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[center [h3 Basic idea:]]

Takes place in a cyberpunk world crossed with a 1950's style of fashion. The main focus is around artificial intelligence learning to be human. Along with the neglect and abuse that comes from terrorist using the robots.

[center [h3 Rules:]]

1. Romance is to be kept pg 13.
2. No god modding.
3. Get permission to control other's characters before doing so.
4. Be realistic.
5. No realistic pictures.

[center [h3 Welcome:]]

There are no skelly's/skeletons or application required for this role play. Be free to jump on in and have fun. -Just follow the rules is all I ask.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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  MythicMallow / 74d 2h 34m 40s
"definately." jackson mumbled. He looked to the exit where the woman had left.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 106d 19h 31m 13s
I took the money, pocketed a few dollars, and took it to the back. I returned and she was gone. That guy didn't seem happy, unlike her. "That looked weird, wouldn't you agree?" I asked Jackson.
  Rick jones / Spire / 106d 19h 39m 6s
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/xYbBkAq.jpg?2]]

As he mentioned her situation, she replaced her gaze steadily into her drink. [b [i “I wasn’t supposed to be here by myself.”]] She said with sorrow. With a slight smile, [b “-Guess, I’ve been stood up.”] Looking back to the man named Jackson, she shrugged to him.

The girl nodded no to the bartender, in the intervening time Jackson had responded. Gathering her belongings, she laid a couple of dollars onto the counter. Enough to pay for her drink and the man beside her. [b “Think of it on the house.”] She said with a gesture of the hands.

[b “You can just call me, Tilda.”] The blonde said adjusting her hat with a title. It was at that moment, the women known as Tilda waved to a corner of the bar. That’s when a young man stood up from a distance table in the shadows. Stepping out into the light, the man put away a glock into his back pockets.With an unamused glare to jackson, the guy let out a huff. [b “Stay away from this one. -She’s nothing but trouble.”] The guy said warning him in a monotone voice.
Laughing at him and taking his arm. [b “I’d think everyone knows that I have way more emotion than you.”] She said cheerfully, while squeezing tightly to the guy. In an irksome mood, the man rolled his eyes as he spoke: [b “Yeah, right.”]

[b “Let’s go, already. We’ve wasted enough time here.”] He said walking off with the girl. But, waving happily while looking back; Tilda gave the brightest expression, that had been seen all night long. [b “Looking forward to seeing you again!”] She said as the doors closed behind them.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/UL8i1mN.png?2]]
  [ Tin Can ] / TheBearWhoMauls / 109d 13h 17m 25s
"just came to relax after a long working day" jackson told him.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 109d 16h 28m 42s
"What's her name?" I took Jacksons hand, not really paying attention. I snapped back to him and said,"You know what never mind, so what's your buisness here?" I asked him.
  Rick jones / spire / 109d 17h 2m 59s
"i'm jackson, nice to meet you" jackson holds out his hand.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 109d 17h 7m 36s
"Alright then," I say to him. I slip myself a drink and sit down, "I'm taking a break!" I yell at my boss. I turn to the man, "I'm rick, whats your name?" I ask him. Then I looked past him at the girl, wondering what their relationship was. Never mind, It didn't really matter.
  Rick jones / spire / 109d 17h 43m 26s
Jackson turned to the bartender with a smile. "i'm alright for now, thanks." he answered.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 109d 18h 50m 23s
The bartender, Rick, was listening to them talking when his boss yelled at him to get to work. He put down the cup he was drying and walked over to the girl and man. "Would you like some more?" he asked them. Hearing them talk about a special occasion, rick was interested. he grabbed some cups and looked at them, waiting for them to answer.
  Rick jones / spire / 109d 18h 59m 19s
Jackson laughed at her reaction. "well it is more of a guy drink." he said drinking some more. "you said you were here on a special ocasion, yes? Why were you by yourself?" he asked
  MythicalMarshmallow / 110d 1h 6m 11s
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/xYbBkAq.jpg?2]]

[b “I’m afraid this is my first time drinking.”] She said openly, while popping a cork off with a scuffle. [b “Though, I don’t usually approve of it. But, I guess tonight makes a special occasion.”] She said in a staggering motion as she poured a bottle down. [b “Cheers.”] She said with confidence, while gulping down a good amount before choking a bit. With a disgusted look, she spoke once more: [b “Flavor’s, huh?”]

[b “I couldn’t really say I would like it, after this.”] She said sticking her tongue out in yuck. Shaking it off, she continued onwards: [b “Not many girls drink you know? I think I have a good idea of why now.”]

[b “-You guys just have such terrible taste.”] Smiling a little bit, she giggled with a hand over her lips.
  [ Tin Can ] / TheBearWhoMauls / 110d 2h 50m 24s
Jason smiled at the female. "well it is if you're not used to drinking" when his drink arrived he took a thew sips before speaking again. "i mainly choose this brand as they have very unique flavours."
  MythicalMarshmallow / 110d 3h 18m 57s
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/xYbBkAq.jpg?2]] Finding a man taking a seat beside her, the lady found herself staring at the man an awe as he shouted for his drink of choice-. [b “That’s quite heavy.”] She murmured to the guy with astonish look upon her face.
  [ Tin Can ] / TheBearWhoMauls / 110d 3h 26m 37s
Jackson walked into the bar. He had auburn hair and green eyes. He sat at the counter and ordered an old mount cider.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 110d 3h 44m 22s

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