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Raegan Grace, known as Grace, was a twenty one country music singer. She had just gotten signed with RCA Nashville, and she was going on her first tour. She only had a five song set, but she was so thankful for those twenty five minutes that she would be on that stage. She was touring with Kane Brown, who was the headliner, and Russel Dickerson. She was so excited but nervous at the same time. She hadn’t really ever been away from her family, so this would be a brand new experience.

Her manager had someone how talked her label into letting her have her own bus, which she didn’t understand, but she assumed it had something to do with her being a girl.

Her manager had set up a meeting so to speak, for her to meet Kane before they actually left for the tour. They were meeting at the studio, just because it was a mutual space. [b “Hey... I’m Reagan Grace... I’m here for Kane...”]

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