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“She didn’t say anything,” he mumbled, squeezing his hand lightly.

Nishinoya snorted. “Good luck with that!”


Sugawara blushed, covering his face with his hands. “I’m not sexy..”

Ukai shook his head, pulling Takeda towards him. “I’m glad it’s you. I’m glad I’ve never met someone else. And now that I have you, nobody else matters..”

Yamaguchi blushed as he stared up at Tsukki. “Are you going to take your headphones off?” He asked after a moment.
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Kageyama frowned. "What'd she say? You don't look happy about it." He took Hinata's hand and squeezed it.


Asahi blushed. "I know, I know. But still... to walk in on them like that? And Takeda-Sensei was so embarrassed." He groaned. "God, I have class with him tomorrow first period..."


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Daichi peeled Suga's shirt off, tossing it towards his own. "Damn," he breathed, eyes tracing Suga's body. "I changed my mind." He kissed Suga and pulled away. "You are very much Sexy."


Takeda frowned. "What do you mean? Why would it be with someone else?" Sudden, cold fear gripped his heart, and he went pale. "U-Ukai... you aren't..."


Tsukishima kicked the door closed with his foot and headed for his room, setting Yama down on the bed and crawling on top of him. "Tadashi~" he sang, nuzzling the boy's neck.
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Hinata hesitated and then nodded, reaching his hand out for Kageyama’s. “Yeah..”

“We’ve done a whole lot worse, Asahi,” The small libero reminded him. “My hips still hurt a little.”

(Hot ramen juice just landed on my boob and now it hurts ;;

Sugawara lifted his hands up, allowing the other the ability to pull the shirt off.

Ukai snorted. “I’m glad it was with you though.”

Yamaguchi nodded, blushing even brighter at the sound of his name on Tsukkis lips.
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Kageyama smiled a little and kissed Hinata's lips gently. "I'm glad that my kisses, at least, don't hurt." He sat back on the bed. "Did your mom stop by?"


Asahi moaned and slid to the floor as soon as they were out of earshot. "Damn it," he mumbled. "Damn it, damn it, damn it. God, I'll never be able to look at them the same way again." He rubbed his eyes as though it would erase the things he'd seen. "Well, it could've been worse," he admitted.


Daichi pulled away, panting lightly. "So good," he whispered, eyes bright. "So sweet." He tugged at Suga's shirt. "Off?"


Takeda bit his lip. "Y-you're telling me," he whispered. "At least you weren't a blushing mess the whole time. You were topping, too. Dominating. Whatever. God, I feel so weird..." he mumbled, curling into a ball in his spinny chair.


Tsukishima laughed lightly. "I am, I am. Be patient, Tadashi." A few minutes later, with plenty of gentle teasing, he arrived at his house, shifting his grip on Yama to open the door. "We're here. Just one more minute..."
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HINATA NODDED. “You can kiss me.. that doesn’t hurt..”

Nishinoya winked back at Takeda then exited the room with Asahi, letting out a soft snicker.

His hands reached up, twisting rhemselves into his boyfriends hair. His body felt like it was on fire, but in a good way.

Ukai, once they left, covered his mouth with his hands, letting out a low groan. “That’s embarrassing.”

Yama moaned lightly, tuggin at his jacket. “Hurry then..”
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Kageyama bit his lip. "Okay." He turned back to Hinata. "Can I kiss you?" he asked quietly. "Or does it hurt too much?"


Asahi blushed for Noya. "Noya," he muttered, "we should go. We intruded. Let them be." He took Noya's hand and pulled him towards the door.


Daichi felt a rush flow through his body, and he eagerly pressed closer, twining his tongue with Suga's. He could taste the faint metallic-y-ness of blood, but didn't have the presence of mind to think about it. He moaned quietly into Suga's mouth, straddling the boy.


Takeda turned away, face in his hands. He was blushing furiously; it was bad enough that they'd been making out, but then they got interrupted and--

He shivered. It was so much worse.

Not that making out was bad--it was just something that made him blush all too easily. Embarrassing situations were another item on that list.

So naturally, his face was the brightest red imaginable.


Tsukishima nodded. "We can head home. My bedroom door has a lock, and no one should be home. We'll be safe there, and then I can claim you," he growled, his voice low, nipping at Yama's jawline. "Make you mine, just the way you should be."
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The doctor sighed, rubbing at his eyes. “Look, I can’t tell you every little thing. It’s probably good because he’s in pain meds. It’s probably bad because he shouldn’t know that it hurts.”

Nishinoya wasn’t that embarrassed, more shocked than anything. He held up two thumbs up. “Good job!”

Suga parted his lips for him, his body seeming to melt against the other.

Ukai groaned, rolling his eyes at Nishinoya and his thumbs up. “Can you leave now? We were... Never mind it’s none of your business just leave.”

His jaw was clenched as he nodded. He didn’t want to make noise in the street, where everyone could hear him.
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Kageyama frowned. "You can't tell if it hurts badly or not? That's not good, is it?" He looked at the doctor.


Asahi blushed brightly. "D-do you want us to, um, leave? We can leave. Yeah, we should leave. Sorry, Coach. Sensei." He bowed, embarrassed. "We won't tell anyone," he mumbled. "We're very sorry."


Daichi felt a chill run through him. "Yeah," he breathed. "We can go all the way. That's good." He slipped his hand behind Suga's head and kissed him passionately, tapping his tongue gently on Suga's closed lips.


Takeda scrambled backwards off the desk, pretty much falling into his chair. He couldn't bring himself to face the two students; he was in no condition to talk to anyone. He was also still reeling from Ukai's motions and words moments earlier.


Tsukishima smirked and swirled his tongue over the mark he'd left. He bit down on it gently, just toying with the boy at this point. "Should we head back to my house, Tadashi?~" he hummed. "It's not very far..."
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Hinata looked over at Kageyama again, his head making little jerking movements. “It just hurts. I think it hurts badly.” His hand lifted, brushing against the bump then fell back into his lap.

Nishinoya felthis jaw drop and his hand froze halfway up to Asahi’s head. “I didn’t know you two were like that!” He blurted, unable to prevent himself from saying it.

Sugawara nodded, reaching his head up to brush his lips against Daichi’s. “Yeah..”

Ukai turned his head slowly towards the door, a scowl set on his face. “God dammit.”

His face turned scarlet and he pressed it against Tsukkis jacket.
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((We just gonna pull a position switcheroo and double up and--


Kageyama sat up. "Has it stopped hurting at all?" he asked. "How badly does it hurt?"


Daichi's breath caught. "Y-you sure?" he asked. "You want to... to have sex?" His breath was nearly a whisper; even saying the word felt embarrassing.

~~~Ittetsu (1)

Takeda let out a small squeak. "U-Ukai..." he moaned quietly, trembling.


Asahi laughed and held Noya's body against his, nipping at the boy's neck. "Now I'll show you what vulgar really means," he growled softly, carrying Noya into the nearest empty-looking classroom. He froze. "Dammit."

~~~Ittetsu (2)

Takeda squeaked and nearly jumped away from Ukai as Asahi and Noya entered the room. "Asahi-san! Noya-san!" He was blushing furiously, fumbling with his glasses.


Tsukishima laughed quietly. "Damn, Tadashi. Listen to yourself. Aren't you getting a bit excited? After all, this is [i nothing] compared to what I can do in bed~" he purred.
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“I understand the question. That was my answer.” He paused, head drifting to the side. “My head hurts,” he announced, to which the doctor looked up. “You’ve already told me that.”

Noya threw his stick away, jumping into Asahi’s arms. “Yay!”

He traced lines down his stomach, smiling faintly. “Let’s go all the way, Daichi.”

“Hm.. We can work on that too,” hebreathed, gently biting down on Takeda’s neck.

A small moan came out this time.
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"Do you understand the question?!" Kageyama asked, frustrated. "Do you have an--ugh, whatever." He flopped back on his bed. "I'm tired," he grumbled.


Asahi raised his eyebrows and nodded. "Excellent idea." He finished the popsicle and threw the stick away. "C'mere." He held out his arms to pick Noya up.


Daichi blushed. "Okay." He bent down and kissed Suga gently. "Show me how far," he mumbled. "How far you wanna go."

Yes, they were in the middle of the gym. Yes, anyone could walk in on them. No, he didn't care.


Takeda was dizzy with need. "Y-you said endurance," he mumbled, shaking. "That's different..." He was panting for breath, whining softly.


Tsukishima grinned. "Such a nice sound~" he purred. "And what about [i this]~?" He bit down on the spot, leaving a small mark. He didn't care if it would be covered or not; why shouldn't everyone know who Tadashi belonged to?
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“I don’t really feel anything. I’m numb.”

“We should go find a room or something, Asahi.” He finished off his popsicle.

Sugawara tipped his head back. “You don’t need to ask anymore.”

Ukai ran a hand through his hair, leaning down to whisper in his ear, “Didn’t I say we were going to work on your self control?”

His back arched and a small squeak escaped his mouth. “A-Ah, Tsukki!”
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"Well, yeah, but how do you feel about it? Emotion-wise. Or thought-wise, I guess. What do you think about it?" Kageyama pressed. "Like, I think you're an adorable little asshole. I think volleyball is amazing. Like that."


"So? What is it?" Asahi asked. "You had to have been staring at me for some reason."


Daichi blushed. "O-okay. Good." He bit his lip. "Can I kiss you?" he asked. He never could seem to make himself kiss Suga without permission, though why, he didn't know.


Takeda pressed needily against Ukai, moaning softly. "More," he mumbled. "Harder. Stronger." He knew Ukai had it in him; he'd seen some of it the night before. "Please."


Tsukishima smirked. "Really? You liked it that much?" He gave Yama a small smile. "So what if I did this?" He fit his head into the crook of the boy's neck, licking gently at his skin.
“I don’t really feel it.. Well, I do. But I don’t really remember or anything. I know it happened but it’s hazy..”

Nishinoya shook his head, biting down on his popsicle.

Sugawara rolled his eyes, clearing his throat again. “I know what you mean, silly.”

He brushed a hand over his face, kissing him gently, slowly, this time.

Yama nodded, his eyes wide and pleading.
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