Butterflies ~A Coraline RP~ *Coraline x Wyborne*

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PM me to join and give me all info on OC or if you are playing as Wyborne! ENJOY!
Ever since what Coraline refers to as, 'The Incident', life has been comfortingly boring. At fifteen years old, her only escape for monotony is some time with her good friend, Wyborn Lovat. Now and days her stomach would go crazy when hanging out with Wyborne... Can she find out what's wrong before something happens

-Must be literate. I understand occasional errors, but I expect proper punctuation, spelling, etc. for the most part. :D
-Please make your posts fun to read~!
-Feel free to share your ideas with me. It always makes the roleplay more fun. Also, don't ever be scared to introduce a new character!
-Don't assume I'm ditching if I don't reply for a few days. If I were, I'd tell you. Sometimes I just get writers block or don't feel like being on or i'm busy with school and home.
-Drama is WELCOME. But not to much.

I will play as Wyborne possibly, and Ocs are allowed.
you can also play as the parents if you would like.

Please only join if you HAVE watched coraline, if you haven't go watch it on Netflix or read the book. Both are great in my opinion.

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