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okay so first off, This is like a human version of them. Ok so now Rules!
1. don't be a dick
2. swearing is allowed just don't spam them so if you don't like swearing please do not ask to be in the chat
3. if someone doesn't want to do a specific ship with you and you get mad, cry me a river build a bridge and get over it.
4. you can only choose characters that haven't been chosen
5. if you have a suggestion please give it to me and I might put it on here
6. don't cry about me skipping the nightmares, I don't want to include them so get over it
7. I can add an OC if you want me to but that is only if none of your preferred character is on here, p.s. mine is an oc
8. if you are going to ask to put your OC please PM me the name, the age, if they had a specific way the died, if any of the original characters are there sibling and which FNaF group they are in like mine is in the FNaF 3 group
9. PM me to claim a character or put in an OC !
10. Have Fun!
Golden Freddy-

Toy Freddy-
Toy Bonnie-
Toy Chica-
Marionette (Male)-
Marionette (female)-
Balloon Boy-

Springtrap (girl)-
Springtrap (male)-
Shadow Freddy-
Shadow Bonnie-

Circus Baby-
Funtime Foxy (female)-
Funtime Foxy (male)-
Funtime Freddy-
Nice Ennard-

Mine- *This is my own version of Springtrap*
Things about him: he hides from others, scared to come out of hiding, please don't hurt him, very fragile now. here is a bit more info on him.
Name: Vincent
Age: 7
Gender: male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Game: Five Nights At Freddy's
Occupation: helping with the animatronics and helping the nightgaurd
Bio: he is transgender, his old name was veronica, very flexible and likes to scare people with it,
Characteristics: has violet eyes, purple hair with black streaks in it, freckles are on cheeks and nose, hates when people call him shorty, is like 3'4 feet, NOT a midget, will fight and hurt you if has to,

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