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“We lost there are red coats scouring the field for he living, we will have to get him out quickly, your not going, the only reason red coats haven’t killed the lot of us here is that the duke of this house is friends with the king and you are healing red coats as well. Jamie is bad off.” He said and looked to the men, lQuickly follow me.” It was an hour before they managed to get him back. He wa sin and out of consciousness and it had started to snow. He had a bayonet cut down his leg that was ten inches long.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 34d 20h 48m 42s
The wounded had come to her. Or rather those who could manage to escape and walk. It was as she was stitching one of the clansmen's arm did Murtaugh come to her. She was quick to be on her feet. [b "That will be the two sitting in the corner there. And I am going with you."]
  Claire / SheDevil / 31d 17h 55m 10s
He kissed her and then he was off with Murtaugh, he would do this or die trying. Afterwards as the wounded piled up Murtaugh managed to walk in and looked for Claire. “I need your best man...Jamie is badly hurt.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 34d 21h 22m 45s
[b "Jamie..I love you.."] She whispered as she kept her hold on him for just a moment or two longer. The woman really feared she may never see her husband again.
  Claire / SheDevil / 31d 17h 55m 35s
Jamie held her, “I’m leading this so I will come back or die trying.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 35d 1h 54m 37s
Claire and Murtaugh signed as Jamie's witnesses and then Murtaugh headed out front to wait for him. Fergus gave Jamie a nod as he took the deed. "Yes, milord. I will give this to her and tell her. Though I do wish that you would let me stay."

Claire had tears in her eyes but refused to let them fall. Instead she hugged Fergus. And then she moved to Jamie, hugging him and pulling him into a deep kiss. [b "Be careful...and please for the love of god make it back.."] She whispered.
  Claire / SheDevil / 31d 18h 10m 13s
Jamie nodded, “I will try.”
The next day he made sure Claire was safe inside and signed the deed to Lallybroch, “Fergus take this to my sister, tell
Her that we will return if nothing happens to
Me, if not, Claire will find her way there with Murtaugh,”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 35d 2h 13m 2s
She didn't even want to think of what she knew history said. Of what she had told Jamie right after he saved her from being burned as a witch. [b " better come back to me and to us, James Fraser."] He would know she was agreeing to his conditions though she damn well didn't want to be.
  Claire / SheDevil / 31d 18h 10m 44s
“You will stay in Culloden house and if it happens we lose and I don’t come back, you are Claire Beecham and your husband was a redcoat and your with child. If I do come back...I’m gonna need to be hidden Sassenach....have something arranged to take us to Lallybroch no matter the shape I am in,”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 35d 2h 20m 49s
[b "You know I can take care of myself..."] Claire said softly. Her way of saying that he didn't need to be worried about her. And she kissed him back. [b "You better bloody well not send me back through the stones. I am staying. And I will do what I have been doing. Help the wounded."] She said, arms crossing as she looked at him.
  Claire / SheDevil / 31d 18h 11m 9s
“Your my wife, your all my worry.” He said before he kissed her. “I will na have you out on that field tomorrow. I have half a mind to send you back through those stones but I don’t want to lose ye.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 35d 2h 29m 3s
[b "So you know how I bloody well feel. I will stay and I will die here with you."] Of course she had to be stubborn. And she blinked again with his response as to how he'd known. [b "You actually kept track? In the middle of all of this? How? I mean while fighting this course should be the least of your worries."]
  Claire / SheDevil / 31d 18h 11m 53s
“No but you also weren’t carrying my child then, I would have burned with you!”
He said sighing. “I kept track, you haven’t had your courses in two months and I was worried about you. I’m your husband, you lay with me, you’d think I don’t keep track?”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 35d 2h 34m 14s
Brown eyes looked up at him when he spoke his words and her hands moved over her midsection. [b "I..and just how do you know that?"] She was shocked that Jamie could have possibly known. It was still early and she had not even known long herself.

[b "And I will be damned to leave you, Jamie. We started this together and that is how we will finish it. If I had been burned..would you have just left me?"] She was trying to make him understand she COULD not and WOULD not leave him.
  Claire / SheDevil / 31d 18h 12m 13s
Jamie shook his head, “Morning and we all ride to Culloden moor...I am taking you away from here and don’t you argue me Claire.” He said looking to her. “I would do anything for ye but I am going to die tomorrow on that field and your carrying the only piece left of me in this world.” He said looking to her midsection.

He had counted...two months traveling and she had been without her courses and that meant only one thing. They were having a child.
  Jack / Polkadotrocker / 35d 2h 45m 45s

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