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[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Gemma:]] It's wonderful meeting you Lucius. Anime huh? Sounds interesting.]
  pιхιeѕ / LovelyDesire- / 26d 16h 58m 27s
[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] I'm Lucius
Some anime I don't know the name
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Gemma:]] What are you watching? Also I'm Gemma..]
  pιхιeѕ / LovelyDesire- / 26d 17h 29m 51s
[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] yes because I love watching their television
  ᵗʰᵉ ⁿᵉᵖʰⁱˡⁱᵐ / nyfeli / 26d 17h 31m 48s
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Gemma:]] I guess you can say I'm trying to get used to this place, and to everyone around.. Enjoying your Thursday?]
  pιхιeѕ / LovelyDesire- / 26d 17h 41m 0s
[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] I'm good just sitting around since it's a Thursday
  ᵗʰᵉ ⁿᵉᵖʰⁱˡⁱᵐ / nyfeli / 26d 17h 42m 12s
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Gemma:]] Well hello there to you. How are you this fine morning?]
  pιхιeѕ / LovelyDesire- / 26d 17h 51m 14s
[I [font "times new roman" [b Lucius:] I'm around for a bit
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Gemma:]] *slips into the room looking around* Good morning to whomever happens to be here.]
  pιхιeѕ / LovelyDesire- / 26d 17h 53m 55s
[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] Alright guys I know it's a shame but I'm gonna kick it for the night with Lucky and watch some NCIS while Brit knocks out. I'll catch you later though!
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Nash:]] *squeels hugging the woman back* Hi sweetheart! How are you? *nuzzles her cheek gently, before looking to the male* How was the food run?]
  в&в / LovelyDesire- / 27d 6h 10m 22s
[b Nixon:] Hello to you too.

Yeah Not without Everly nagging us about what we were eating though.

[b Everly:] Hello

[b Rosie:] *yawns walking in spots Nash* NASHY! *runs over and hugs her*
  в&в / Starling- / 27d 6h 15m 9s
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" Nash:]] *looks towards the two* Welcome back to the both of you.]

[font "Nyala" *looks back towards the other* I suppose so. I mean, it's just how I am. I try and repay those that do good.]
  в&в / LovelyDesire- / 27d 6h 30m 38s
[Font "times new roman" [i [b Lucius:] Sounds better than my dinner popcorn would be fucking delightful

Welcome back guys I wondered if you'd make it

He probably doesn't see it that way, when people care for each other they don't see kindness as something that needs to be repaid.
[Size9 all wise n shit]
[size9 [i ahh had to go get the dinners]]

[b Everly:] Popcorn and canned Ravioli is not dinner.

[b Nixon:] Anywhoo we are back! Hello
  в&в / Starling- / 27d 6h 39m 49s

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