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“Yep you’ll see Grace and daddy in two weeks princess, go home and color me lots of pictures.” He said knowing that the little girl didn’t want to go with Ariana. “Princess daddy loves you so much.” He said hugging her and kissing her forehead, “You two go and have fun, daddy’s gotta keep working.”

Soon they left and Kane sighed and looked to Grace, “Sorry about that, Ariana doesn’t know when to quit.” He said and asked her, “Can we get some
Drinks, it’s been two weeks since I had a beer, I don’t drink around Kingsley because I’m always afraid she would accidentally get something and drink it...but I for sure need a drink and some food, let’s go.” He said knowing he could eat a ton of chicken wings right now and they had great ones at a bar nearby. He really needed the time with her and truth be told he liked her a lot. Now he could act on it.
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Raegan Grace was loving life on the road. She got to sing every single night in front of thousands of people. Her fan base was growing like crazy, and she knew it was all thanks to Kane. He took a shot on her when he agreed to let her come on tour with him, and for that she was forever thankful.

She was really surprised when she found herself growing so close to Kingsley, so quickly. She had been with them for about two weeks and she loved that little girl so much, but it was time for her to go back to Nashville with her Momma. She was kind of sad, she had enjoyed having a little sidekick.

The young woman simply looked at Ariana when she told her to stay away from Kane. [b “I’m on tour with him... It’s kind of hard to stay away from him considering we work in the same place every single night.”] she muttered. She smiled weakly when Kingsley waved goodbye to her. [b “Bye Bye Kingsley... I’ll see you in a few weeks sweet girl.”]
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Kane smiles, “If I have anything to do with it she will never know that her father is miserable with her mother...just wish things could be different.” He said looking to her.

A few shows later Kane came offstage and smiled, Ariana was there early
To pick Kingsley up. She loved her momma too even if he didn’t. “Ready to go with momma?” He asked her and she complained wanting to stay with him and Grace.

Ariana looked to Grace, “Stay away from
Him, you’ll ruin what we have for Kingsley, this works for us, neither one of us is happy but it works because we want it to.”
She said Angerly, she hated when women got too close to Kane. She could lose him too easily. He was her ticket to the big time, she was riding his name in the modeling world. He hated it but it’s what she did.

Kingsley sadly got her things to go with her mother. She wanted to stay with Kane.
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She couldn’t help but grin as Kane ran off of the stage and scooped Kingsley up in his arms. He was the model father. It was completely obvious that Kingsley loved him to pieces. [b “You were great.”] she said. She grinned as he asked her if they had fun. [b “We had our own little dance party on the side stage.”] she explained.

Kingsley made sure she was behind them when it was time to load the buses. It felt weird, it was her first show, and she was sleeping on the headliners bus. Her band was on her own though. [b “Kingsley is justbused to you. I’m sure she misses her mom, but she’s so used to you.”] she said [b “You’re her routine. I know she loved Ariana... I just think Ariana needs to show it back.”] she said. [b “But it’s honestly none of my business. I have no right to comment on it.”]

She smiled weakly when Kane said the only reason he was still dating Ariana was because of Kingsley. [b “You’re doing what you feel is right... No one has the right to comment on that. Kingsley has both of her parents... together. I think that’s a lot of a baby girl.”]
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Kane smiles seeing Kingsley enjoying the show, she never got to ang our in the side of the stage and see everything, she was always back in the dressing room with someone watching her so he was sure she was enjoying the show now and would be excited and ready for pizza and bedtime when he got done with his show.

After he scooped her up in his arms and kissed her cheek, “Have fun with Grace?” He asked her and she nodded. Later when she was asleep Kane looked to Grave, “Ariana and I are just going through the motions for Kingsley, she begs me not to go back to her momma when she’s gone like this but I can’t do a thing about it. Love Kingsley and I’ll do anything for her even if that includes being in a relationship that I hate with everything I am.” He said sighing and looked to Grace, “Never seen my daughter happier than she was out there dancing tonight. I mean it.”
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Raegan just grinned as Kane asked her if she didn’t care to watch Kingsley. [b “I was a babysitter all throughout high school. I promise, she’ll be perfectly fine with me. I don’t care one bit.”] she said. She held her arms out and took Kingsley. [b “Whatcha say princess? Wanna hang out with me while Daddy sings?”] she questioned.

She looked at Kane and simply shook her head when he said Ariana would be fine for a week or two, basically. [b “You don’t have to explain anything to me. That’s your business. I’m sure you and Ariana have gotten into a routine that works for you.”]

After Kane went on stage, she went on a mission to find Kingsley a pair of protective head phones. [b “You want to go watch Daddy?”] she questioned after she had made sure they were properly placed on the little girls head. The little girl was dancing in her arms as they walked over to the side stage for a better view.
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He nodded, “Yeah she left, Kingsley doesn’t go with her to shows because well she just doesn’t...stays with me and usually Taylor’s wife Jamie watches her but she didn’t come tonight either. “Your sure it’s no trouble for you to watch her tonight? Then we will get pizza after my set...I sort of promised her pizza since it’s the first show and she’s excited, usually she’s asleep before I even go on but today she’s fighting it.” He said looking to Grace.

He didn’t know how to tell Grace that Ariana wasn’t a very good mother and that Kingsley spent most of her time with him and if Ari has to go someplace, well Kingsley stayed with him dispute his schedule. “Ari will be home for a week maybe a week and a half depending on how her show goes.” He muttered knowing how this worked. He wouldn’t hear from her until she was back on US soil at an airport somewhere.
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Raegan Grace nodded as she listened to him. She only had to get through five songs. Surely she could do that. Five songs. [b “I’ve never been so nervous in my entire life, Kane.”] she muttered. She grinned when Kingsley grinned as Kane called her a princess. She nodded when Kane said Ariana was going to Milan. [b “Kingsley isn’t going with her?”] she questioned. Now way she could go out of the country for a week without taking her daughter. [b “If you need someone to watch her while you’re on stage... I’m your girl.”]

Her first perform on a actual stage, in a huge arena was amazing, if she had to say so herself. She couldn’t help but cry when she ran off stage, Kane was standing her waiting on her. [b “Oh my gosh that was crazy.”] she cried.

She wiped her eyes when Kingsley asked if she wanted to eat pizza with them on their bus. [b “Well. I have my own bus... But I guess my band can take mine if you’re daddy doesn’t mind me crashing.”] she said as she reached up to tickle Kingsleys belly. [b “Did Ariana already leave?”]
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“Just go out there and if your nervous look over to me, it’ll be okay and you’ll do amazing.” He said and nodded, “Kingsley is my princess...Ari is leaving for Milan tonight so it’s just me and Kings for a week...hope you don’t mind she will be around, I know some people don’t like kids so that’s why I apologize.” He said.

When she was on he held Kingsley as they watched her, Ariana had left not wanting to be involved. She hated coming to these things but Kane loves Kingsley and he was always doing shows and he did pay for everything inKingsley’s life. Kingsley clapped watching Raegan. “Grace you did amazing.” He said hugging her when she came off of the stage. Kingsley Hughes her too, “You gets Pesha Wif us?” She asked Grace and Kane smiled, “Pozza on the bus with us does sound damn good and you know it. He muttered looking to her with a million dollar smile.
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Raegan Grace was walking around the back of the Arena, just taking it all in. She had never been backstage before and she was simply amazed. She couldnt believe that she actually got to do this as a career. She was sure this was a dream. [b “Hey, Kane!”] she said, grinning when she realized he had called her Grace. [b “I guess that’s my nickname, huh?”]

She looked back when she seen a woman following him, her face was stuck in her phone and she looked way to Barbie dolly. Like she needed to chill on the plastic surgery. She herself only wanted a boob job. [b “I guess this princess is Kingsley.”] she said. [b “She’s precious. She looks just like you, no way you can deny her.”] she said.

She looked down at her Apple Watch and sighed. [b “I go on in fifteen minutes and I’m about to throw up.”] she muttered. [b “I’m doing the breathing thing like you said, but it’s not working.”]
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Kane walked into the arena carrying three year old Kingsley who had a stuffed Simba in her arms. She loved that thing. “Hey Grace.” He said waving and Ariana was close behind him. Beautiful, flawless, and seemingly stuck up and pissed off all of the time. She didn’t seem
To fit with Kane but that could be because Kingsley happened from a one night stand and they just made it work because eKane wasn’t the kind of guy to abandon his child and Kingsley was surely his.

Soon he sat her down on the couch in the dressing room. She had a small backpack
Full of snacks and things for her to do. Kane usually sat with her awhile before the show. Arianna was busy on her phone and texting her manager about an upcoming runway show. She wanted to model and Kane...he wanted a family, they would never see eye to eye and he knew that and deep down it hurt him more than he let on, for sure.
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Reagan Grace looked at Kane and nodded. [b “I’m gonna be one hundred perfect, I’ll probably throw up before and after. I’m sick to my stomach just thinking about it, but all I’ve ever wanted to do is sing... So I’ve got to make it work.”]

She nodded when he said she would meet Ariana and Kingsley. [b “I’ve seen pictures. Kingsley is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to meet her.”] she said. [b “I’ll see you Friday... It was nice to meet you.”]

Friday morning came early. Their first show was in Alabama. She really didn’t understand why they didn’t start out in Nashville, but then she learned that Kane liked to finish in Nashville, kind of go out with a bang per say. She couldn’t wait to see Kane, he was gorgeous, that was no lie. But he had a girlfriend and a baby... so she had no shot at all.

[ outfitforconcert]
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“Look like you would sing pop music but people say I look like I’d sing rap music so I’m not one to talk...first timer, just take a deep breath before you go out there and remember I won’t leave you hanging, you have an emergency or a problem I will be there to make sure this goes
First show I threw up in a bucket behind the drum riser. Jason still hasn’t let me forget that.” He said talking about Jason Aldean. “You sure you want to be called Grace?” He asked knowing she looked more like a Rae and his manager had told him that her name was Raegan. He liked to give everyone nick names.

“See you Friday, you’ll meet Ariana and Kingsley then too.” Ariana was his Model girlfriend, she was gorgeous, gorgeous to the point that she was considered the top modeL in the country. Kane and Ariana has Kingsley when Kane was just starting out and now the little princess was three and the boss of her daddy.
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[b “Reagan Grace. But I’m know as Grace.”] she said she as she listened to Kane. [b “My manager sensed that I was really nervous about going on tour with you, so she said it would be better to just meet you here first.”] she said. [b “Do you have any advice for a first timer? I don’t really know what to expect... I’ve only sang in dive bars... So....”]

She couldn’t help but laugh when he said she didn’t sound like she looked. She didn’t really know what he meant by that. [b “What does that mean?”] she questioned.

Just from talking to him the first few minutes, Kane seemed really nice and down to earth. That made her nerves about the tour calm down a little bit.

They talked for another hour, and then she headed out as she was going shopping for outfits to take on tour with her. [b “I guess I’ll see you Friday.”] she said. [b “I’m really excited to watch you. I’m a big fan”]
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The producer motioned to a red door off of the studio, "Hes in there, he knows your coming so go ahead and go in, its just a lounge and theres food and things. He said he was looking for a gatorade but who knows." Th guy seemed not to care what Kane did but then again Kane was their highest money making artist...9 number ones... and he was just getting started. He had a beautiful model girlfriend and a 3 year old daughter named Kingsley Rose Brown... she was beautiful. Looked a lot like her daddy but there were hints of her mother's lighter skin.

Kane saw the door open and smiled, "You must be Rae... I'm Kane, hungry? thirsty? Everything you could want is in here... They said you were coming to meet me, didn't know what to expect, I hate to say it darlin' but you don't look like you sound but then again neither do I... " He muttered before taking a drink of his gatorade.
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