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A new student named Joseph arrived at school and is the first target of a bully named _____ _____. As Joseph walks to lunch ____ would ask him for his money but he would say he would have none. _____ would ask why wouldn't he carry money and he would respond saying I carry my lunch. ____ would storm away in anger and would try to look for payback. When Joseph walks away from his locker leaving it open on accident _____ would look into it seeing all of the papers showing A's. ____ spots a picture of him with another female and would take it. When Joseph makes it back to his locker and notices it was open. He thought it was him leaving it open again he would open it and noticed the picture was gone. ____ would walk up behind him and waves the picture. _____ said to do her homework and the picture wouldn't be shown. How would Joseph react, what would happen to the picture an what would happen if that picture would be revealed?

Hello, all of you knows me as Alfa279escaped well, I'm here stepping out of my reality and stepping into the reality we have today so I'm looking for a literate Role-play that would do a realistic RP I will be using myself as a character my name is yes indeed Joseph Hassett I do live in the USA and that is all I'm saying about myself now I hoped you have read this because when you request I will and I will be throwing a question at you I promise this will be easy if you read this you will easily pass it and join but I will be looking at your Role-plays you have there for a literate Role-play and if this is the only Role-play you will be literate on then no you will not join

Rules for literates
1 or more paragraphs
0 to 10 mistakes in posts

Please PM me when you're interested


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Roleplay Responses

Kiki tilts her head, and hugs him. "It's not your fault." She giggles. "You Didn't mean it.."
  Kiki Ollian / LizzyBizzy / 42m 1s
Joseph would look at her, "Let's hope that that doesn't happen"
He was feeling something he hasn't felt and it was uncomfortable to him. it makes him uneasy but needs to fill the hole it created, "I-I-I'm sorry for this mess"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 49m 4s
"Eep!" She gasped, her face turning even more red, "I--It's okay..."
This had never happened before, Kiki was shook.
  Kiki Ollian / LizzyBizzy / 52m 47s
Joseph would shake his head, "Y-y-yeah"
He he turns around to speak but bumps into her kissing her. He breaks away, "Sorry..."
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 55m 3s
Kiki follows him, "You're blushing a lot." She seems to be slightly staring. "You okay?" Curiousity killed the cat, Thank god she's not a cat.
  Kiki Ollian / LizzyBizzy / 59m 45s
Joseph blushes harder, "N-nevermind th-that let's just go"
He turns around and walks away his ears are as red as an apple. He closes his eyes, "she has good at hearing damn it"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 1h 5m 28s
Kiki's face and ears start to turn red, She nods to his question and smiles, "I--I think we should get going," She giggles, "Also why do yoi want to know?" She tilts her head curiously.
  Kiki Ollian / LizzyBizzy / 1h 12m 30s
Joseph giggles, "I"m willing you asked I answer but I'm going to help you answer not answer them for you if you can get what I mean"
He would smile, "Come on let's go"
He looks at her, "Helping is my favorite thing to do also for that question lingering in your mind yes I'm single"
He then mutters, "But Are you?"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 1h 16m 54s
Kiki scoffs playfully, "I bring my bag everywhere," She smiles. "We're ready." She giggles, putting her jacket on. "You're really still gonna help me?" She sighed, still smiling. "I don't get you."
  Kiki Ollian / LizzyBizzy / 1h 24m 21s
Joseph would smile, "Are we ready because We can't leave your stuff here"
He would smile as he thinks, 'Some people are easy to change as long as you show kindness but they can really be good and long-lasting buddies but this could be more I can sense it and see it out of her'
He would fold his computer and put it into his bag.
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 2h 42m 28s
Kiki would stand up, "Agreed!" She giggled. She's never had a friend like Joseph before, He seemed so sweet, sweeter than anyone here.
"Shall we go?" She asked gracefully. giggling.
  Kiki Ollian / LizzyBizzy / 4h 6m 44s
Joseph would smile, "Ok then we have to wait until the end of class"
The bell rings and Joseph would stand up quickly packing up giggling, "Ok that was quick let's go then"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 4h 9m 19s
Kiki looks up, "Lets go to your place, I'll text my mom or sister later," She smiles.
She glances down at her phone angrily, but looks back up with a smile, "Siblings can be annoying," She sighs, and turns off her phone; putting it in her pocket.
  Kiki Ollian / LizzyBizzy / 4h 26m 56s
Joseph smiles, "Well how about my house my mother is there almost 24/7"
He looks at her with a smile, "Or we can go to the park"
He looks back at his computer and clicks on something
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 4h 32m 8s

  Kiki Ollian / LizzyBizzy / 4h 44m 24s

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