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Heterochromic eyes closed and an exasperated sigh fell from the small earl. Fucking damn it. Of course he'd be a person of interest in this. There were very few nobles that caused such a visible reaction in Ciel, his skin losing a bit of color and his stomach churning at the very thought of being in his presence. The man was scum and deserved nothing more than a lifetime in prison. Unfortunately he danced his way out every time with a smile on his face which made the earl want to punch it in even more.

He'd rather cut off an arm than have to stand near him again.

The thought of the Viscount made Ciel's stomach so upset that he couldn't finish the food in front of him so he set the remaining tea down on the tray and gently pushed it back towards Sebastian. [+blue "Let's get it over with quickly then, shall we?"] he responded, his voice filled with annoyance and frustration. [+blue "I don't want to be forced to breathe in the same air as him for too long. Let's get ready to leave as soon as possible."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 237d 5h 12m 16s
Sebastians gloved hand had been hovering over the fluffy blankets, ready to swiftly pull them away from the boys small, curled up form, when ciel sat up. Disappointment filled him and he pulled his hand away, face neutral. He loved yanking the blankets off of ciel in the morning. The boy would always shoot up as if the demon had poured ice water on him. Sebastian had never understood the human love and need for sleep and rest.

He didn’t remember what it felt like.

He had been a demon for so long, he only remembered endless nights and days.

[+red “many of the suspects had no relation to the case. However, I do suspect viscount druitt.”] Irritation seeped into his voice, face crinkling slightly before it returned to normal. If there was one human that he hated in this period of time, it was the viscount. They had dealt with him many times, and each time he was locked in prison, he was released. He didn’t understand how. He had black marketed many young women and boys for whatever purpose including live anatomy. In fact, he had tried to sell ciel once, the boy dressed as a girl for a case they had solved a while ago.

The memory filled him with amusement, the previous irritation at the boys compliance vanishing. [+red “Other than him, today will be quite simple.”]
  Hazelnut / 237d 8h 38m 36s
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Ciel groaned quietly as light was suddenly brought into the dark room, burying his face into his pillow to try to escape it. Moments later Sebastian's voice filled the void, announcing breakfast. He remained that way for a little while, finding the dark comforting, but knew he had less than five minutes before Sebastian would either pull the pillow away or worse: his warm blankets. With a heavy sigh he slowly pushed himself to sit up and gaze tiredly up at the chipper male. It must be nice to hardly ever be tired like a demon was, not needing to bother with sleeping which meant double the opportunity to be productive.

Small hands took the tea once it was served to him, taking a couple sips before starting on breakfast. [+blue "What did you find out last night?"] he asked quietly between nibbles of a scone. [+blue "Was there anyone on that list that we need to look further into?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 238d 23h 17m 45s
Ciel had listened all night for the boys cries, some sort of sign of nightmares, but the sun slowly peeked over the land, signaling the start of a new day. And with it came this odd feeling that filled Sebastian. He couldn’t quite tell what it was. If he had to try, he would say it was almost like.... disappointment? Though with that strange and hesitant realisation, he had to wonder... why?

Brushing away the thoughts that only seemed to frustrate him, he prepared a quick and simple meal, scones and tea, knowing ciel would probably want to leave immediately. He was surprised the boy didn’t protest as much as he normally did. Perhaps he was learning.

The thought made him smirk.

Pushing the breakfast cart to ciel room, he entered, pulling back the curtains to allow light to fill the room. The fire had died out long ago, only the occasional red flicker showing. [+red “Breakfast is ready, young master.”] He spoke, leaning down. He observed ciels face, curiosity filling him. The boy looked so peaceful...

((Sorry about the short length. I’m busy with finals and such, so I’m all efhejbfjeqn. You know?
  Hazelnut / 239d 3m 29s
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Bright eyes of dual colors continued to stare at the bright flames long after Sebastian had left the room and gone off to complete some nightly work. Part of him was still trying to regain the heat he had lost from his body while the other part thought about the scene he had investigated not even half an hour ago. Things in the file that he had witnessed in the city were beginning to click into place to form a larger picture than what was painted with the words on the papers, giving Ciel more things to consider and look into. He would also need to talk with Sebastian about his findings and see if any of those people matched his theories. He knew full well, though, that if he called the raven-haired butler back up to his room that talking about the case would be the last thing Sebastian would wish to do and instead would opt to try to put him to sleep. Tomorrow would no doubt be a busy day and the earl would need all the rest he could get or he risked becoming rather grumpy.

After a few long moments he finally tore his gaze away from the burning logs and crawled into the massive bed, making his way under the heavy blankets and curling up. The room had certainly gained more warmth than when they arrived and the heavy quilts helped keep in the heat that Ciel generated naturally. Instead of falling asleep he watched the patterns of light as they danced across the wall and listened to the gentle crackles in the fireplace. He was unsure why but he was unable to sleep at the moment. Maybe he just needed to relax.

It took over an hour for the boy to finally fall asleep, keeping that way until Sebastian returned in the morning to wake his master for the day.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 239d 20h 22m 13s
Leave the fire? Hmm. It would be interesting to see how this turned out. He’d be impressed if ciel didn’t wake up screaming. Well, he wouldn’t be [i impressed] per say..... just surprised. [+red “Yes, young master.”] He bowed deeply, pressing his hand against his heart as he stared at him through the strands of his raven black hair. Standing tall, even taller than usual now that ciel was out of his shoes and near the fire.

He didn’t know why, but he had this odd urge to pull ciel away from it. Perhaps it was the memory of the fire ciel had been in that caused him to feel that way... yes.... it was just the contract. After all, what good would ciels soul be if the boy was dead?

Turning, he swiftly walked out, shutting the door behind him silently. He didn’t bother taking a candlestick. He didn’t need one. Walking through the halls, so silent it was as if he wasn’t even there, he made his way to the furnace, lighting it. Though ciel acted fine with his small fire, he needed to be prepared. He would not let his master freeze through the night. What kind of butler would he be if he allowed that?

Not one worth his salt.

Once that was tended to, he made his way to the kitchen, beginning everything necessary for tomorrow. He had enough free time on his hands he could manage a mansion easily. However, he wasn’t looking forward to seeing the damage the servants inflicted upon everything.
  Hazelnut / 240d 2h 42m 39s
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It was clear that the small earl still wasn't pleased with the situation as he faintly glared at his butler. He still had work that needed to be finished and here the male was getting him ready for bed. Didn't he understand how much this was going to eat at him during the night?

Of course he did. He quite enjoyed angering his charge.

Ciel remained still as Sebastian returned to his side, gently removing layer after layer of the boy's clothes in order to dress him for the night. His frame still trembled from the extreme cold but the heat from the fireplace was beginning to work its way over to provide some warmth. He still felt the demon was overreacting, sure he would have been uncomfortable but he would have been able to get what he needed without repercussions from the frigid weather. When he was finally dressed, he moved closer to the fire instead of getting into bed like he should have and allowed it to blanket him in warmth. Heterochromic eyes closed as he began to relax again, the trembling coming to a stop and feeling returning to his fingers.

[+blue "You can go, then,"] he informed Sebastian quietly, eyes opening after a long while to watch the logs becoming consumed by the flames. It was strangely relaxing to see. [+blue "I'm going to bed in a few minutes, you can leave the fire. It's too cold to go without it."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 240d 4h 32m 6s
[+red “And you will. Tomorrow. With this weather and your small frame, another minute outside in the cold and you’d be the crime scene.”] His remark wasn’t as focused as it usually was, as he busied himself with turning to the small fireplace in the room, starting a fire. Ciel normally didn’t like them what with his past and all, but the servants hadn’t started the fire in the main hall, so it would have to do. He would most likely put it out before the young master went to sleep, lest ciel have another nightmare episode.

Once it was started, illuminating the fancy room, he stood, brushing off his gloved hands. [+red “Your bath can come morning then since you don’t want to take it now. Being outside, you’re covered with city filth.”] He remarked, walking to the dresser. He pulled out one of his perfectly ironed shirts that ciel had stolen for himself, walking over. For whatever reason he had yet to exactly figure out, ciel refused to wear pyjamas, preferring only the demon butlers oversized shirt. He supposed it was for comfort. Sebastian [b was] a powerful demon. At least compared to humans. Though he thought it foolish to identify a shirt with safety....

He did find endless amusement from the boys preference, however, and never said anything.

Kneeling in front of ciel, he began undressing him, his white cloth gloves brushing against the boys pale skin. Scars littered them from his childhood treatment, but just like the shirt, he never mentioned it. Even Sebastian knew some things were better left unmentioned. Despite his appearance and even demonic position, he wasn’t heartless.

Not all demons were monsters.
  Hazelnut / 240d 5h 29m 52s
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Leave it to Sebastian to be an asshole when there was work to be done. Ciel felt he knew his limits pretty well and could handle another fifteen minutes in the cold before calling it a night. His butler, however felt he "knew what was best" for the child and squashed that idea quickly which Ciel angry and frustrated. Chances were that the scene he needed to see would still be around for another day, untouched in its frozen state, but that was beside the point. He wanted it done now. The earl didn't even have a chance to protest before he was scooped up in his butler's arms and rushed back home.

Even though it was significantly warmer inside the manor, his form refused to stop shaking. He simply shook his head at Sebastian's request, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around himself instead of removing his coat. He doubted his trembling hands would even be able to undo the clasps, hell he could hardly feel them at this point. His head lifted a little to watch Sebastian, the male effortlessly lighting a candle in order to bring some light into the room.

[+blue "I-I wa-ant to se th-the last crime sc-cene,"] he stammered out, a bit quieter than normal due to the intense trembling his body was doing. The skin that was exposed had become dry and quite red due to the harsh winds and cold, Ciel hoped he would stop shaking soon and warm up. This shit was for the birds.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 240d 21h 41m 58s

Sebastian let out a deep, exasperated sigh. [+red “unfortunately, young master, I can not have you getting sick. I will finish the case after you’re put to bed.”] Before the boy had time to protest, Sebastian scooped him up bridal style, the blanket swaddled around the boy like a burrito. Without another word, Sebastian took off running, a flurry of movement so fast no ordinary human could see.

A few moments later, he arrived at the mansion, and he entered, the temperature instantly warmer than outside, though it was still a little cold. The servants must have no warmed the house before they retired for the night. Or course.

Still carrying ciel, Sebastian made his way up the stairs at a more normal pace, his eyes peering red through the dark, though it was less vibrant than when he was angry, an almost cool and silky, the colour of red merlot wine. [+red “Would you like a bath before bed? I can still feel you shaking from the cold.”] he smirked down at him, not lying. The boys body was still trembling, even though they were out of the cold. Though it was probably from anger at being pulled from the case. But if one thing made Sebastian happy, it was messing with his young master.

Easily opening the bedroom door with his arms still holding ciel, he walked in, setting ciel carefully on the bed. He reached over and picked up a candle stick, lighting it. The darkness shied away slightly, allowing Sebastian to see ciel in more human lighting.
  Hazelnut / 240d 22h 2m 20s

Ciel hadn't even noticed Sebastian's return until he felt something light on his shoulders, sitting on top of the heavy cloak. He lifted his head, seeing his faithful butler standing beside him and having finished his task. It was clear to everyone that the boy was freezing, the small form trembling as he stood still, but he wasn't about to admit it. Ciel refused to admit weakness in any form, even one as common as this, and wouldn't acknowledge the blanket even though he was thankful for it.

That was how Ciel operated.

[+blue "We-e need to m-make ano-other stop first, a-at the Gov-vener's pub"] the small earl stammered, keeping his arms wrapped tightly over his chest. He wanted nothing more than to return home and sit in front of the fire or, even better, in a hot bath. It seemed to get colder with each passing minute and, with the wind blowing, threatened injury to any exposed skin. Unfortunately the case came before his own comfort which was the reason he was standing out here freezing his butt off. Sometimes he wished he had Sebastian's ability to withstand the cold and the heat, it would make all of this a lot easier.

Luckily checking out this second location would only take a couple of minutes, Ciel needed to see another crime scene there. When the Yard reviewed these cases they treated both scenes as separate crimes but the small earl was seeing a lot of similarities. It was a wonder those idiots got anything done. A sudden and large burst of wind caused the bright eyes to shut tightly and his form to huddle in on itself a little bit, his shaking worsening. Damn this cold weather to hell.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 240d 22h 33m 19s
The red eyed demon left ciel to the scene, knowing the young boy would be fine for the short time it took himself to interview the listed people. Even if he wasn’t, the contract would immediately let Sebastian know, and he would be there before any attacker had time to even [b breath] towards his master. Perks of being a demon.

Well, one of them, anyways.

Sebastian scanned the neatly written list, quite a long one, and sighed an unnecessary sigh. He didn’t like the foolish interviews he had to do. In his opinion, it was much easier to just kill everyone. Then there would be no crime~ but then there would also be no food for him. So, he went about his way, interviewing everyone. His annoyance at being out so late with the mansion being supervised by the servants made him twice as scary, and he didn’t have to resort to any extra interrogation lengths. Though he did have to hold one man out of the second story window till he talked.

With every interview he completed, he ran back to his master, hiding in the shadows for a split second to make sure he was alright and watch his comparatively slow progress with amusement.

The temperatures were dropping, Sebastian could tell by ciels shivering, and the raven demon couldn’t help but smirk. No matter how ciel acted, he would always be a small, scared human in need of his butler. The thought rid some of his annoyance and he vanished in the blink of an eye, continuing his interviews. Well, threatening. We might as well be honest.

When he was done, he made his way to the center part of the city, purchasing a nice, warm blanket. His master would most likely protest, but the cold might hush him enough that Sebastian could be in peace. He made his way to the master, alerting him he was back by gently draping the blanket over ciels shaking shoulders. [+red “Young master, you appear to be cold. Would you like to return home and continue this tomorrow?~”] he smirked, wondering what ciel would do. The air was cold enough that it threatened snow, and he knew how ciel hated extreme temperatures. At least it wasn’t hot. Ciel was insufferable in hot weather.

((Sorry, it’s finals week and this got BURIED in everything.
  Hazelnut / 241d 4h 58m 56s

Having Sebastian help with cases such as these made it go much faster since there were so many things the demon could do, both in a quick manner and an accurate one. Ciel was skilled in the art of detecting lies but Sebastian was even better; the child wasn't scary enough to bring the truth out in certain people. Those deep, red eyes had a way of bringing truth to light in most individuals and, if they weren't enough, he had other ways. Ciel was much better suited for behind the scenes work as he had acquired quite the eagle-eye for detail and had learned how to put pieces of evidence together. Between the two of them, cases became solved in record time which was why the Queen gave them so many.

[+blue "Yes, I'm prepared,"] he answered quietly. Once the demon had lifted his charge into his strong arms, Ciel pulled hood up over his head and hid his face in Sebastian's shoulder. In summer time the speed wasn't much of an issue but now it would certainly create harsh winds that could damage the boy's face. He wouldn't be surprised if the demon moved quickly enough to give him frostbite. It was best to take any and all precautions so it caused Ciel to get much closer than he would have preferred to his butler, his small frame pressed tightly against Sebastian's.

He didn't withdraw his form until he felt the air around him still, indicating that Sebastian had stopped at their destination, and the strong arms carefully set him down onto the ground. The night air had caused the temperature to drop drastically, the earl able to see his breath in white wisps as he breathed, and a small shiver ran up his spine. It would only grow colder as the night progressed and Ciel hoped he could get what he needed before it grew uncomfortable. It was best to get started.

Reaching into his coat, he pulled out a neatly folded piece of paper and handed it to Sebastian. [+blue "Come and find me after you're finished, i don't expect it'll take you long."] Once his butler had taken the list, Ciel turned and headed down the quiet sidewalk to begin gathering information. The boy didn't like being cold, in fact it made him quite irritable, but winter was by far the easiest time of year to work on cases. The scenes were always preserved for a few days due to rigid temperatures which made gathering what he needed easy and there were less people out to harass or attack him as most people were inside trying to stay warm.

As expected, barely anything had been touched when he reached his destination except for the victim's body which had been removed and taken to the Undertaker's shop for burial preparation. The small earl made his way around the area, making mental notes and picking up the occasional piece of evidence. The longer he stayed out the night air, the more his body shivered and the colder he became. It had become rather windy as well, seeming to drop the temperature more, and Ciel swore it was now in the negative digits. He refused to quit until he had everything he needed, though, not wanting to run the risk of returning later to find things had been moved or washed away.

When Sebastian had finally returned to his charge, Ciel stood beside a building closest to the crime scene with small arms wrapped tightly around his shivering frame. The exposed eye stared distantly down at the sidewalk as his mind wandered, focusing on piecing the case together all while trying forget about the freezing temperatures.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 266d 19h 52m 15s
Sebastian listened to ciels words, inwardly sighing. He always had to do the interrogating. But he was used to it, and it never took the demon long. He could sense liars, which made everything extremely easy for him. Poor humans. They never understood when someone was lying.

Sucks to be them.

“Yes, boochan.” He bowed slightly, just a slight tilt forward, before straightening up. He vanished, picking up ciels plate and putting it in the sink to be washed upon returning. He reappeared in the same spot, ciel not even having time to blink. The only indication he had ever vanished was the slight movement of his jet black hair, and even that stilled almost instantly. He wasn’t known for being sloppy. He was fast, dedicated to finishing his work before moving on to another. That is why unlike other demons, he never made more than one deal at a time.

He walked to the wardrobe, grabbing an extra cloak just in case. Ciels comfort and safety was his top priority, and with how whiny the boy was when he was tired, it would just be easier to keep an extra layer of warmth on hand. He draped it over his arm, holding it as if he was holding a towel. Which he never did, but whatever.

“Anything else before we depart?” He asked, walking up to ciel. He looked down at the tiny boy, his eyes glowing red in the darkness of the room as the sun vanished behind the trees. They would need to leave soon. The servants would already be preparing for bed, making everything easier.

((Is Sebastian going to carry ciel and demon run to town? Cause if they don’t have the carriage-
  Azule Nakuru / Hazelnut / 267d 5h 24m 42s
Ciel's gaze lifted when Sebastian announced his presence, watching as the slender male carried in the hot dinner and set it down nearby. He was a bit apprehensive about the bread once he heard it was a Russian dish, aware that they didn't always have the best tasting dishes. It didn't appear to be as vile as other meals he had seen from the country which made him willing to at least try it. The soup he had been served was something he had consumed before therefore wasn't worried about it.

He carefully set the items he was using aside and out of the way, setting the stack of addressed and sealed envelopes near the edge of the desk for Sebastian to take when he was ready for them. He then pulled the items closer and looked over the bread carefully before picking it up and taking a small bite. The bread was perfect and the filling wasn't something Ciel could complain about either. The ground beef Sebastian had used was high quality and it was accompanied by caramelized onions and roasted cabbage. It was actually quite good and, combined with the potato soup, was enough to fill him up for the night and keep him warm.

Once he finished he followed Sebastian back to his bedroom to be changed for the evening, noting that the sky was becoming increasingly darker with each minute. The outfit that was selected had quite a few warm layers which promised to keep as much body heat in as it possibly could. Sebastian was lucky that he didn't have to worry about such a thing anymore, if he ever needed to in the first place. He wondered, though, if his demon had been a human once and did he then prefer hot or cold climate? He imagined he wouldn't get a straight answer if he asked and chose not to pursue it at this time....but later was wide open.

[+blue "The sky is quite dark, we best get going before it drops to single digit temperatures,"] Ciel informed Sebastian once his jacket was on and fastened closed. A pair of gloves was pulled from his pocket, the small earl slipping them on to protect his hands from the cold. [+blue "We're looking into a murder on the south side of London. Most of the crime scene should still be there. When we get there, I'd like for you to begin questioning suspects; I'll give you the list after travel."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 273d 4h 50m 22s

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