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This is a Greek Mythology RP, based on Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson, and Heroes of Olympus. Where sons and daughters of the Greek gods, are in the modern world. A thing called the Mist covers magic up, by making anything And only a few rare mortals can see past the Mist.
In this RP you will be the child of a Greek God or Goddess, and we will be trying to survive the modern-day world as demigods, trying to get to Camp-Half-Blood, a camp for greek Demigods protected from monsters.

I have a few ideas. I can do a one on one RP, I can do a group RP, or I can do both.
For the group RP, I don't really have a major plot idea, just that we need to get to the Camp, and if it is more than two people we will also need a satyr guide to help the demigods to the Camp. For every two demigods, we need one satyr. So for 5 demigods, we need 2 or 3 satyrs. If no one wants to play as a Satyr I will play that along with my demigod character
For a one on one RP, we will both be demigods, and it will basically be the same overall plot. If you have any ideas for a technical plot PM me. We will do one on one plots through PMs.

What I'm open for:
Gay characters and romance
Poly relationships

What I'm not open for:
People playing as a character Rick Riordan already made
People related to a character rick Riordan already made
People who are best friends with characters Rick Riordan made
Basically no relations with any of the already made characters
Children of the Big Three
Non-greek mythology

Reply at least once a week, so be active!
PM me your character's skelly if interested!

age: 14-18
child of what god/goddess: any but the big three
likes: at least three
dislikes: at least three
quirks: at least two
secrets: at least one
life history:
abilities: corresponds with your godly parent


name: Oliver
gender: male
sexuality: gay
age: 15
child of what god/goddess: Hermes
personality: very happy and cheerful, is a dad-like figure to anyone he decides to "adopt" When he "adopts" someone he will take them under his wing and protect them forever. He hates swear words and seems like a very innocent mind. He hides his pain under jokes, but nobody knows about his pain. Kind of a flirt too.
likes: people, cookies, and cats
dislikes: having to admit his pain, swearing, people lying, having to admit how bad the world is,
quirks: can't sit in a chair right, lots of "occasional" dad jokes
secrets: has depression
life history: is a child of Hermes, his mother died giving birth to him and he was raised by his aunt, he found out he was a half-blood when he was very young and has been going to camp half-blood since he was 6 years old.
abilities: really good at sneaking around, can pick locks, and good in fighting, can heal better than most people.

MythicalMarshmello's character:
Name: keira alanis
age: 17
sexuality: straight
mortal parent: maria alanis
godly parent: hypnos god of sleep
powers: hypnosis
appearance: messy caramel hair which is tied up loosely in a ponytail. She wears an oversized camphalfblood tshirt with shorts. She has loose bandages covering the cuts on her arms. She has a bracelet on her right wrist and a sword that sits on her left side. Both the bracelet and the hilt of the sword are decorated with crecent moons and clouds.
keira's curse: the curse causes cuts that can never be fully healed to appear on her arms when she uses her powers. Poseidon put this curse on her before she was born because he was jelous of hypnos as he won maria's heart and not himself.

sammyisbabiboi's character:
name: Derik San-hong
gender: Male
sexuality: Gay
age: 16
child of what god/goddess: Apollo
personality: Derik is a fun, jokey kind of person who is the life of the party, and is rarely serious.
likes: K-pop, food, and archery
dislikes: Sitting still, fighting, death
quirks: Really bad attention span & can be loud
secrets: He's in love with Thanatos
life history: Growing up in Kansas, America he was often bullied for being korean-american and neglected by his mom for being gay, after being found by a Satyr he lived in camp year round.
abilities: He can heal small animals

Hazelnut's character:
name: Anthea
gender: Female
sexuality: Pan
age: 16
child of what- satyr
personality: Sweet and kind. Really good at protecting people, though most don’t realise that because she’s so cute.
likes: Flowers, people, the sun, strawberries
dislikes: sad people, things that try to hurt her friends, meat
quirks: collects flowers like crazy, kisses baby sheep and goats
secrets: mother was the half blood child of Charis
life history: Anthea was abandoned by her parents with her older bother. They were found by centaurs and raised in the camp, where they’ve lived ever since
abilities: Can fight , good at tracking and finding food. Good at cheering people on and motivating.


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Roleplay Responses

"fuck you." keira hissed at the naiads following oliver and derik in her soaking wet clothes. "yeah, cuz i'd like to change now." she grumbled in a bad mood
  Keira Alanis / xXChocolatePeachXx / 11h 10m 20s
knowing naiads they probably would have drowned you for real, but I guess they were feeling gracious that day XD))

I watched as Keira went over to some girls, who were I guess pretty, but it's not I would have cared if they were. I followed Derik around, viewing the stables, the training arena, and the big house. When he was abotu to show me around the cabins, I asked, "Which cabin am I staying in? Is there, like, a guest cabin, or..."
  Oliver / RavenNightfall / 16h 35m 33s
The naiads were giggling and waving at keira to go over to them which was unusual as the naiads tended to mess around with the male campers.

keira smiled and went over to them standing at the edge of the lake "hey, i'm keira alanis." she said to them with a friendly smile.

"we know who you are." one of the naiads told her. There smiles were all replaced with glares as two of them dragged keira into the lake and held her beneath the water.

the naiads giggled as keira thrashed about and screamed underwater trying to get three.

after a thew minutes the naiads dragged keira back to the surface and threw her onto the ground. "have a nice day." the naiads said sarcasticaly.

keira sat up on the ground coughing up water.
  Keira Alanis / xXChocolatePeachXx / 23h 9m 14s
ok, your turn to write your part)) asdfghjkl;lkjhgfdsasdfghjkasdfghjklkjh
  Oliver / RavenNightfall / 1d 19h 46m 14s
((what i'm going to do wont make sense to the campers but it points to the fact that that poseidon hates keira. I plan for chiron to find out what happened and know that she is the child that hypnos spoke to him about but he waits until she has been claimed before he approaches her.
  Keira Alanis / --NutellaBabi-- / 1d 23h 46m 40s
Derik forced a smile, he studied Oliver and decided the boy was cute. “Apollo is the god of Archery, Music, Healing, Medicine, Poetry, and Prophocy.” He listed the things off with a shrug.
  sammiisbabiboi / 6d 4h 18m 48s
I smiled at him, "I'm Oliver, and, uh, who is Apollo?" I asked, knowing it was probably one of the gods or whatever, but I didn't know anything about this stuff.
  Oliver / RavenNightfall / 6d 6h 47m 10s
Keira yawned softly stretching. "i'm keira, it's nice to meet you i guess." she said spotting the naiads waving at her. She waved back at them.
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 6d 10h 53s
It's fine, don't worry about it, lol, everyone has lives))
  Oliver / RavenNightfall / 7d 22h 6m 0s
((im back, sorry ive been really busy!!

Derik layed on his bed, he wasn't in the best mood, but there were new campers, and Chiron had asked Derik to give them a tour so he got up and got ready. He walked over tot he big house, smiling at the new campers. "Hello i'm Derik, i'm a child of Apollo, and welcome to Camp Half-Blood."
  sammiisbabiboi / 8d 3h 35m 33s
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 9d 6h 2m 36s
"Is this Camp Demigod or whatever?" I asked, getting a few snickers from some kids that were maybe my age, some younger.

"Yes, this is Camp Half-Blood," Chiron said, "How much do you both know?"

I told him practically everything that Anthea told me, and Keira, and then waited for what he would say.

"Well, that sounds like all the basics," He said, his horsetail flickering, "You two need a tour though."

  Oliver / RavenNightfall / 9d 6h 5m 32s
"keira, keira alanis." keira answered, only half listening as she looked at every little thing that caught her eye.
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 9d 14h 14m 4s
I frowned, as they took her away and looked at the half-horse man in front of me.

"Is she going to be okay? I know some stuff if they don't have any doctors I can do something to help if you have the things." I asked, worried about Anthea.

"Don't worry," Chiron said, "She will be alright, we have healers here that can do a great job. But, what are your names may I ask."

"Oh," I said, "I'm Oliver."
  Oliver / RavenNightfall / 9d 19h 31m 25s
“Anthea-!” Dover and Chiron looked up, Rushing over as people looked up. Dover took the girl from Oliver, the satyr easily picking the small girl up bridal style. She cried out in pain, head falling back. Her own satyr form was easily visible, her pants gone to reveal her hooved legs. “That hurt, Dover.” She whined, Dover frowning. “Sorry, but we have to get you to the infirmary.” He walked away with her, Chiron observing the new comers.

((Take it away, boys. I’ll wait till I’m needed with anthea.
  Hazelnut / 10d 1h 53m 36s

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