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I froze for a moment, "How? I eat humans. He human." I stared hungrily at him, hoping maybe if I distracted the person holding me I could get at him.
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 312d 23h 37m 15s
I backed up, my hand on my gun, "Yo, maybe we could solve your hunger problem amigo," I said, hoping she would calm down.
  Octane / Spire / 312d 23h 41m 46s
"But-" I started to fight the one pulling me off, "Human!" I said, and then started to punch the one holding me, "Let go!"
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 312d 23h 49m 29s
I ran over to the zombie and pulled her of, "Calm down, compadre," I said
  Octane / Spire / 312d 23h 57m 59s
ok, maybe im wearing a hat? since zombies in Minecraft can go out in the sun wearing helmets so I guess it works)
I was eyeing the AC guy for sure.
He was the most human here.
I quickly attacked him, hoping I could get a bite of his flesh, and not be so hungry anymore.
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 313d 14m 30s
"Can I come?" He said jumping, he needed to walk around, and he also was looking to find out more about her,
  Octane / Spire / 313d 20m 51s
"i'm going to hunt, and make breakfast for everyone." cora told him with a half smile.
  Keira Alanis / MythicalMarshmallow / 313d 22m 13s
Octane saw the girl get up, so he walked over to her, "What's up," He said, his legs grinding. "Ooh, i'm rusty," He said.
  Octane / Spire / 313d 37m 32s
Cora got up and began to look for something to hunt.
  Keira Alanis / MythicalMarshmallow / 313d 39m 4s
I saw that zombie girl in the woods, looking at the AC guy. "Compadre, what are you doing?" I asked her,

((I think, maybe in her humanoid form she could go out in the sun, or maybe we could do something, because it might be hard to have her under the trees the whole time.
  Octane / Spire / 313d 50m 20s
Cora was still awake exactly where she was the day before.
  Keira Alanis / MythicalMarshmallow / 313d 53m 38s
Since I never slept I had started to wander the forest and saw that the sun was rising. I couldn't go out in the sun. I needed to stay under the cover of the trees. I saw the others starting to wake up in the distance and started towards them. They were the only other people around, and I knew one of them was human enough for me to eat. I was starving. I needed some flesh.
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 313d 54m 30s
Octane woke up, his legs creaking. He stood up and took a jog, making sure his legs worked fine. He saw the others sleeping. "Wow" He said.
  Octane / Spire / 313d 57m 13s
  Keira Alanis / MythicalMarshmallow / 313d 58m 35s
Should I start at morning?

  Octane / Spire / 313d 1h 1m 2s

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