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"my name is cora starfire." cora said walking up to the zombie. "i come from the royal guard of the moonlight kingdom. Who are you?"
  Keira Alanis / KittyCutGirl / 304d 19h 49m 37s
I growled.
"Who are you?" I asked them both. I tried to ignore the slight pull I had to one of them. They were human. At least, human enough for me to want to attack them and eat them anyway. But I ignored that, I needed to figure out what was going on and where I was before I ate anyone.
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 304d 20h 36m 7s
"what the heck!?" cora said turning around to take in her surroundings, noticing a thew other people. "this isn't the moonlight kingdom."
  Keira Alanis / KittyCutGirl / 304d 23h 6m 24s
"Who's this dude?" He asked, confused. He was no longer fighting the other legends and was near a couple of people.
  Octane / Nobody101 / 304d 23h 13m 16s

one second cora was a speed demon mowing down anyone who tried to attack her queen. Then suddenly there was no war around her she was now in a clearing slashing at thin air with her lightning ice blade.
  Keira Alanis / KittyCutGirl / 305d 6h 54m 45s
Same. :/
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 305d 13h 41m 40s
A bit, I was waiting for the others to post But they have not.
  Octane / Nobody101 / 305d 13h 48m 12s
well this died
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 305d 14h 2m 12s
call me raven)
I growled as I reappeared in an environment I wasn't used to. It was night-time, but there were no skeletons, spiders, or fellow zombies around like normal. Instead, there were... Nothing? The dirt road wasn't blocks either. The trees looked realistic, and not made of blocks. Well, nothing but a few people.
I turned around, slightly limping on my leg, "What's going on?" I growled at one of them. I was slightly surprised I wasn't drawn to them, to attack. They looked human-like, so usually, I would be drawn towards them, to attack, and eat.
  Lily Cowley / RavenNightfall / 308d 14h 25m 20s
Its a thing between me and ravennightfall, a thread,
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  Octane / Nobody101 / 308d 23h 27m 31s
  Keira Alanis / LittleHermit / 309d 8h 31m 57s
((I was pming the alfa dude, telling him to chill a bit with the tanks and I don't know if he was cool with it. I am going to start and then lets wait for the others, also I made the Taken, btw

I was running, my mechanical legs hitting the ground and grinding, bending and jumping back up. I suddenly noticed the people were gone, and so was the Ice. "Where am I?" He wondered out loud.
  Octane / Nobody101 / 309d 12h 37m 27s
I am okay with starting over. I enjoy this concept so I'm up for anything if I get to RP it, lol.
  (Kali) Celeste Light / RavenNightfall / 309d 12h 41m 8s
We could start over?
I will ask alfa if he is still going to, but if he is not then we can continue if you guys want.
  Octane / Nobody101 / 309d 14h 58m 6s

  (Kali) Celeste Light / RavenNightfall / 309d 16h 38m 9s

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