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This time she was telling him almost immediately after she found out. And the look he gave..the being terrified broke her heart. Claire looked down and nodded. [b "I should be able just might be a little hard in the beginning"]
  Claire / MourningGlory / 178d 17h 59m 11s
“He looked so scared right then but regained himself. “We’re leaving in two weeks for the colonies, will ye be able to make the journey.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 178d 18h 9m 41s
Claire looked to him when he stopped and asked her his question. And she nodded.
  Claire / MourningGlory / 178d 18h 15m 0s
Jamie stopped, “are you with bairn?” He asked.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 178d 18h 17m 47s
Gently she kissed his cheek. [b "The two of you have been busy all day...I can handle him.."] And her hand gently moved into his and brought it to rest on her midsection.
  Claire / MourningGlory / 178d 18h 19m 13s
Jamie sighed, “You cooked, let me handle him during dinner.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 178d 18h 22m 41s
Claire shook her head when he asked if she had eaten. [b "But I will...and I just thought it would be easier for you if I had him.."]
  Claire / MourningGlory / 178d 18h 23m 8s
“Have you eaten?” He asked her, “I’ve got two hands I can hold him.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 178d 18h 27m 53s
[b "Trade you.. you eat and I'll feed him while you do."] Claire said softly as she took her seat.
  Claire / MourningGlory / 178d 18h 28m 48s
Jamie had Willie in his arms and Brianna was sitting beside him,
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 178d 18h 29m 57s
The older man only nodded. And soon they were sitting at the table and Fergus was helping Claire serve the plates.
  Claire / MourningGlory / 178d 18h 39m 32s
“A few weeks.” He muttered softly. “We have that planned.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 178d 18h 42m 13s
Murtagh gave Jamie a look when that had been said. "And when did ye want to leave for the colonies?"
  Claire / MourningGlory / 178d 18h 46m 16s
“No she had me take her only a week after.” He muttered.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 178d 18h 50m 31s
Murtagh nodded to Jamie. And then he did stop for a minute. "Last night wasn't the first the two of you had been together after William was it? Just the one we heard.."
  Claire / MourningGlory / 178d 18h 55m 26s

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