A DnD style roleplay... but not exactly.

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[font "Dancing Script"I have an idea, but it wouldn't be as fun if I just give it to you. So instead let me tell you what this role play [i might] be like.

So I'm looking to do a DnD style role play, in which I'd be the equivalent of the DM . So I'm not looking for paragraphs of content. It would be a 'traditional' DnD style, so I'm looking for 2 or 3 people willing to do a little high fantasy.

Things I want:
~Humor, dark, sexual I don't care, just don;t be so dry all the time

Things I'm okay with:
~A little romance but if it gets in the way of the plot I will ask you to tone it down.
~Dark themes in characters

Things I do not want:
~People who throw in plot twists
~Paragraphs of you recapping what I said, one-liners are okay if they keep the plot up.

If youre interested PM me with this skelly filled and the subject 'DnD rp':

Strengths and Weaknesses :
What you're hoping might happen over the course of this rp:]


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She laughed, "A sword, how classy. You don't even know what I want." She ushered on the guards, "Oh well, I guess I can do with one of you rather than two." She turned her focus to the nearing men, "Start with him, lets see if she has more decency."
  --- / Satanismydaddy / 1d 8h 12m 48s
“Wait... you’re that bitch who... uh... washed me! I knew it was a trap! Curse my planned character development later in the story so I start out as a douchebag!” He unsheathed a Longsword.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 1d 11h 34m 1s
You can roll with that then, it makes sense)) god i really hate limits
  --- / The-littlest-shark / 8d 14h 50m 59s
(O my bad i just figured my character missed that as she only got a quick look at her_
  Serina / Mended / 9d 22h 24m 34s
  Rheana / the-littlest-shark / 10d 2h 40m 47s
Serina would look over surprised at Stork. "You know her?" She asked wounding why he would be so reckless at a time like this. They were clearly outnumbered and she only had a knife. She could use magic yes but most of her skill was as support and healer not combat. Seeing the guards she would take a step back hoping not to get caught up in a fight. "Now now no need to be rash let all just be friendly and talk this out.
  Serina / Mended / 10d 3h 51m 43s
She giggled, "Oh don't act like you down know me Stork, there's no way you already forgot me" She grinned at you both, un-phased by the drawn weapon. She flicked her wrist and several guards headed towards the both of you. She loosed a soft dramatic sigh and waited for a reaction.
  Rheana / the-littlest-shark / 10d 10h 14m 8s
Rivers wasn’t as friendly.
“Who the hell are you and where are we!?” He unsheathed his long sword and pointed at the person.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 10d 10h 53m 18s

Serina walked in and smiled at everyone she passed her cheery nice very leaving her face. As she noticed meet the person that had brought them to this place she gave a bigger smile and a bow. "Hello" She said hoping she didn't see the shiver run down her back at the voice. "You wish to meet us?"
  Serina / Mended / 11d 1h 8m 25s
Okie doke *cracks knuckles* yall ready?))

You guys are back in the same dimly lit hall you were separated in, and the girl who took Serina guides you both down a dark corridor, the walls are stone and occasionally there's a black and red tapestry on the wall; different patterns on each but always black and red. You're both lead to a set of black steel doors and Ushered in quickly, as soon as you're in the room the door slam behind you. You see a throne of sorts not down the room and a figure seated in it, as you approach on the blood red carpet, you realize its the same girl who took rivers. She was now dressed in a revealingly cut black dress that accentuated her slight curves. Her pitch black hair was tied neatly back into a ponytail and she wore a wicked grin. her voice was as cold as steel on a snowy day, as she said "Hello darlings~"

  Rheana / the-littlest-shark / 15d 6h 38m 21s
  Rheana / the-littlest-shark / 45d 13h 3m 42s
okay so I guess for this since you'll be split up I'll do this bit in the pms so you dont know what happens until I bring you both back together then your characters would have to talk to each other about it.
  Rheana / Tic-Tak-ia / 50d 8h 33m 30s
Shit, I follow along. I’m not one to deny something like that. If they attack me then I’ll kill them. I follow them to wherever they’re taking me.
  Rivers Stork / CrazyDiamondRivers / 50d 8h 19m 3s
Two rather pretty girls stepped out of a door way and the dwarf stopped ushering the two of you forward, each of the girls approached one of you, asking you to follow them to your private bath. It seemed to good to be true, you wake up in a dungeon and now you get bathed? but do you question it and try to run or follow along and hope for the best.
  Rheana / Tic-Tak-ia / 50d 8h 51m 33s
Setons would follow behind still confused on everything. “So who is your boss and why dose he want us?”
  Serina / Mended / 50d 8h 53m 16s

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