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PM me to join and tell me who you want or give me all info on OC. ENJOY!
1. No bullying unless part of the rp
2. Don't be a dick unless rp as your character
3. Is someone doesn't want to rp with you don't force them or whine about it
4. If we are rping and some characters from the show aren't chosen I will multi play as them but you are free to ask to multi play them too just notify me first.
that's all for now if something happens that's bad and not in rp i will add a rule on it.

No one said the transition from college students to business owners would be easy. Especially not in Gravity Falls.

Grunkle Stan and Ford have left the Mystery Shack to Dipper and Mabel upon their graduation from college, and while running a tourist trap isn't exactly what either of the twins would consider 'putting there college degrees to good use' how could they turn it down?

It has been nine years since the twins first set foot in Gravity Falls they'd been back only a handful of times at the beginning of high school but that was still several years ago. Once they'd graduated they thought they would never see the small town again. But Dippers' always wanted to return to finish Fords work and Mabel isn't about to leave her bro just yet not to deal with all his problems -caused by there first summer- on his own.

Things are going well for the twins. The Mystery Shack is up and running. Mabel runs the shop tours , putting her fashion degree to use in her spare time designing merchandise to make a profit. Meanwhile Dipper continues his work on the Journals . Everything seems to be going well for them. Of course that is until Bill - the dream demon with an odd obsession with the Pines Family- decides to reappear and ... He wants to make a Deal.

I am looking for people to rp as:
Dipper- Me
fill this out if you want your OC in this rp or if no one is left:

Anymore info if needed of character:

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