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"Might have or did, lad? Looked like she couldna exactly walk properly this morning at breakfast."
  Claire / MourningGlory / 12d 4h 5m 37s
“Oh she does and I might have punished her for it.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 12d 4h 10m 50s
Murtagh chuckled and shook his head. "That wife of yours really can hold a grudge though."
  Claire / MourningGlory / 12d 4h 15m 21s
“She’s not mad at me anymore.” He said with a smile,
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 12d 4h 17m 59s
Murtagh nodded to Jamie. "Seem to be, aye. But tis a good thing."
  Claire / MourningGlory / 12d 4h 28m 58s
“Walls are like paper aren’t they...well yes I had a good night.” He said softly.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 12d 4h 37m 39s
"Because could hear the two of ye." Murtagh said and gave Jamie a pointed look.
  Claire / MourningGlory / 12d 12h 28m 1s
"Yeah Da, why wouldn't I have a good night?" He asked Murtaugh. He considered Murtaugh like a father to him.
  Jamie Fraser / polkadotrocker / 12d 13h 42m 59s
"Ye and Claire have a nice night last night, lad?" Murtagh asked as he was helping Jamie in the store room. From what he had heard the two had not been together since before Willie was born. So he was asking because he knew he would have been mad by now.
  Claire / MourningGlory / 16d 12h 24m 21s
Jamie was in the store rooms the next day with Murtaugh and Fergus was helping Claire with her herbs.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 16d 12h 28m 3s
[b "I know you do. And we love you too."] She said, kissing him.
  Claire / MourningGlory / 16d 12h 48m 41s
Jamie nodded, "I know but I had to justify it... I love all of you."
  Jamie Fraser / polkadotrocker / 16d 12h 55m 31s
[b "I wasn't going to say anything about it."] Claire said softly.
  Claire / MourningGlory / 16d 13h 3m 56s
"He deserves a littel treat every now and then." Jamie said justifying it.
  Jamie Fraser / polkadotrocker / 16d 13h 6m 49s
Sweets were always a good way to make Fergus happy. And the boy nodded, running off to the kitchens.
  Claire / MourningGlory / 16d 13h 11m 25s

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