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Sai stopped kissing her after a moment and nodded softly. He paused and asked “Could I try something I read in a book? They said using your tongue is a good alternative to going all the way.”

Choji blushed a bit and did his best to explain things to her, squeezing her hand gently as he spoke.

Shikamaru hesitated. “Can we make this even better and...well...start a family, babe?”
  Sai / TheLizardWizard / 212d 17h 47m 34s
She let out a happy sigh and shivered. She hesitated for a moment and said. "Sai, i don't want to go all the way just yet.... Can I do what I did last time?"

"Why do you like me? I beat up your friend and I'm not always the nicest person...." She asked and looked up at him worriedly.

Temari kissed him and sniffled happily. "You knew the answer ahead of time though...." She said knowing him too well and touched his cheeks as she cried happily.
  Ino Yamanaka / wingedwolfy120 / 212d 17h 51m 2s
Sai kissed Hera few more times before he pinned her up against the wall. He kissed her lips slowly and soon his body reacted to her touches once more. He looked down and then smiled at her.

Choji looked over after a moment looking curious. “Is something wrong, Karui?”

Shikamaru lid the ring onto her finger then stood and kissed her lips quickly. “I love you so much, Temari...”
  Sai / TheLizardWizard / 212d 18h 4m 41s
"you're doing wonderful, Sai." She said and kissed his cheek. "Um... If you want, you can pin me to the wall?"

Karui happily walked with him and asked. "hey, Choji? Can I ask you a question?"

Temari nodded and said. "yes and then i cried because I almost hurt you." She watched him widening her eyes before he asked and nodded kissing him deeply. Tears fell down her cheeks and she sniffled. "Yes, Shika. I love you so much!"
  Ino Yamanaka / wingedwolfy120 / 212d 18h 14m 54s
Sai kissed her back as best he could and decided to explore a bit. He rubbed her arms gently then placed a hand on her back, pulling her close. “How am I doing?”

Choji nodded and began walking there with her.

Shikamaru smirked. “If I hadn’t used my shadows, you would have cracked my skull with your fan, babe.” He messed with something in his pocket for a moment then pulled out a box and knelt down. He opened it, showing a ring. “But I love you like crazy. Will you be my wife, Temari?”
  Sai / TheLizardWizard / 212d 19h 27m 11s
She nodded and smiled leading him to the bathrooms before locking the door and kissing him deeply.

"Sure." She said and smiled up at him.

"Not my fault i was on my period that week..." She whined and pouted up at him.
  Ino Yamanaka / wingedwolfy120 / 212d 19h 32m 0s
Sai nodded and squeezed her hand gently. “I’ll always help you, Beautiful. And I’ll never let anyone hurt you.” He smiled at her then headed out with her. He looked around when they arrived. “Looks like only we showed up.”

Choji nodded and looked to her. “Would you like to check it out?” he offered with a cheerful smile.

Shikamaru kissed back several times before he stepped inside and shut the door behind them. “Of course. Ignoring a text from you rarely ends well.” He grinned at her.
  Sai / TheLizardWizard / 212d 19h 37m 42s
She looked up at him and nodded. "Sure, baby." She said and kissed him softly. "I liked working with you today.... And thank you for helping me with that guy earlier."

Karui smiled at him and said." I haven't been yet. But i heard there's this special octopus or something from my land."

Temari jumped hearing the knock and excitedly opened the door kissing Shikamaru. "Hey, i missed you so much. I'm glad you got my text."
  Ino Yamanaka / wingedwolfy120 / 212d 19h 43m 0s
Sai nodded and slowly calmed his body down. He managed to fully relax before he took her hand and smiled. “Let’s go, Beautiful. I’m getting a little hungry.” He paused at the door to look at her shop. “I like your shop, Beautiful. May I work with you more?”

Choji blushed a bit as she took his hand. “Konoha has some very beautiful spots to visit. The aquarium in the modern city section has all kinds of exotic fish!”

Shikamaru soon knocked on Temari’s door and smiled. “Temari, it’s me! You here, babe?”
  Sai / TheLizardWizard / 212d 19h 56m 2s
Ino smiled and said. "Let's meet the guys for lunch."

Karui smiled softly and grabbed her wallet and hotel key. "It's okay, hon." She reassured and held his hand softly as they walked.

Temari stretched and yawned. She sighed and blinked tiredly. "Ugh.... I'm so tired...." She complained softly and sighed again.
  Ino Yamanaka / wingedwolfy120 / 213d 4h 37m 28s
Sai nodded and began putting things away in the store as well as putting his sketchbook away. He then went to her and held her hand with a soft smile.

Choji nodded and made himself calm down. "S-sorry, never...done this before." He nodded again then began to walk with her. "Do you like Konoha so far?"
  Sai / TheLizardWizard / 213d 9h 4m 8s
She nodded and said. "Let me close the store and then we can go up to my room."

Karui smiled and said. "hm... We could just go for a walk and maybe get lunch and a vase."
  Ino Yamanaka / wingedwolfy120 / 213d 9h 6m 22s
Sai kissed back after a pause and continued to play with her hair. He kept kissing though he paused when his body finally reacted to her soft kissed. "Beautiful...my body's reacting again..."

Choji nodded and smiled at her. "What would you like to do...? See a movie? Get something to eat...? Or...um..." He trailed off. In truth, Choji had never been on a date and had no clue what to do.
  Sai / TheLizardWizard / 213d 9h 11m 39s
Ino blushed slightly at his touch and kissed him softly.

Karui nodded and asked. "The blond, right?" She smiled and said. "We can hang out if you want."
  Ino Yamanaka / wingedwolfy120 / 213d 9h 15m 59s
Sai put his money away then finished a few fixes to his current sketch, which was of Ino in the outfit she wore to their first date. He closed the book then turned his focus to her. He reached up, carefully brushing her hair back and smiled at her.

Choji relaxed a little when she took the flowers and grinned happily. "Yeah, I'm free now. We were just finishing helping Ino with some deliveries." He watched her, looking happy and slowly becoming at ease with her.
  Sai / TheLizardWizard / 213d 9h 21m 45s

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