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Lanfen smiled watching him and pet the dragon horse gently. She laughed slightly when it began to nuzzle her a little bit and said. "You remind me of my friend... But I'm sure he's back in his home by now."
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 10d 18h 9m 28s
Xuanzang rubbed his eyes, elegantly getting out of bed. He was silent, still tired, but whatever. Sun rolled up his sleeping blanket, tossing it at sandy with a smile. “Let’s go!” He bounced around the camp, eager to get moving.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 10d 18h 41m 6s
Lanfen slept soundly through the night despite being cold and blinked awake when the sun rose. She carefully got out of her tree and smiled at everyone. "Good morning." She said cheerfully and grabbed her things.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 5h 3m 38s
Sun went back to camp, silently watching everything. He occasionally glanced at lanfen but trained his eyes on the ground. The sun slowly came up and he tossed a pine cone at sandy and pigsy. “Wake up!”
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 5h 23m 52s
She carefully braided her hair and got out of the river getting dressed quickly. She went back to the campsite and carefully climbed a tree finding a sturdy branch before settling down and falling asleep after a few moments.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 5h 27m 38s
Sun wukong glanced back at her, making sure no one was on the other side of the river, when he saw her scars. He couldn’t help but stare at them for a while in confusion before he tore his gaze away, turning back around. He had never seen a woman besides demons with scars. He wondered how she got them.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 5h 32m 53s
She hummed quietly and kept an eye on her surroundings. She moved her hair away from her back revealing the scars and washed the dirt and grime from the long raven locks.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 5h 50m 20s
Sun wukong patrolled the area, coming back to the camp site. He didn’t see lanfen and narrowed his eyes, checking on xuanzang before running off to find her. He reached the river, peeking out behind a tree. As soon as he saw lanfens naked figure, he blushed, quickly turning around. He silently hopped in a tree, staying quiet as he looked around, making sure no one interrupted her.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 5h 53m 36s

Lanfen watched him leave and waited for the others to go to sleep after washing the dishes. Once she was sure they were asleep and no one was watching, she found a secluded and well covered spot along the river and undressed going into the water to bathe.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 5h 56m 46s
((I like that sun is trying to hide any sort of crush he might have by being mean to her.

“We should rest. The sooner we are up and moving, the better.” Xuanzang spoke, sun nodding. He went over to the supplies, getting out the sleeping equipment. He tossed it to sandy, grinning. “You guys set up. I’ll patrol.” He took off before anyone could sat anything, jumping from tree to tree.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 6h 10m 21s
She made a face and said. "You're right. If i had more, it would've been a lot better." She watched him and smiled.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 6h 19m 52s
He waved a hand. “Could be better.” He grinned, jumping out of the tree and onto the ground just to try and annoy her. Xuanzang sent him a look, rolling his eyes before going back to his food.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 6h 25m 51s
She made sure the other three were eating and carefully climbed up to Sun, with some difficulty. She smiled at him and asked. "How do you like it?"
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 6h 27m 23s
Sun laughed. “You’re just so easy to trick!” He picked up the apple, eating it as he grabbed the first bowl, flying onto a branch before anyone could protest. He began drinking the stew, enjoying it. Lanfen could cook. He didn’t eat nice meals like this often, usually settling for some bread or anything he could steal.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 11d 6h 34m 38s
Pigsy huffed after he fell and whined at him. "Brother monkey, must you always play tricks on me?"

Lanfen almost rolled her eyes and served up the stew. She peeked at Sun and watched him before looking up at the sky.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 6h 36m 52s

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