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A marvel roleplay, based before infinity war and endgame.


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  Mythicalmarshmallow / 11d 13h 1m 55s
Chance gives off a shrug but secretly he was hiding his sudden terror. He turns to the door immediately, “g-good idea. Have fun!”
He runs right out of the room without another word.
  Chance Lilster / Fayklore / 11d 15h 26m 41s
Chris' eyes turn icy blue, as does her hair. "it's time for you to leave" she wrote
  MythicalMarshmallow / 11d 15h 42m 46s
Chance copies Chris’s cold look as to tease.
“So what?”
  Chance Lilster / Fayklore / 11d 16h 14m 55s
"is that so?" chris wrote, she had a cold look in her eyes.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 11d 16h 17m 34s
“Don’t call luck an ability, that’s stupid.”
Chance then raises his arms and brings them behind him in a stretch, “besides, I do know why I’m here. I snuck inside to get a look. Can’t blame me when one of the doors was coincidentally left unlocked for someone to enter at their own free will.”
  Chance Lilster / Fayklore / 11d 16h 36m 44s
"they should be here soon, loki insisted there be a party." chris writes. She looks at chance curiously. "you said you don't know why your here, maybe you have an ability you don't know about." she writes
  MythicalMarshmallow / 11d 16h 54m 31s
Chance just stands up and rubs his hand through his hair,
“ well do you know where the others are right now?”
  Chance Lilster / Fayklore / 11d 18h 1m 47s
"no i wasn't, they were arguing about what they were going to do for hours while i stood there." she wrote practicaly shoving the wipeboard in his face with annoyance.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 11d 18h 4m 51s
Chance just rests back as he lazily sits there staring at the roof.
“Geez you were allowed in so easily, I’m jealous.”
  Chance Lilster / Fayklore / 11d 18h 9m 52s
"i mean they can't products of illegal experiments run about" she writes with a shrug. "it was be imprisoned or become an avenger."
  MythicalMarshmallow / 11d 19h 3m 19s
Chance's eyes and mouth widen and gape at your words as he just stares at Chris and tries talking but nothing comes out.
  Chance Lilster / Fayklore / 11d 20h 39m 37s
Chris nodded as she wrote "i'm an official avenger now, i'm partners with peter parker."
  MythicalMarshmallow / 13d 1h 54m 47s
Chance raised an eyebrow, eyeing the girl and her bag as he then stared around the room, "You're here often? This is my first time, and honestly I shouldn't be here I think. It doesn't matter~"
  Chance Lilster / Fayklore / 13d 2h 1m 25s
Chris rolled her eyes writing "i don't know why you are here but i come here when i don't have school. I have to go to stark tower later.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 13d 2h 2m 58s

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