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“Eh... I guess you’re right. Shouting won’t help. I’m sorry, I was just very surprised. My name is Rivers, I’m an Adventurer.” He smiled kindly as he drew a circle in the dust on the slab with his finger. Inside of it he wrote a rune, and slapped his hand down. The strap slab space that was inside of the circle and the turned to sand, and fell at his feet. The rest of that strap fell at his feet.
He uses his now free arms to unbuckle the rest of the straps.
“Now then, I say we check out one of these creepy doors.”
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 256d 11h 8m 53s
Serina smiled as she did a quick bow to her. "A nice to meet another bard always." She then herself move over to the door and rub one of her and down feeling out with magic to see what she could find. "I don't remember how I got here, last I remember I was at a party preforming." She didn't know if she was attacked or just had too much to drink. "I guess for now we should all work together to get out of here." Looking around the room she tried to find anything that looked odd or out of place that would give her a hint as to where to go.
  Serina / Mended / 259d 11h 1m 5s
Alrighty folks, we're down to three of you. Thebearwhomauls had to drop out, they said they had some things come up.
  Rheana / tic-tak-ia / 259d 16h 16m 31s
Also, we need to wait for everybody else in the rp to reply before we get our individual turn. Here’s the order:
The bear who mauls
Then me.
Not that anyone has jumped the gun, but it’s just a reminder to be polite.
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 263d 11h 4m 37s
Rian unbuckled the straps around her arms, she wasn't unused to ending up in situations like this. She tucked back her dark hair "I'm Rian, I'm a bard as well." her voice was oddly sweet in comparison to her roguish features. She walked over to the torch on the wall picking it up, "Who are you all and any idea why you'd be here?" she turned to the rather aggressive sounding male as well and added "And cool your ass, yelling isn't going to help us right now."
  Rian Hailee / Jacee / 266d 15h 42m 47s
As you all look around the room, one by one escaping your straps in various ways, you notice the lack of anything. Other than two doors and the slabs you've all woken up on, the room is sterile. Upon further inspection you notice that one door has an eye carved into it and the other a blank steel door.
So now you must work together asking as many questions as you like as you try to figure out why you all were specifically there, and how to escape.
  Rheana / Tic-tak-ia / 269d 5h 29m 58s
Rivers slowly opens his eyes and blinks. As he goes to rub them, he realizes he can’t move his arms. He’s awake now. His heart starts beating faster and he squirms. He looks down to see not a blanket but leather straps holding him to what looked like stone. He also noticed he almost hit his head on the ceiling waking up, so he must be very high. His heart is beating faster now. He looks around and sees other people in the same position. Some were talking to each other.
“Hey! You! What the hell is goin’ on!?”
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 269d 10h 49m 46s
Serina would slowly come to her head pounding. The sound of people talking would be the first thing she noticed the second would be the aching of her wings. Letting out a small moan as she slowly sits up. “Ouch,” she said in her soft sweet voice. “I did it again.” She spread her wings stretching them and looking them over. A majority of the feather would be ruffled or tangled up. Seeing this she let out another grown. “This will take forever to fix.” She complained reaching out to start fixing when she noticed that she couldn’t move them. “What the.” Just then she noticed where she was.

Looking around she was surprised by what she found. Slowly her wings would fold themselves back behind her back. She tried to remember how she got here but the pounding made it hard to remember. It made it just as hard to reach down and find the magic inside her to heal said pain After a bit she started to hum softly for a few seconds until the pain was gone. “That better.” She said as she started humming again before a small orb would appear next to her lighting the room up much better. “There now that much better now we can at least see better.” The small orb would hover around her casting a much better light than the torch.

Next, she would get a good look at everyone in the room. “Hello.” She smiled sweetly not seeming to care she was bound to a wall. “My name Serina the bard. What all your names.” She would then start singing a little. It was quite and to herself but suddenly one of the straps holding her hand would start to move. After several second her strap came lose and one of her hands was free. After a minute she was free and standing up rubbing his wrist. “Here let me help you.” She said helping the other out of there restraints.
  Serina / Mended / 270d 3h 18m 58s
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/KjccleS.png?3]] Staring at the cobble stoned flooring, he watched as a scarlet pool formed before him in the dimly lit room. Blinking twice from his slumber. He caught blood in the midst of waking up. Going to rub his eyes out of pain and curiosity, he yanked on the chains that held him back. [b [i “What th-”]] The boy named Eliander murmured to himself, while pulling once more on the restraints. It was at that moment, he realized he had been captured.

Shaking the shackles hopelessly, he then heard another. Hearing a distance voice from the darkness, he glanced over to where the noise was coming from. Squinting through the void, Eliander found two figures amongst himself in what appeared to be a cellar. Skeptical of the girl, he responded back in imitation of her: [b “Good question.”] Eliander rolled his eyes at her gesture. With a sly mark, [b “Who the hell are you?”] Eliander said raising a brow. Coughing not shortly afterwards, the young man found himself spitting out his own blood through his teeth from his forehead.

It was clear, somebody here or whoever it was didn’t like him much. With the crimson liquid rushing down and dripping off his pointed chin; it was enough for him to distrust those who knew him. But, the only thing he could remember was traveling to help his family and making a stop at an inn. That’s when it clicked being beaten over by a blimey Orc with a tribal tattoo of a dragon. Perhaps, that would explain how he ended up here.

Even at that, it was in Eliander’s best interest to get out of dodge at that. Making an offer to the female, he banged his hands to the slab behind him: [b “I’ll tell you my name, if you can get me out of here.”]
  [D&D] / TheBearWhoMauls / 271d 3h 46m 59s
Rian came to her senses slowly, her elven senses adjusting to the dark. She looked down at the straps and around the room. She could easily get out, but she wanted to know why she was here first. She tilted back her head to get her dark hair to fall out of her eyes as she looked around the room she caught on to the two figures and called out, "Hello? Who's there?"
  Rian Hailee / Jacee / 273d 13h 46m 56s

You all wake up in a dimly lit room, with pounding headaches. Maybe they're from the ale and drinks you'd all had at various bars in the town of Ravensbourough, but maybe they're not. Maybe they have something to do with waking up in a dark room. Looking around as you each wake up you can see you're strapped to an upright stone slab, by a leather belt like strap around your shoulders and one around your ankles. They seem to be menat more to hold you up than keep you locked in but nevertheless, you are tied. You can make out the silhouettes of two other people who are also strapped down in the flickering light. The room is lit by a single torch mounted to the wall, the ceiling is low, you guess its about 7 feet high. Then it dawns on you, You don't know who is in the room, how you got there, or why you're there.

  Rheana / tic-tak-ia / 269d 12h 57m 3s

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