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Sun wukong pulled it up, watching the exchange. He pulled out another apple, rolling it in front of piggy so he would trip on it. He knew it wouldn’t hurt him, just shake a few trees. That always amused him.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 6h 16m 23s
She laughed at him and leaned forward pulling it over his eyes playfully. She looked at pigsy and asked. "Do you have any bowls i can serve this in?"

Pigsy nodded and stood going over to the dragon transformed horse. He grabbed the bowls and spoons and waddled back over giving them to her.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 6h 28m 19s
Sun wukong flicked his staff, a gust of wind blowing the scarf into his hands. He wrapped it around his head, making silly faces as he grinned.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 6h 31m 54s
She stuck her tongue out at Sun and smiled. "Maybe you can wear it then, Monkey butt."
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 6h 36m 0s
Sun nodded, deeming the area safe as he took a seat next to xuanzang, fiddling with his staff. “I like the scarf better.” He laughed, faking his cruel insult. “Sun wukong.” Xuanzang scolded quietly, sun sticking his tongue out at him.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 6h 40m 46s
She watched Sun curiously and washed the plants she had gathered. She hummed softly and smiled when the other two came back. She took the headscarf off and set it on top of her things before digging the small pot out. She hummed softly as she made a mushroom stew and blushed slightly at the compliments from pigsy and Sandy.

"Wow, you're pretty!!!" Pigsy said and smiled trying his best to be charming.

"You have a lovely singing voice as well." Sandy said and smiled genuinely.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 7h 1m 33s
Xuanzang sat down on the ground, crossing his legs as he closed his eyes, listening to the sounds of the forest. Sun wukong bounced around, pretending to be looking at things, but he was really patrolling the area. Xuanzang was his top priority. He would not let this woman’s decision have him imprisoned again in case something happened.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 7h 10m 42s
She smiled and led the way. Some things had changed in the last thirteen years but not by much. She easily found edible plants and mushrooms along the way and easily found the river. She looked at Sandy and pigsy and asked. "Could you boys find some firewood for me?"

Pigsy nodded and took Sandy with him to go off to find firewood.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 10h 23m 46s
Sun ducked, swinging off and onto the ground. “Fine. Just because I like soup.” He grinned, pigsy perking up. “We should definitely go to the river then.” He nodded, xuanzang rolling his eyes. “We should go now, then. It is dangerous to sit in one place.”
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 10h 44m 34s
"good point, Monkey butt, however the river will provide us with a source of water i can cook." She said and grinned at him playfully. "besides there should be trees nearby anyway." She caught a pine cone and threw it back.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 10h 51m 45s
Sun shook his head. “Rivers are dangerous. We should camp in the trees.” He flew up, laughing as he looked down at them. “Animals can’t get to you from up here. But on the ground.” He picked up some pine cones, tossing them at the company as he continued to laugh.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 11h 5m 19s
Lanfen nodded and said. "You're welcome." She nudged Sun playfully and said. "We should probably make camp soon, let your friend rest up from puking his guts out... I'm assuming all day."

Pigsy blushed slightly and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

Sandy blinked and looked at her. "But where should we camp at?"

Lanfen looked at him and then listened to their surroundings. "There should be a river nearby..."
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 11h 7m 44s
Xuanzang was surprised at the girls actions, and sun wukong laughed at pigsy, pointing at him. “Looks like you have a new mommy, Pigsy!” He doubled over as he continued laughing, Xuanzang shaking his head in annoyance. “Thank you, lanfen. It is important my company is up to health.” He glared at sun, who stood straight, no longer laughing, but still grinning.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 11h 36m 5s
"we fell behind because brother pigsy got hungry and was eating these strange mushrooms and got very sick." Sandy explained and threw him a look.

Pigsy pouted and said awkwardly catching the apple. "not my fault they were poisonous."

Lanfen smiled and blinked looking at the pig faced male. "let me guess, they were red with yellow and white spots all over?" She asked and her eye twitched slightly when he nodded. She sighed and handed him an herb. "Eat this.... And don't touch any mushrooms like that." She fussed at him and sighed.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 14h 20m 47s
Xuanzang rolled his eyes, staring at them. “What happened to you two. We encountered a demon.” Sun giggled quietly. “Ok, we arn’t alone.” He said, Tossing an apple at the pig faced male.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 14h 29m 15s

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