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Hello everyone I am in the mood for some Family Based Roleplays so if you think you would be interested PM this account with the title 'Ello Sweetheart' along with one of the pairings listed below and we'll discuss plots thanks.

[h3 Family Pairings {No Incest/Sexual Themes}]
~Father taking care of his daughter aged between 2 and 5
~Childcare Teacher looking after little one while parents are away
~Orphaned girl with mental problems finally getting adopted

[h3 Incest Parings {All 18+ Activity will be timeskipped}]
~Single Stepfather falls for his 17 year old Stepdaughter after wife dies
~Twins just twins {plots will be discussed}
~StepSiblings left alone while parents are away on honeymoon
~Elder Brother {18-21} gains feelings for Little Sister {13-17} after parents die and he takes her in.

[h3 Small Groups]
~Foster Family for children who were almost killed by their guardians.
~Group of pregnant high schoolers kidnapped and abandoned on a small island after refusing to get abortions.

[center Thanks for looking hope to hear from someone soon]


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