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  Rheana / the-littlest-shark / 248d 16h 12m 13s
okay so I guess for this since you'll be split up I'll do this bit in the pms so you dont know what happens until I bring you both back together then your characters would have to talk to each other about it.
  Rheana / Tic-Tak-ia / 253d 11h 42m 1s
Shit, I follow along. I’m not one to deny something like that. If they attack me then I’ll kill them. I follow them to wherever they’re taking me.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 253d 11h 27m 34s
Two rather pretty girls stepped out of a door way and the dwarf stopped ushering the two of you forward, each of the girls approached one of you, asking you to follow them to your private bath. It seemed to good to be true, you wake up in a dungeon and now you get bathed? but do you question it and try to run or follow along and hope for the best.
  Rheana / Tic-Tak-ia / 253d 12h 4s
Setons would follow behind still confused on everything. “So who is your boss and why dose he want us?”
  Serina / Mended / 253d 12h 1m 47s
“So where are we going, then?” He walked nonchalantly as if he hadn’t just been shouting at everybody who suddenly disappeared.
In his head: Hee hee hee... maybe if I’m careful I can even sneak a peek at somebody!
He put his hand to his mouth to stifle laughter.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 253d 12h 2m 57s
The dwarf shrugged, "You'll have to ask when we get there." He turned on his heel walking away down the hall.
  Rheana / Tic-Tak-ia / 253d 12h 34m 32s
Serina looked back at the other person behind her and shrugged. "Okay, but if he wanted to hire me he could have gone about it a better way." She said stepping toward him. "Um, I can't really do shower easy as if my wings get wet they take hours to dry. Do you have something I could put over them to keep them dry?"
  Serina / Mended / 254d 4h 43m 17s
The dwarf looked up at her blankly "the master has requested you both, but we must take you to the showers before you may see him."
  Rheana / tic-tak-ia / 255d 5h 57m 22s
Serina turned to the dwarf as he walked into the cell and talked to them. "Why?" She asked innocently tilting her head. She clearly had no idea what was going on. she shifted her wings around a bit clearly still a bit upset at how bad her feather where ruffled.
  Serina / Mended / 255d 6h 36m 54s
oki doke, dont stress about it take your time so you can write something you actually like and arent just rushing))
  Rheana / Tic-Tak-ia / 255d 12h 19m 27s
I’ll get my post up as soon as I’m off work. Should be off in the next 5 hours
  Serina / Mended / 255d 12h 27m 30s
Alright. Sounds pretty epic. It’s not my turn yet, though, so...
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 255d 12h 48m 44s
Also I should probably mention the fuck boy (Jacee) quit.
  Rheana / tic-tak-ia / 255d 13h 49m 33s
Before any one could decide which door to open, the steel door slams open a small person walking in, those of you with high intuitions quickly recognize the creature as a dwarf, he speaks with a heavy accept "oi, you laddies betta' come with me"

  Rheana / tic-tak-ia / 255d 13h 52m 44s

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