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[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Nash:]] He really did. Honestly I was such a mess when I came around, he brought me out of my shell in so many ways. *shrugs a bit* Honestly I owe him so much..]
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[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] *smiles gently*
Believe it or not, a group of horses is called a [u team]. Which I think is the perfect word for a family-not-family.

Volt huh? He take you under his wing?
[Size9 pun intended]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Nash:]] I suppose you are correct on that. I'm only super close to Volt. He's the only one who's really gotten to know, and treated me like his sister. As for the other's I'm not sure. I would like to think of them as family, but Clan sounds better. I honestly don't know what you would call a bunch of Pegasus Shifter's.]
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[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] Family doesn't have to be blood, and blood doesn't have to be family.
Tell me, who are you close to in the clan? Do you guys call yourself a clan or a family?

The nephilim call themselves an "order" but I know my sisters are my family, blood and bond.
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Nash:]] That's how Em feels about it too. *laughs softly* Family? Not really. But then again there are some people in my so called Clan I think, that I consider family. Blood related I don't.]
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[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] Not sure if Brit could handle being a middle child, she seems to like being the oldest lol

You have any family?
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Nash:]] She's the same as Em then. Sometimes I seriously wonder if they were meant to be siblings or not. *shakes head lightly*]
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[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] Brit just kinda sleeps whenever so it doesn't bend me outta shape. Gotta watch the eating though, I've never met a grown human who has the appetite of a toddler before
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Nash:]] Which I can understand altogether for sure. I know a couple of us get after Em if she doesn't sleep. Just how I was raised is all.]
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[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] Humans are fragile, they need that sleep in order to keep their bodies in tact so I can't blame them.

Oh, and why's that? Just pleasantries?
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Nash:]] I just let them come and go. Sometimes it does get pretty late, to the point Em does end up vanishing without a word as well. The pleasure is all mine by the way.]
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[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] OH okay so they might come back. I mean it's pushing 11am this timezone so should we wait or just let them roll back when they're back?

I am Lucius, nice to meet you
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Nash:]] I'm not too sure. I know the holders tend to vanish time to time. I'm Nash by the way.]
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[Font "times new roman" [i [size8 *cricket cricket*]
[b Lucius:] Nixon and Everly too? Or is it just getting late for the humans?

Oh I'm sure you're wonderful company
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Nash:]] Sorry the other two ended up having to leave for the night with their packs.. So it looks like you are stuck with little ol' me.]
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