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We still doing this?))
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 256d 4h 28m 31s
I huffed, "Great, now I actually have to go..."

I took a deep breath and started to go in, and immediately regretting it. I groaned as the walls around me started to seem to get smaller, and I crawled faster and faster, trying to get out of the area as quick as possible. Goodness, I hated being claustrophobic...

I tumbled out of the path at the end and instantly curled up in a ball, trying to calm down by taking deep breaths.
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 261d 17h 46m 46s
I kept going for a bit and emptied into a room, filled with a lot of stuffs, like the escape room from before. I turned to the pathway and yelled into it, "It's another escape room!"
  Ryder Meredith / Nobody101 / 261d 18h 9m 1s
I stopped, "Uh, I think I'll stay here for now..." I said as he went through the small way, "Tell me if there is a room on the other side."
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 261d 18h 10m 55s
"Holy, it is!" I walked up to it and turned the knob, pushing it open and started to climb in. "It's not that bog though," I said to her. I squirmed through it, making sure Lily was behind me.
  Ryder Meredith / Nobody101 / 261d 18h 14m 0s
I went up to one of the paintings, a cringy mock version of the Mona Lisa, and then took it off the wall with ease.
Nothing was there, so I did the same to the other one, a painting of a chameleon.
My eyes widened, "Ryder, it's a hidden entrance." I said, looking at the small door.
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 261d 18h 16m 37s
"That's what we need to figure out," He mumbled to himself, looking around the room. He didn't know how they were going to do that but he was going to try.
  Ryder Meredith / Nobody101 / 261d 18h 53m 25s
"Yeah, but how do we do that?" I asked, frowning. Maybe since we tricked him with that, we could trick him some more. Who knows how insane this guy was.
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 261d 19h 22m 6s
"Yeah, but hey, if we get out he can't do anything about it," He said in an effort to calm her.
  Ryder Meredith / Nobody101 / 261d 19h 25m 28s
I moved my arm a bit a nodded, "Yeah, thanks." I then looked at the room we were in, only things that were in here was the weird sad-puppy wallpaper, two paintings, and the bed.

"I don't think that guy will be very happy we tricked him..." I mumbled.
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 261d 19h 29m 15s
I helped her a bit up, grabbing her arm and holding it in place. "I'm no doctor, but we probably have to stop the bleeding," I said. I grabbed my shirt and ripped it, using some of it to tie around the wound. "Better?" I said.
  Ryder Meredith / Nobody101 / 261d 19h 36m 17s
"Nope," I said, telling the truth.

"I just tried killing myself," I sighed, "I am not good. But if you are just talking about the scratch, I'm fine, I'll survive."

I stood up and realized I had to keep my arm out a little in order for the entire weight of my arm to rest on my wound and it hurt.
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 261d 20h 39m 46s
"Thanks," He told her, feeling a bit embaressed. He sat there looking at her. "You sure your good?" He asked her.
  Ryder Meredith / Nobody101 / 261d 20h 47m 38s
I sat up and examined my cut, "Eh, it's not that bad." I said, mostly lying. It didn't hurt that much, but it looked pretty bad, I was surprised that there wasn't more blood.

"Nice idea."
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 261d 20h 52m 48s
There was a camera in the corner. I grabbed the knife and threw it at the camera. The camera fell. "It's fine now," I told her. I looked around making sure there was no other cameras.
  Ryder Meredith / Nobody101 / 261d 20h 59m 1s

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