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"Well good luck trying." a voice said in the shadows
  VincentGirl / 102d 18m 7s
"I have no Idea amigo..." Octane just realized she wasn't human. He started to back away, his legs creaking slightly, "You know what, I will find my way back," He said to her.
  Octane / Spire / 102d 25m 37s
I growled as I reappeared in an environment I wasn't used to. It was night-time, but there were no skeletons, spiders, or fellow zombies around like normal. Instead, there were... Nothing? The dirt road wasn't blocks either. The trees looked realistic, and not made of blocks.
I turned around, slightly limping on my leg, "Where am I?" I growled.
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 102d 7h 42m 30s
Octane was flying through the sky, landing on the ground, his mechanical legs bending and grinding, "That was louco, my amigo!" He said through his mask to the person next to him, suddenly realizing he was no longer on the island. "Where are we,"He said to the person.
  Octane / spire / 103d 34m 42s

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