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[center [size20 [font times [b [i ⭋∮ song of the starcrossed∮⭌]]]]]
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[font times [size10 [b Mermaids] are to protect their home at all costs, always with the intent to keep their world a secret from the humans as well. Preserving their bloodline and continuing to flourish as a community is important, which is why it is forbidden for a mermaid to ever fall in love with a human.
[b This] of course did not stop [b Marcos], the King of the exiled mer-people. Every mermaid gets one chance to experience the human world. The only rule is to not fall in love with a human and expose the mermaid world, or else be banished forever. Marcos had returned then, a sneaky guard overhearing how Marcos had fallen for a human girl. Due to the already rising tensions within the kingdom between the people and the royals, Marcos managed to band together a group of mer-people to take down the current King of the kingdom [b Tritus]. When the war that had raged ended Marcos unfortunately did not win, in order to stay a merman, he could never leave the ocean again.
[b This] forced Marcos to go away and create his own kingdom with those who were on his side and tired of the tyranny of the king. Though Marcos had grown a following, he lost his family. In order to stay a merman, he could never walk on land again. This meant leaving behind his son and the love of his life. He vowed to avenge them.
[b Twenty-eight years later] enter Marcello Colombo, one of the best fishermen in the small sea side town. Since he was young the water had always called out to him. He was a great swimmer and had won the local surfing competition every year. The people in town would call him the King of the Sea. There was something about the ocean that called out to him, ever since he went on a fishing trip with his late step-father. He was leaving for a big catch, that day, heading toward the island [b [i Anthemusa]] where it was known to have the world’s most exotic, rare, and bountiful amount of fish. Though no man who had tried had ever returned back.
[b The] sail hadn’t been too terrible until the sky began to darken, a terrible storm making it hard for him to keep control – through the whirring winds the clearest noise he heard was the beautiful serenade.
[b She] is a princess, next in line for the throne. Currently arranged to marry one of the King’s most trusted guards, [b your character] only selected because the blood that courses through her is of the direct creator of mer-people. Lately she has battled the [b siren call] call in her, but that night she awakes in a sweat, something calling her. Not being able to ignore the urge, she begins to sing.
[b When Marcello ] awakes, he finds himself in an underwater utopia with a beautiful face floating above his. Even more surprising he finds that his legs – have been replaced with a tail.
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/9mYkzUR.png]]
[size10 [b rules.]
-okay so this is a supernatural kind of dark at times rp with mermaids. Idk I rewatched a trailer for a similar story I had planned to write on wattpad
-basically our characters are destined to be together but of course Marcello is a hybrid and your character is a princess so that wont fly
-now my character only turned into a merman because ding ding ding – Marcos is his father. This only never happened before because he had to await until he was in the waters of [b[I Anthemusa]] where the siren would lure him.
-so this is like a romance story – but it is also a war story because Marcos has grown a bigger army and plans to once more overthrow Tritus.
-there’s one night when Marcos’ guards try to kidnap the princess and Marcello fights them off. He manages to save the princess but is captured and taken to Marcos’ kingdom
-this will be mature in the sense of romance, violence and cursing -- as far as the romance im treating mer-people like an aquatic animal so intimacy is basically just a lot of tail touching
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily. I find a lot of people do a bunch of fluff and so much attention into [I how] their post [I looks] and yet its usually just a bunch of words that dont move the story forward
-dont copy my posts. please push the story forward, world build if you can - its harder for me to construct a post if you literally just rewrote my post and added one piece of dialogue
-[b this is important]: I need someone who takes no longer than 3 days to post. the main reason im making these rps is because i need a distraction. it gets boring not having someone consistent to write with.
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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Marcello was trying his hardest to figure out what was going on and some part of him believed that it was quite possible that he was dreaming. Maybe he was still at home and in bed, not yet awake and this was some out of body experience that he would soon awake from. Saying he was having an out of body experience was the only way that the male could explain the emotions he was dealing with. Marcello had finally seemed to come to somewhat then before realizing that he was maybe still unconscious, but realizing he didn’t have to hold his breath underwater seemed to alleviate some of that lightheaded tension he had.
He was however still trying to find his words, though with the words the woman. . . mermaid as it appeared rattled off. A part of Marcello was dead set that this was definitely a dream, though some part of him which had always believed in the tale of the siren wanted to accept that this was real. “Knees?” He asked her then, looking down at where his legs would be. Instead he found the two appendages replaced by a large silky tail, smooth to the touch and a beautiful midnight blue, almost black, fragile scales molded together glassy and shimmering at each angle like that of polished sea glass; further magnified by the glassy water. The storm above seemed to have cleared, a shimmer of light piercing through only illuminating the tail even more.
“I’m sorry,” he finally said then as he looked at the woman, hand reaching up to scratch at the back of his neck. Marcello was trying to get through the feelings of using a tail to swim, hell knowing that there was the chance that this was all real and not a fantasy. Not to mention it was incredibly uncomfortable for him to still be weighed down by his clothing as his pants probably now resided somewhere shredded at the bottom of the sea. Marcello had removed his shirt then, not really one to be shy about his body as he was an athletic person and took great care of it. A slight bit of hair on his chest, still an unblemished and muscular upper body, perfectly sculpted and arms that didn’t give you a inkling of doubt that he any problem lifting anything.
“Who are you?” He asked her then, completely unaware he was in the presence of someone of royalty. They seemed to be alone, surrounded by ship wrecks. Though he highly doubted that this woman was alone. There had to be others and while he blended in by looks, Marcello was sure if he could pull off the act. All he knew was that he had to figure out how to get back to normal if that was at all a possibility. The idea of never seeing his mother again scared him. He needed a lot of explanation when it came to this situation. He didn’t know how he had changed into a mermaid but for now his focus was on changing back.
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Darwin may have been quite correct in his theory that man descended from the apes of the forest, but surely woman rose from the frothy sea, as resplendent as Aphrodite on her scalloped chariot.
In ones life, right here and now, things like mermaids, fairies, witches and monsters are nothing but fairy tales told to grandchildren and stories heard from your own grandparents as children. They exist only in your imagination.


Mermaids were real.

Isla's tail flowed back and forth, keeping her locked in one stationary position as she watched the base of the boat that rested in the water rock back and forth.
Bits of debris fell into the ocean and slowly sank to the bottom of the ocean floor that did in fact catch her eye.
Those pieces would be interesting to look at and examine carefully, just like she did shipwrecks and those interesting maps from the oxygenated world above.

It was with a quick splash that Isla turned back and watched as the Sailor fell into the ocean deep.
Swimming for him, Isla reached out and grabbed the male tight and swam towards a cave that had rocks above water that she could put the male to get him breathing.
However, it was on the way that she had realised the legs to the Unknown had turned into fins.
Masculine fins that made Isla slow down, raising an eyebrow wondering on what kind of creature this man was.

Human or mermaid?
It was coming to a stop on a reef bed that she laid him down and rested beside - examining the male but as his eyes started to open.
Adjusting to the water and the pressure of the briny sea.

[b "You have the most beautiful knees. What does it feel like to have two legs? You don't have them now..but….hmm...what exactly are you?..."] she spoke, looking down at Marcello.
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The sail seemed to be going fine and once everything was ready to go, Marcello was all set and everything packed away before he was good for sailing. He hadn’t expected it to be too terrible of a sailed despite the fray skies which was no uncommon for the seaside town. The weather was doable and as always there was peace and a sense of serenity Marcello felt when he was at sea. It was a few hours into sailing, close to the island enough to make it out through the fog before he heard the song. It was a soft voice at first, a beautiful voice that was owner full enough to make him lose control of the host for a moment. The song became louder then and almost as if planned the weather turning then. Marcello had took the proper precautions but was barely tying out the knot before the kinder hit and the waves had turned the body over. He thought he was a goner.

When Marcello opened his eyes everything was blurry and all he could make out was the sweet and beautiful face above him. Marcello was confused – in a sense he thought that maybe he was dead. The face above him was way too angelic – ethereal for existence. Marcello was surprised he was able to still breathe underwater once he realized where he was and still everything didn’t make sense.

There was a sense of attraction then, something that seemed like a string that pulled him toward the woman before him. It took a while before Marcello even noticed the tail. There was too much going on .
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Darwin may have been quite correct in his theory that man descended from the apes of the forest, but surely woman rose from the frothy sea, as resplendent as Aphrodite on her scalloped chariot.
The mermaid was an archetypal image that represented a woman who is at ease in the great waters of life, the waters of emotion and sexuality.

Eyes of the female scanned from side to side fast behind closed lids.
The rapid eye movement caused a dream that Isla had been having for days on end.
A dream that never seemed to change as it played in her mind every night over and over like a broken record.
Her people were dying.
Many mer-folk perishing from the hands of an unknown enemy that only make Isla scream and wake up with a jolting start.

Sitting up, fingers ran through her hair that flowed from her body movements in the water and she just simply sighed.
Another night ruined.
Another night she would not enjoy sleep - instead, her eyes looked ahead, across her bedroom before staring down at her lower half.
Her lower half that did not harbor legs, instead - a tail.

A serpentine tail that was covered in scales of semi circles, placed ontop of one another from the waist down the very end.
Dorsal fins delicate on either side as well as a beautiful large fluke at the end that helped her push water to make her swim.
The colour - that of a iridescent lilac purple with flakes of pristine gold, with hair the most beautiful blonde.

Eyes, emerald green.
Lips - pink, pouty and desired.

Nothing, not a single piece of fabric covered her top half as that was how her people lived.
Naked and free. Wanting to feel all of the ocean's touches.

Shifting from her bed, Isla swam to the window of the castle she lived in and stared outside for a fraction of a moment before turning around - eyes looking at the surroundings sharply only to exit.
Swimming, a smile spread across her lips as the important woman swam away from her home - to a place she felt safe.
A shipwreck - a good mile or two away. A ship that had been struck and sunk down the briny deep, along with all its maps - human items and several sailors whose bones decorated the ocean floor.

Pushing herself through a porthole, Isla swam to the desk that once belonged to the captain and reached up - pulling down a map that swayed by the current her tail made and she stared upon it.
Reading names of countries on land, that always fascinated her, a soft song she hummed, soft to her - but it echoed throughout the water, travelling up to the very surface where one - could hear it clear as crystal.

And one boy did hear her song, while trying to battle the elements.

Lighting and thunder struck.
The electricity of the shock created flashes that caught Isla's eye through the porthole.
Creating quickening of a bright white light in the water and that was when she pushed the map aside and pushed up - traveling out of the shipwreck and swim - tail moving up and down making her move through the water with ease.

Head up at the surface, her eyes watched a boat losing its battle and the shadow of human who was trying desperately to win.
He didn't.
Before she knew it - lightening struck the boat and the human, ducked for cover - falling overboard and connected with the water with one large splash.

Moving under the water once more - Isla swam down and kept good distance with the human as she was told too.
Mer folk were to keep away from land walkers and yet, eyes watched the male tying to survive, but what she saw next, she could not explain.

Legs that he once stood on faded.
Joined together to become a tail. A masculine looking tail that did take her breath away but confused the hell out of her mind.

Tail moving slowly, Isla remained stationary down in the water, her long hair flowing as she witnessed some sort of miracle.

[b "It can't be …"] she whispered to herself.
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Marcello turned in bed, the smell of breakfast arousing him from sleep. Though he would’ve been up anyways, as always he aroused in a cold sweat from the dream that came to him every night since he was a child that could recall. The dream started off when he was thirteen, sitting in the boat with his stepfather Gregory – a man that had a great love of fishing and shared it with Marcello. They were talking about school then, Marcello would be going into middle school soon. Greg had been rambling about girls, trying in a sense to give him the talk which a young boy like himself was interested in, but not nearly that much to hear the details and not from Greg. He didn’t hate the man, he had come into his and his mother’s life when Marcello was only five. It was odd having a man in the house, even more odd to see his mother happy and full of light.
Marcello never knew his father and his mother was quite secretive about him, always shying away from any questions about his life and where he was from – most importantly, why did he abandon them? There was only one picture of the couple, one his mother had relinquished to her son after tiring of him rifling through her things to get a look at it. Two very attractive adults, his father a tall man with light blonde hair, long and pulled into a bun exposing a stunning jawline – he was handsome and it was clear that a lot of Marcello’s features had come straight from his father – though he certainly had gained his mother’s hazel colored eyes.
He had been in the boat, distracted by the water. Since he was young Marcello loved the water, swimming, fishing, surfing – any way he could be near it worked for him. There were times he would walk the docks, times when he couldn’t sleep. There was something different about the sea that day though. As he stared into the wide blue abyss, he saw a face coming from below. He thought he had gone crazy and it didn’t help that Greg fed into the boy’s imagination – telling him the story of the sirens that lived there. A legend that was often told in the seaside town.
He never told anyone that he actually believed it, but he did and since that day, the dream had haunted him. Marcello couldn’t dwell on that though, he had a major sail to prepare for. He would be sailing to the island Anthemusa which was said to be cursed as any sailor that dared go into those parts of the water never returned. Marcello was confident though, they didn’t call him the King of the Sea for no reason. There were supposed to be the rarest fish – fish galore there and he wanted to be the first to bring them back.
Coming to a stand, he ran his hands through his hair, stretching before gathering a few things to shower. He could hear his mother downstairs, humming along as she prepared breakfast. Marcello had moved back after he was abroad. Greg had passed away and his mother had been diagnosed with MS. That being why he had to make the money in the home as it was becoming harder for her to work at the library and keep up with all the bills. Marcello didn’t mind, as he was close with his mother.
After his shower he dressed in a pair of dark jeans, boots, and a black long sleeve. He made sure his bag was packed for the four day trip and grabbed his jacket and beanie before heading downstairs.
“Well there is my sleepyhead,” his mother said with a smile, walking over to place a plate in front of him along with a glass of juice.
“Every fisherman needs a good rest before sail off. Especially when you’re going alone,” he responded with a smirk before biting into a slice of buttered toast. He could see the worry on his mother’s face then. “Mother, I’ll be fine.”
“That place – it’s dangerous Marcello and you shouldn’t be going along. Can’t you take Dennis?” She asked as she wrung her hands together before she took a seat across from him and began to eat. He could see the trouble she had with keeping the fork in her hand.
“Don’t worry,” he said with a smile. “I’ll be fine and Mary will be by to help you out. I’ll be back before you know it.” He gave his mother the smile she loved before finishing his breakfast. He leaned in to kiss her forehead, placed on his beanie and coat and grabbed his duffle, slinging it across his back.
“Marcello,” his mother said as she followed him to the door. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” he said with a smile. He left then, getting into his car to head to the docks.
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