The Wastelands of Wa 1x1

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[h3 [b [i [center Updates]]]]

[+red [i RP. changed into a 1x1]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u [+green [size30 ///]]]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u [+green [size30 ///KILLSWITCH ACTIVE]]]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u [+green [size30 ///...]]]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u [+green [size30 ///FACILITY ALPHA ACTIVE. REPORT THERE FOR TERRAFORMING OF WA]]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center The Whole World]]]]

[b [size30 A]]fter the war against the god of darkness; Remos, Wa had been almost destroyed. Remos and the previous war had tore it asunder and unleashed darkness as well as beasts. The only active city in Wa is the worlds capital in the South; Creation. The governing officials in Creation known as The Organization rules over the world for now trying to keep balance in check Most of the population was put inside a simulation for now while the rest decided to tough it out and journey onwards.

The Organization soon defected from their gods and creators and betrayed them. They would go on forth to watch the entire civilization of existence go through their lives all for a device known as The Galaxy Cube. The Gods artifact that created life itself. The Organization wanted it for themselves.

It wasn't until people from the simulation get out after many centuries. The Organization leaders only being two alive. These groups of people decide to take matters in their own hands and overthrow what's left of The Organization and disable the robotic horde in the city via the KILLSWITCH

You hear a loud siren sound in the distance. A klaxon. Large tower structures raise up each with a deep loud male voice to accompany them.

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u "ZETA FACILITY IS NOW ACTIVE"]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u [+red "ERROR...CANNOT RAISE ANYMORE FACILITIES"]]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u "LEVEL 3 CLEARANCE NEEDS TO HE REGISTERED AT ALPHA"]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u "CURRENTLY, THE ORGANIZATION IS THE PRIME GUARDIAN OF WA"]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u "CONTACTING PROCTOR HENRY..."]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u [+red "PROCTER HENRY CANNOT BE CONTACTED."]]]


The group heeded the loud robotic voice and took a short journey to ALPHA. There they went inside and marveled at its intricate design. They registered at the computer and got their IDs.

They left the facility and decided to.head out to the Wildlands of the North.

This is your story.

And many others.

[h3 [b [i [center Character Creation]]]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Appearance: ]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Talents: ]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Emigne: ]]

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[h3 [b [center [i Usermade Characters]]]

[h3 [center [b [i Emigne Chart for Races]]]]

Human: Fiery Whip *The fiery whip pulls your enemies close to you as you wrap them in molten barbs. Great for finishers or just to get the job done.*

Giant: Uproot *With Uproot Giants can literally pull trees out of the ground and can use them to crush their enemies. Don't @$%&# with nature*

Human-Dragon: Super fast speed *Make your enemies dazed and confused with this power as they try to figure out where you are before-BOOM THEY'RE DEAD.*

Vampire: Need for Bleed *With this power, any blood you suck from your enemies grants you immunity from blood thirst for 30 minutes. It does not stack, this power also makes all blood healthy and gives full blood.*.

Werewolf: Three Wolf Moon *If you are in a group with 3 or more Werewolves and howl at the same.time your attack drastically goes up as well as defense as long as you travel in a pack of 3 or more werewolves.*

Shapeshifter: Identity Theft *With this power you can take over a targeted persons looks and voice without needing to get samples of their DNA *

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