interesting?~"
The doctor shook his head. “I cannot leave. I understand you two want privacy but from what happened earlier I do not think it is safe for me to not be here.”

Nishinoya held his breath like he was asked and when he came back up he took in a breath. “I’m good!”

“Cause I never thought it’d actually happen. I thought I was going to be in the friend-zone forever. Again, only my fantasy’s.”
  Hinata/Nishinoya/Sugawara / Raiders / 251d 18h 12m 13s
Kageyama glanced at the doctor. "Can you... how long are you gonna stay? I can call you if something goes wrong," he said. "Shoyo won't be alone."


Asahi grinned. "Great. Hold your breath." He dipped Noya's head under the water , rinsing out the shampoo. "You good?" he asked as he pulled the boy back up.


Daichi brushed a stray strand of Suga's hair behind his ear. "Why do you feel so awkward? You should get used to this, by the way. It's gonna be our new normal." He pecked Suga's cheek.
The doctor snorted but didn’t say anything further. Hinata glanced over at Kageyama, a small smile on his face.

Nishinoya snorted. “You think I planned to go home at this hour? I already texted my mom.”

He chuckled awkwardly but didn’t say anything.
  Hinata/Nishinoya/Sugawara / Raiders / 251d 18h 24m 55s
Kageyama nodded. "We'll sleep," he promised. "We might talk a bit, but we'll go to sleep at a decent hour." He looked down at Shoyo and smiled.


Asahi began washing Noya and himself off, humming in Noya's ear and occasionally kissing the boy's neck gently. "You wanna stay at my house tonight?" he asked eventually as he massaged shampoo into Noya's hair. "God, you look cute with your hair down."


"And I love you, Suga," Daichi said, smiling brightly. "Gosh, what more could I ask for? I've got you, and I've got volleyball. Nothing else needed."
“Then you two need to sleep, okay? Especially Hinata.” He gave a pointed look at him but he didn’t seem to notice.

Nishinoya nodded a little, letting himself relax. “Thanks...”

Suga laughed, patting his arm again. “I love you Daichi.” He repeated.
  Hinata/Nishinoya/Sugawara / Raiders / 251d 18h 33m 44s
Kageyama nodded. "I was planning on it. How else is Hinata supposed to get the work?" He squeezed Hinata's hand tightly.


Asahi nodded. "I get it. We've made love twice in a very short amount of time. You have every right to be tired. Just let me take care of you, alright? And maybe if you're feeling better later, you can wash my hair," he said, smiling down at Noya.


Daichi shrugged, smiling. "What can I say? I'm glad I have you." He rested his chin on Suga's shoulder, just happy with life.
The doctor nodded. “I’m not your parent or anything but I do expect you to go to school tomorrow.”

Nishinoya snickered, leaning back against him and closing his eyes. “I’m tired..”

Sugawara chuckled, patting Daichis arm. “Needy.”
  Hinata/Nishinoya/Sugawara / Raiders / 251d 18h 46m 17s
Kageyama forced the blush from his face. "The bed's for me, right?" he asked the person and doctor. "So I can sleep here?"


Asahi popped back into the bathroom, piling the clothes near the sink and letting his hair down. It was a mess, given what they'd been doing for the past few hours. He stepped into the bath, positioning Noya on his lap. "Now let me give my sweet little Kohai some aftercare~" he hummed, resting his head on Noya's shoulder as he splashed water gently over the boy's lap.


Daichi pulled Suga towards the bus stop, paying for both their tickets and picking a pair of secluded seats near the back. He pretty much pulled Suga on his lap as they sat down, nuzzling his neck softly.
“Don’t care.” He mumbled. A couple moments later another person came in, wheeling a bed in.

He made sure the temperature was good before slipping in and waiting for Asahi.

Sugawara grinned at him, squeezing his hand gently.
  Hinata/Nishinoya/Sugawara / Raiders / 251d 18h 58m 19s
Kageyama blushed, glancing at the doctor. "There're people," he whispered. "Not right now."


Asahi smiled and set Noya down in the bathtub. "Love you too." He turned on the water. "Adjust the temperature. I'll be right back. I'm gonna assume you want a bath, and not a shower?" He smiled at Noya before ducking back into his room and grabbing clothes for each of them.


Daichi laughed. "I asked you, dummy. Of course I'll let you." He stood, pulling Suga to his feet. "C'mon. We can take the bus there."
Hinata gave another nod, reaching his head up a little to peck at Kageyamas lips. He didn’t care if the doctor saw.

Nishinoya nodded, clinging tightly to Asahi. “I love you.”

Sugawara nodded, giving him a smile. “If you’ll let me.”
  Hinata/Nishinoya/Sugawara / Raiders / 251d 19h 3m 59s
Kageyama nodded. "He's pretty good at stuff like that. I'm sure you'll be able to play--that is, if you're medically cleared." He bit his lip.


Asahi shrugged, picking Noya up. The feel of their skin together nearly turned him on [i again], but he forced the feeling away and carried Noya to the bathroom. "At some point tonight. No idea when."


Daichi shook his head. "My parents are on a honeymoon trip to, like, Tokyo or something." He met Suga's eyes. "Do you wanna head to my house?"
Hinatas head jerked to the side again then he nodded. “I think Takeda-San will be able to convince them..”

Nishinoya nodded, holding his arms out. “When is your mom coming?”

Sugawara chuckled, nodding a little. “Is your mom home?”
  Hinata/Nishinoya/Sugawara / Raiders / 251d 19h 12m 4s

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