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From alternate dimensions, some people are taken to earth, where they are just characters in games. Forced to hide and survive among a world that thinks of them as fiction, what will you do?

No ditching
No one liners. A paragraph at least.
Wait until at least three other people post to post unless there is less then four people.

If you would like to do a 1x1 with the same plot, and possibly different characters, I am totally open to that. Or different plot.

Pm me a skelly of your character. Has to be a real Movie/show,video game Character. no OC's Unless they are cannon. I would prefer it if the stories were well known but It is ok if they are a bit unknown, Btw, I will check to see if the game is real, Unless you specify it as an OC.
Half my Rp's stopped so I'm bored. Two chances and your done. You NEED the skelly or that will be a chance. On my last Rp, people were requesting to join without the skelly I asked for.
Here's the skelly



Name: Octavio Silva/Octane
Title/nickname: Robotic High speed daredevil.
Game: Apex Battle royale
Powers/Abilities: Has robotic legs. Also has something called stim, which he injects in himself, which increases his speed speed by 30 percent for 6 seconds. He is weakened a bit by this.
Occupation: Apex Legend
Bio: Brazilian or Portuguese, he is a heck of a daredevil. In an attempt to make a record for the gauntlet, he used a grenade to get across the finish, blowing up his legs in the process. He now has robotic legs and a slow patience.

ravennightfalls character

Name: Lexi Harlest
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual
Game: Minecraft
Powers/abilities: Can do everything a human does, but can't die. She will only revive somewhere else the next night, or if it is night will revive then, just somewhere else. She can also break off limbs, and not feel pain.
Occupation: Zombie blacksmith
Bio: Attacked by a zombie when she was 17 years old, Lexi was a blacksmith in a village. Since then, well, she's been a normal Minecraft Zombie.


Name: Aaron Anderson
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Game: minecraft story mode 2
Powers/abilities: super strength and teleportation
Occupation: none
Bio: a werewolf, good, won't attack unless you do first, can control powers sometimes, kinda emo, shy, socially awkward, and an orphan
Likes: being alone, scary stuff, disney, and insects
Dislikes: cutesy things, being pressured, disney It's a Small World ride, being forced into dressing like a girly girl, and having freckles


Name: Cora Starfire
age: 17
sexuality: bisexual
game: Seven Realms book series.
powers: left side = lightning, right side = waterice
ocupation: talented mage who got recruited as a royal guard in the moonlight kingdom at the age of 15 you're usually only allowed if your over 18.
bio: cora's family was killed when she was only 8 years old, she only survived thanks to her power. She was taken into an orphanage where they train children with powers to either become healers or warriors. When she was 15 the leader of the royal guard came to recruit some over 18 but when they realised cora was better than everyone there, they took her instead. Cora has been a member of the royal guard for 2 years, they are like her second family


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Well, I don't know what the ES means, but congratulations! I'm so happy for you! How long have ya'll been together?))
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 314d 14h 27m 22s
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I swear, if I was a cat, I would have died at birth.. im too curious XD what is it, lol))
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*jeopardy music starts playing in the background* asdfghjkjhgf also, good luck that sounds like freaking fun tbh)))
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I PMed him a while back, because it seemed like he ditched some of our RPs, but he's just really busy, so he doesn't have time for them. :p))
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ok, so, like i think this died do you think I can remove it from my RPs? :p))
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 318d 8h 25m 44s
"agreed." cora said in her strange accent. "we do need to find some answers." she continued making sure she didn't get too close to the zombie.
  Keira Alanis / OceanBreeze / 328d 23h 45m 33s
"Amazing," I said, "I was metal worker, a blacksmith before I died."

I shook my head, "Before I ask anything else, and get distracted, we need to figure out where we are,"
  Lexi Harlest / RavenNightfall / 330d 15h 58m 35s

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