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PM me to join and tell me who you want or give me all info on OC. ENJOY!
1. No bullying unless part of the rp
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No one said the transition from college students to business owners would be easy. Especially not in Gravity Falls.

Grunkle Stan and Ford have left the Mystery Shack to Dipper and Mabel upon their graduation from college, and while running a tourist trap isn't exactly what either of the twins would consider 'putting there college degrees to good use' how could they turn it down?

It has been nine years since the twins first set foot in Gravity Falls they'd been back only a handful of times at the beginning of high school but that was still several years ago. Once they'd graduated they thought they would never see the small town again. But Dippers' always wanted to return to finish Fords work and Mabel isn't about to leave her bro just yet not to deal with all his problems -caused by there first summer- on his own.

Things are going well for the twins. The Mystery Shack is up and running. Mabel runs the shop tours , putting her fashion degree to use in her spare time designing merchandise to make a profit. Meanwhile Dipper continues his work on the Journals . Everything seems to be going well for them. Of course that is until Bill - the dream demon with an odd obsession with the Pines Family- decides to reappear and ... He wants to make a Deal.

I am looking for people to rp as:
Dipper- Me
Bill- Nobody101


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"No I don't want to take over this dimension." He put some force in the word this. "I just need something to do something and you have that, well, something."
  Nobody101 / 142d 8h 49m 47s
"Nope. Not happening." He said turning and started walking away "I know your tricks Bill. First you'll: tell me a untrue deal." Dipper said putting up one finger "Then you'll: take my soul and put yours in my body." and put two fingers up "Third you'll: Try to take over the fucking world again." and made a third finger show up "So, not happening." making a zero with his full hand.
  VincentGirl / 143d 7h 58m 56s
"I can't tell you right now, you will have to trust me." He knew the kid wouldn't but he didn't have much choice.
  Nobody101 / 143d 8h 31m 8s
Dipper stopped in his steps surprised he just heard that "What do you mean?" he asked looking at Bill in confusion.
  VincentGirl / 143d 12h 19m 37s
"Well you have something of mine, and I need you to get it." He said, almost pleading. he was close, he just needed him to agree.
  Nobody101 / 143d 13h 17m 24s
"Why are you back Triangle?" he asked still walking but turning to look at Bill.
  VincentGirl / 143d 13h 24m 21s
"Can't leave without me," He said, hoping he listened. he needed him.
  Nobody101 / 143d 14h 5m 28s
"Nope." Dipper said turning and walking the other way "More important things to do." he told Bill.
  VincentGirl / 143d 14h 27m 49s
[+ red "Hey, dipper remember me. Yep, Bill chipher, and boy do I have a deal for you."] He said in an evil way, hoping the kid listened. He took him to the cave he had resided in. "So kid, willing to listen?" He asked him.
  Nobody101 / 143d 14h 46m 23s
Dipper was confused and walked closer to the forest "Damn. That name sounds familiar." he said pulling out a black book and was doing something. His mind had remembered Triangles and he saw he had drawn Bill Cipher on his paper "That's why! Fuck!" he said running back inside to look for a flashlight to look in the forest since it was almost dark.
  VincentGirl / 144d 2h 2m 54s

[+Navy "Bill"] The rabbit said as it jumped and hopped away. Bill was watching this waiting for Dipper to connect the dots. Right now he needed him, and this was a key part.
  Nobody101 / 144d 2h 8m 48s
it okay if we cuss? I don't want you getting in trouble or anything.))

"Holy--" Dipper had cut himself off "Okay. Cool a talking bunny. What's your name lil' fella?" he asked since noone was around.
  VincentGirl / 144d 2h 14m 51s
"Hey," The bunny said, looking at dipper in a fascinating way. [+Navy There back! What a wonderful surprise!] He muttered under his breath, watching dippers reaction.
  Nobody101 / 144d 2h 19m 50s
Dipper had looked kind of different from the last time he had been here so people he knew back then keep staring at him.

Dipper walked around looking for anything unusual. "Hey little guy." he said picking up a bunny.
  VincentGirl / 144d 2h 21m 48s
I felt a new presence in the town, slowly phasing into the sky and looking around, seeing the mystery shack. [i I remember those, days, wait, they have no idea i'm back. Oh boy is this going to be fun.] He thought to himself in an insane sort of way.
  Nobody101 / 144d 2h 30m 24s

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