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Hey- You can play any of the Sans or Papyrus AU' or as your own Sans or Paps OC. I'll be playing as my Sans OC named Jason. This takes place in any AU but mainly in the Anti-Void. If you have any questions PM me!


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*starts to blush a little cuz this is the first time i have been invited to a party* "cant spell XD"
  Godofanimeroleplay / 12d 16h 11m 58s
gets up and brushes the bust of my shorts* o-ok *sighs*
  Godofanimeroleplay / 12d 18h 29m 20s
Jason smiles and he lazily lays on the couch. No one had shown up yet. He was nearly asleep.
  JasonSans / 13d 14h 25m 42s

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