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“She’s perfect...always wanted kids but she came unexpected and turned my
Life upside down but I love my princess and she calls me everyday and I’ve never missed my time with her...I am
Thinking about telling Arianna that we’re over...she knows as well as I do we aren’t the same people we used to be.” He said and kissed her cheek. “We could keep the same schedule with Kingsley and be civil and I already buy everything Kingsley needs, Arianna has a debit card specifically for Things for Kingsley and what she needs...started that when we broke up when she was pregnant. She told me she hated me and kicked me out so for two weeks I made things like her account and that it can only be used for Kingsley...she has never used it for anything else and Kingsley always has anything she could want or need.” He said sighing. “Just worry that Kingsley might hate me when she’s older but at the same time she was happier with you than I’ve seen her in a long time.” He said and looked to her. “I just want me baby girl to know I love her and sometimes you have to do what makes you happy even if it upsets other people.”
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 220d 12h 44m 43s
Raegan grinned as Kane said two bottles and less clothes. [b “That sounds absolutely perfect to me.”] she said. [b “I’m just so excited to have two days to spend with you. We can stay locked up in here if we want... no one will bother us.”]

She looked up when his phone rang and she quickly nodded. [b “Two steaks, fries and macaroni and cheese.”] she said. She grinned when she realized that it was Kingsley on the phone. She could only imagine what the girl was telling him. Her heart stung slightly, part of her wished her son was here to call her like that.

She ordered the food and room service told her it would be up within an hour. [b “You’re fine. Don’t apologize.. Not when it comes to her.”] she said as she sat down on the bed. [b “She absolutely adores you.”] she said [b “I wish you could see her eyes when she was hanging out with me, watching you perform. You hung the stars and the moon from her perspective.”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 224d 9h 51m 48s
Kane smiled, "How about two bottles of wine and less clothes." He said taking his shirt off smiling to her. "But yes to steak and mac and cheese.." Kane was a big kid and loved anything mac and cheese... if they put it on pizza... he would eat it. He kissed her, "I can't believe we have two days to ourselves." He said smiling. His phone buzzed, "You order room service and I'll get that?" He asked.

Picking up his phone he smiled, "Hey princess... daddy's good... isn't it about your bedtime? You got a new doll? Thats amazing, you can show her to me on Friday... daddys just going to bed too... I love you more princess.... you sleep well... I love you baby girl... bye Kings." He said as the little girl hung up on him. "Sorry... Kingsley calls me every night before she goes to bed... usually its before the shows but with the time difference right now it was a little late for us."
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 224d 11h 34m 43s
She had no idea how they had pulled it off, but she managed to sneak into his room with no one seeing. Kane has taken her bags just like he said he would, and she just snuck up after she had given everyone else enough time to find their own rooms. She was excited to have a break, they could just hangout and spend time together with no one else seeing or bothering them... hopefully.

[b “Hi.”] she said as she shut the door behind her. She couldn’t help but melt as Kane pulled her to him and kissed her. [b “Mhm. I missed you.”] she said. [b “I’ve never been so excited for two days off. We can just be together... Hopefully no one will bother us... But we need to write. I need to write. The label wants an album sooner rather than later.”]

She grinned when he said they could order room service for dinner. [b “I want a steak.”] she said. [b “Steak, and fries... and a bottle of wine?”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 224d 12h 38m 11s
Kane smiled, “I do have a plan, your going to your bus but your giving me your bag and I’m taking it on mine so I can take it into the hotel when we get there and texting you my room number then and then your coming to my room and your mine.” He said kissing her when no one was looking. He knew he would have to break it off with Arianna soon. He couldn’t live in secret with Grace, he loved her too much to keep her a secret. He knew there would have to be an agreement with Arianna about Kingsley but they could work it out. He had felt love before and what he had with Grace was pure love. She would be an amazing step momma to Kingsley and he wasn’t trying to replace Arianna.

At the hotel he sent her the text and as soon as she was at his door he pulled her inside and kissed her hard. “Hey baby..,,we can order room service for dinner, anything you want to eat sweetheart.”
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 225d 1h 2m 13s
Raegan looked back at Kane when Gage told her that he had done her sound check for her. She sighed in relief and just grinned. [b “Thank you so much.”] she said as she slipped her ear pieces in. She blushed when he said she looked amazing and smelled like strawberries. [b “You got it. Just wait till tonight.”] she whispered with a wink.

Her performance was amazing if she had to say so herself. She felt like she was on top of the world when she walked off that stage. She loved this job. She loved that she got to do this every night. This was her calling.

She was waiting for him when he ran off stage. She nodded as she listened to him. [b “I hope you have an escape plan down pat.”] she said [b “Because Cody definitely knows... But he said our secret was safe with him so...”] she said.

She walked back to the bus, she had already packed her bags before she fell asleep, which she was thankful for. Now she could just go straight up.
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 225d 9h 58m 22s
"Kane did your sound check for you, your alright... no worries just relax and take a deep breath and go and kill it out there." He said and Kane was standing behind her smiling, "You'll do amazing and if you need me I'm right here... you look amazing and you smell like strawberries.. God I wanna kiss you." He said sighing, "Hotel tonight... you and me." he whispered into her ear before it was time for her to go onstage.

She was amazing, he watched her the whole time and after it was his turn to get up there on that stage in front of a sold out arena of screaming fans. He waved to her and danced a little more than usual and when it was over he smiled, "Buses are going to to the hotel, I'll text you my room number, bring your bags, I have a suite." He whispered and they took his in ear monitors out and put them away until the next show. They were getting a hotel as everyone had two days off to kill and relax.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 225d 10h 28m 16s
She mumbled when Cody walked in with her song book. [b “Thank you... but there is nothing to tell.”] she mumbled.

She almost overslept, she did over sleep. Her alarm didn’t go off at all, and it was five thirty before someone came and woke her up. [b “I’m so late.”] she muttered as she ran off the bus toward the Arena. She was glad that she already had her outfit picked out, but she still had to go to hair and makeup. [b “I’m so late.”] she muttered as she ran past Kane and his band [b “I’m here! I’m here”!”] she squealed as she all but jumped into the chair. [b “My alarm didn’t go off, I’m sorry!”] she said.

Somehow her hair and makeup girls had her looking great by six fourty five. She had slept through sound check and everything, so she prayed that she would be alright. [b “I’m here Gage!”] she said as she ran up to the stage manager. [b “I overslept, I don’t know what happened.”] she said.
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 225d 10h 35m 21s
"Cody will shut his mouth, sent him with your songbook... open the last page." He texted her back. When Cody came on the bus he found her half asleep, "Lover boy wanted me to bring this to you... don't worry I'm not gonna say a word... just longer hes happy, longer we are on this tour and make money... plus I think its cute... Arianna is a bitch."

Kane had written a chorus in the back of her songbook for her. "I never wanted the stars, never shot for the moon, I like them right where they are... all I wanted was you... so baby just turn away cause I can't face the truth... all I'm trying to say.. is all I wanted was you... I want you... baby I want you."

He was inspired with her... wanting to write a million love songs... like the world needed more Kane Brown love songs. Heaven spilled out of him that morning and he brought it to his band that afternoon while she was napping.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 225d 11h 50m 29s
Raegan looked over at Cody, if looks could kill... [b “Yeah. I met her and Kingsley on the first show. I just love Kingsley. She just adds such a great vibe to the shows. Who doesn’t want baby lovins after a performance.”] she said.

After breakfast, she went back to her bus and locked herself in her room. She needed to actually write songs. The label wanted an album before the tour was over. She had so many ideas, she was just having a hard time getting them out on paper. She glanced at the clock. It was only eleven, and she didn’t perform until seven. What was she going to do all day?

She glanced at her phone. She couldn’t help but wonder what Kane was doing. [i “Cody totally knows.”] she texted him [i “It hasn’t even been one freaking day and someone has already found out....”] after she had sent the message, she crawled into bed. She was just going to take a nap. Naps solved everything.
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 225d 11h 55m 12s
Kane chuckled, "Sure Cody you can grab it, its on the counter on my bus." He looked to Grace and smiled, "Don't get nervous anymore... just get excited and pumped up... its not something to be scared of... every one of those people paid to see you... its not like they're forced to be there." He said taking a bite of his eggs and then a drink of milk. "Shows are normally sold out, you nervous? Usually a shot of whiskey before you preform helps if your really nervous, only had to do that once though and I was singing in front of Dolly Parton... shes a sweetheart too... but was still nervous."

Cody looked to Grace and said, "Yeah your right Arianna was here... when did she leave Kane?" He looked to Cody and said, "Last night sometime... took Kingsley back home, ya'll met her and Kings right?" He asked trying to change the subject with them.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 225d 12h 13m 33s
Raegan looked at her drummer when she heard his comment and simply nodded. [b “You forgot that Ariana was here yesterday.”] she muttered [b “You can look at my song book when we go back to the bus if you want.”]

She looked up when Kane sat down across from her. Her eyes went wide as he had just called her darlin in front of everyone. She understood that it was just apart of who he was, but their bands weren’t stupid. They had probbaly already blown it.

[b “I’ll send someone over to get it later. Cody can go get it, he was interested in the song we had been working on anyway.”] she said. She shot a look at Cody. This was the most awkward breakfast she’d ever had. [b “I heard the show tonight is completely sold out. Are you nervous?”] she asked before she took a bite of her waffle. [b “I know I am... then again you have years of experience on me.”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 225d 12h 22m 13s
"So thats the story ya'll are going with?" Her drummer said with a smirk, "Alright but can't hide those hickies hes got." He said pointing to Kane who was in line to eat. It had been an interesting breakfast. A mess hall was something he had never dealt with but it seemed like a breakfast buffet. Turning around and seeing her he smiled and then tried to hide it. It took everything in him not to go over to her and kiss her but it was killing him inside. He couldn't hide this attraction long.

Sitting down across from her he smiled, "You left your songbook on my bus darlin'...." He said. She really hadn't but he wanted an excuse to talk to her and play footsie with her under the table. He had a hoodie on trying to hide the hickies but it wasn't doing much good for him. He wasn't wearing his hat because he wasn't able to find it this morning so he just put up the hood.
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Raegan could hardly wipe the smile off her face as she walked out of Kane’s tour bus and into her own. She was so conflicted though. She was with another woman’s boyfriend, yet she was happy?

She shrugged the thought away as she climbed into the shower. Hair and makeup were showing up again today to get her ready, so she didn’t really have to look presentable at breakfast, Kane had already seen her at her worst. Who else did she have to impress?

Her mouth was watering as she walked into the mesh hall for breakfast. They had everything you could ever imagine. She seen her band and smiled before she went to fix her plate. She was starting with waffles and sausage, her two favorite breakfast foods. She sat down with her band and mentally groaned when they asked where she was. [b “I was writing a song and then fell asleep on Kane’s couch.”]

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  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 225d 12h 43m 9s
He nodded and held her waist lingering his lips on hers for a moment, "See you at breakfast darlin'." He said not wanting to let her go but knowing she had to get ready for breakfast and so did he. He would tell them she fell asleep song writing with him but he knew both their bands would see right through it but as long as Arianna didn't know... Arianna couldn't care... and even if she did know... Kane had more things to throw up in her face and he would fight for his daughter if it came down to it. Kingsley was his world. He had a job, income, a home... Arianna had a job and her income wasn't steady... he would win any custody battle and she would know that.

Kane was hoping it didn't come to that... he just hoped Arianna would break up with him and he would see Kingsley like he did now... but he knew that was him keeping his hopes high. He loved Kingsley... but Arianna... he had never loved her like he should have.
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