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  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 309d 19h 8m 23s
((Exactly, I mean, bunch of tanks attacked us, from his game, where there not supposed to be, and then they are all like, you did this shit, you did this shit, and nothings happening. We could try and save it but I doubt it would work.
  Octane / Nobody101 / 309d 19h 13m 40s
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 309d 19h 15m 6s
Yeah, I think this died so, yeah.
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  Octane / Nobody101 / 309d 19h 20m 31s
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 311d 13h 25m 48s
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  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 311d 13h 27m 39s
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 311d 13h 31m 33s
((I am being honest, the stats don't matter, I mean, you can have a Ac but the tanks and shit, that's not what would happen IRL
  Octane / Nobody101 / 311d 13h 57m 36s
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 311d 13h 59m 11s
((I know, but read the def. They are in the real world were they are video games. They can't bring there missions in. All of us have acted like we have been taken from our games, you should too.
  Octane / Nobody101 / 311d 13h 59m 45s
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 311d 14h 2m 40s
((Yeah, we are supposed to be tranported from games to reality, your missions are not a thing here. If it was games then I would be fighting legends and we would be in minecraft. This is for us to bring the characters here, not the whole game.
  Octane / Nobody101 / 311d 16h 17m 44s
but... we are on earth now. Not a video game....)
  (Kali) Celeste Light / RavenNightfall / 311d 16h 45m 24s
  Armored core fandom / Alfa279escaped / 311d 17h 17m 51s
I thought this was earth?....)
  (Kali) Celeste Light / RavenNightfall / 311d 17h 19m 51s

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