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The World is full of mysterious creatures that made may races. In these races, there are groups and they are called Orders. Each Order has there names of good but once and once only an Order will become corrupted. This Corrupted Order will start attacking the Orders. The history behind the Order was said to have tortured their victims in treacherous ways and then kill them so they can feed to the wild beasts they have in cages. But when the time comes a brave few will rise and save their planet from destruction. During the time of peace and harmony, a prophecy was made.

when times grow dark
the lands are covered in blood
a boy out of five
who was once good
will become of great evil

when times are dark
the fire burned and hearts bleed
a boy who was once evil
will become the redemption
of the broken family

This new Prophecy had struck fear into every Order and every family. No one knows when the next evil will strike and so they decided to kill their kids before or after they are born in fear that their child would be the one to be bad. Most Orders even put the law up that sex with a woman is forbidden and banishment will surely come to the couple if this would happen only 5 arrows and one bow would be granted to them as well as lessons outside the order on how to make the arrows would be taught briefly. Some Orders disband themselves and created chaos for most of the people because they couldn't join the other Orders. Now only five women sent five children down a rough river from the three from the human race and two from an unknown race. These children will carry some sort of destiny but only one good shall be bad and one bad shall be good. Now after fifteen years, they somehow had managed to survive in the cruel world and are now seeking to find their reason.

1. No one-liners semi-literate is one paragraph
2. Can only be the age of 12 to 16
3. No god-modding unless it's ok with the other person
4. No harming others unless it's ok
5. No OP OCs unless the others are allowed to be just as powerful
6. time skips are allowed but please don't skip a full day, week, mouth, or years and make them limited
7. Please fill the form underneath

Age: 12 to 16
weaknesses/fears: Make this reasonable as well as

please PM me if interested talk to me on that and then PM me the OC if you place the OC as a character please just send me the link

Name: Guardoka Grund heric
Age: 15
Can float
Can teleport 15 meters head of him
Water: it burns him
Backstory: Can’t remember except that I had wakened up in a bed and would have walked around in town as always looking for what I am

Name: Angel snow
Age: 15
abilities: she can move locks and tamper with small objects
weaknesses/fears: shes is very scared of the dark and of large spiders
Bio: Angel was abandoned at birth and had no parents to raise her correctly. she has lived in the woods her whole life and does not know what or how to use human objects; such as electronics, and such. Now she is very secretive and knows how to get places without others knowing, but sometimes fails

Name: Eran Valeron
Age: 14
abilities: He can speak to wolves, has enhanced strength and speed. He can see in the dark. Sometimes grows claws.
weaknesses/fears: He is weakened by pure things, such as a cross, holy water, or the bible and such things. He secretly has a fear of rabbits, which he has told no one about.
Bio: Born to a man who was a werewolf and a human woman, he was an outcast fitting with no one. His parents saw this as an opportunity to get rid of him, but before his dad almost killed his mother, so, with her dying breath she sent him off.

Name: Dire
Age: 15
abilities: he can fly because he has wings, as he is a dragon born. He can lift very heavy objects and is very agile
weaknesses/fears: He is weak to people reminding him of his past, saying he’ll be just like his father, and he hates water. He is afraid he will grow up to be like his father
Bio: his father was a cruel abusive parent, who slaughtered villages for fun. His mother was the dragon, and she was nice. When he was born, his father hated him because he thought he was ugly. When he was 3, his father had had enough. He tried to kill Dire, and killed himself and his mother in the process. He has grown up raised by himself. He learned how to become a warrior, and helps who deserves it. He has the dread that one day, something terrible will happen because of him


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Roleplay Responses

Guardoka hugs her tightly, "It's fine You can sleep with me"
He would back away with a smile, "Come on"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 1d 13h 15s
"i feel safe being with someone like me of the sort, no one has offered." she said sighing andf looking down
  Aria_Hashima / 1d 14h 30m 51s
Guardoka smiles, "Why do you want to sleep with me?"
He would be blushing at his own question he doesn't remember sleeping with a girl if he did then they are probably long gone tired of looking for him
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 4d 13h 42m 47s
R-right." She said nodding and looking down at her feet which had dust on them.
  Aria_Hashima / 4d 14h 27m 5s
Guardoka giggles blushing at the question, "If you want I did by a room that carries two separate rooms but we can sleep in one room"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 5d 13h 15m 53s
we?" she said confused. "are we rooming together?"
  Aria_Hashima / 5d 13h 21m 40s
Guardoka giggles then would pull dragging her to the inn and checks out a room, "Ok we are room 15"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 5d 13h 28m 19s
"o-of course i trust you." she said smiling once more and followed him
  Aria_Hashima / 5d 13h 32m 57s
Guardoka would shake his head, "Well they miss judge you too much then hu"
He would grab her hand with a smile, "You will be fine with me trust me"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 5d 13h 49m 18s
blinking, she turned and looked at him. "you promise me i wont get hurt. when people see me they shame me for being different."
  Aria_Hashima / 5d 13h 59m 22s
Guardoka would follow her, "Don't worry I won't let them harm you trust me as long as you leave them alone they will leave you alone unless is those that want to fight or some other thing they want"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 5d 14h 38s
"r-right." She said looking down and started walking to the bridge she came from
  Aria_Hashima / 5d 14h 2m 14s
Guardoka would giggle, "To the inn where else it can house multiple people remember I can remember what has currently past but the next day I will forget but I do remember names"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 5d 14h 3m 0s
where are we going." angel would say tilting her head with her blue eyes wide.
  Aria_Hashima / 5d 14h 4m 48s
Guardoka he would look around, "nope none that I can remember"
He would look back at her, "well let's go I'm tired and thirsty"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 5d 14h 5m 28s

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