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He hears on his radio, "Mission failed, return back to base Raven" He would look at her, "I will be back for your life" he would then boost away
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 98d 23h 59m 16s
Cora pulls her hood up. "i hate you." she then blows up his last truck.
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 99d 1h 50m 59s
Jack would boost in the circle and continues to strike at unpredictable times finally the last strain of hair falls off in front of her nose, "Hair cut done" he drops his right arm weapon
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 99d 1h 57m 46s
i love how neither of them give a crap about me dying XD)
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 99d 1h 58m 2s
Cora's eyes began to glow as she began summoning ice javalins and hurling them towards jack.
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 99d 2h 0s
Jack would blade her hair again shaving off more hair destroying the middle, "if you care so much for your hair we can see what happens when all of it is gone"
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 99d 2h 10m 13s
i love how her hair is cut, all the sudden she has gone hulk on him because her hair is more important thn someone who might have the slightest chance of knowing why she is in earth than her game XD)
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 99d 2h 22m 5s
"no i don't but i will make you pay." cora hissed getting ready.
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 99d 2h 28m 26s
he was dodging them as best as it could the headpiece would monitor the damage as it did, "AP at 25%" Jack would start circling her, "you know what this is right"
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 99d 2h 32m 43s
Cora was throwing lightning bolts in his direction. "i am going to kill you!"
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 99d 2h 34m 57s
Jacks AC would be moving just as fast by boosting and fires an energy shot hitting the Zombie and incinerating the body, "Oops I missed you"
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 99d 2h 38m 24s

Cora started using her inhuman super speed. "you destroyed my hair!!!" she screamed.
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 99d 2h 40m 22s
I stood confused but I saw someone start to go towards the human in a threatening manner so I immediately joined and attacked the human thinking we were attacking him for the food. I was hungry anyways.

  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 99d 2h 40m 52s
"Why are we fighting, I thought we were friends." He said, confused about why they were fighting.
  Octane / Nobody101 / 99d 2h 44m 54s
Jack would turn and then boost away from her he was moving too fast for her, "Don't make me kill you" he shoots an MT into two parts with his energy weapon on his back
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 99d 2h 46m 51s

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