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Cora spotted him again and imediately charged towards him.
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 311d 19h 19m 24s
"I am just as confused as you, compadre." He said to the zombie.
  Octane / Nobody101 / 311d 19h 20m 9s
Jack wasn't still paying attention but still blasting MTs with his back weapon, "I shouldn't have shot that weird human with all of that ammo"
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 311d 19h 21m 14s
I looked back and forth between everyone, slightly confused.
"Where are we?" I asked, bringing back the question, "And who are ya'll? Where are the blocks? What were those things in the sky, and ground? Where is a village? I need a human. What is going on?" I rambled, still looking at everyone hoping someone had an answer.
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 311d 19h 24m 13s
"the fight is already over." cora said loud and clear. "that son of a bitch chopped my hair."
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 311d 20h 50m 1s
"Damn amigos, a fights starting," He pulled out a r-301 And began shooting.
  Octane / Nobody101 / 312d 1h 21m 10s
I stood there, very confused about what was happening. What were those things in the sky? And those moving things on the ground? And what were they doing with the lightning and stuff? There was no storm?
"I am confused," I said aloud.
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 312d 2h 27m 28s
Cora's long hair fell all around her leaving her with a messy boyish style. "we will see about that."
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 312d 3h 9m 12s
He would only be able to save one truck from getting hit the head part speaks, "AP at 50%" he would look at her, "Damn you your the one killing my task" he would boost to her only to barely miss her head but cuts off her hair with his blade lighting it on fire, "You will pay for that!!!"
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 312d 3h 20m 53s
"good for you." cora turns normal and and blasts lightning and water at the trucks.
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 312d 3h 24m 7s
"Yeah no I can hear you but by the looks of things I don't have a person I desire because you just disappeared" He speaks into the voice box blasting more MTs with his back cannon
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 312d 3h 48m 27s
Cora smiles and whispers so he can't hear "call of the siren." her eyes turn pink but for him the enchantment makes him see her as the person he desires most. "we could use your talent and skill, jack, join us and we will bring your skills to a whole new level." she says hypnotically and sweetly.
  Keira Alanis / MythicalMarshmallow / 312d 16h 21m 30s
Jack would slide in front of her and blocks her attack the blade breaks on the leg of the AC, "No what are you doing I need my pay" he would slice an MT that was sliding to him destroying it
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 312d 16h 28m 22s
I know right, LOL

  Octane / Spire / 312d 16h 29m 10s
what is going on. I thought we were in the real world?... this makes no sense...)
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 312d 16h 29m 55s

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