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Lanfen looked up at Sun slightly and smiled at him. "Do we need any supplies?"
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 5d 10h 36m 52s
Soon, the trees cleared, a small village appearing. Sun jumped down, walking near xuanzang and lanfen. “I wonder what food they have here.” He grinned, looking over at pigsy. Despite his attitude, he was on high alert.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 5d 11h 8m 22s
She nodded and smiled. She walked with them and looked at Sun.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 7h 32m 54s
Xuanzang nodded slowly, sun wukong shifting. “We should keep going. We’re almost there.” He could smell food, the man waving his staff so that the others could too.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 7d 7h 37m 51s
"being in the garden so long, I've learned a few things about animals... Plus when i was five, i was bitten by a snake like this." She said and smiled at him. "if it had bitten you, you'd have been done for a few weeks." She pet the snake's head gently and stepped back. "she just needed some help getting across our path."
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 7h 44m 15s
Sun wukong watched her, xuanzang walking up curiously. “Lanfen, how were you able to do that? Any snake would bite a person.” He watched the snake slither away, sun jumping into a different tree. He wasn’t a fan of snakes.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 7d 8h 4m 39s
She nodded and smiled. She hummed as she walked with them peeking at Sun slightly and looked at their surroundings happily. She paused noticing a snake in Xuanzang's path and quickly scooped it up. "Here you go, little one." She cooed gently at the snake letting it slither off her arm and onto a tree branch.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 8d 8h 40m 53s
Sun looked down at her, slightly surprised. Xuanzang took in her words, curious. This girl was interesting. She didn’t get upset by sun like most people would. “We should go.” He spoke, sun jumping down. “The nearest village is around an hours trip.” He informed, digging through the food bag. He grabbed the last apple, munching on it.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 8d 9h 33m 45s
Lanfen finished getting ready and looked up at Sun. She watched him curiously and smiled softly.

Pigsy pouted and looked at Lanfen. "Don't pay mind to brother monkey much, he just lieks playing tricks."

Lanfen tore her gaze away from the monkey king and looked at pigsy. "I don't mind his tricks. I know he's trying to make others laugh.... Most of the time anyway." She said and smiled. "He lives in the present, and now that I'm free from that demon, i want to learn to live that way."
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 9d 11h 3m 57s
“What?” Sun felt his cheeks before throwing another apple at pigsy. “Behave yourselves. It is time to continue our journey. We should only be a few hours from the next village.” Xuanzang spoke, standing. Sun glared at pigsy before nodding, jumping into a tree to wait for them.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 9d 11h 12m 4s
She smiled at him and watched him. She stood and walked back.

Pigsy looked at Sun and asked worriedly. "Why is your face all red like a baboon, brother monkey?"

Sandy paused adjusting the saddle bags and looked over with a tilted head.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 9d 11h 15m 1s
Sun stared up at her, blushing softly. Pigsy snorted, pulling sun to his senses. He carefully untangled their legs and slid out from under the girl. “Demons are attracted to me.” He hummed, grinning. He flew back to camp, forcing the girl to walk on her own.

((Ooooohhhh it’s starting~
  Willow / Hazelnut / 9d 11h 19m 10s
She squeaked and laughed looking down at him. She watched him and smiled. "Somehow i don't mind...." She whispered and slowly sat up blushing. "it'd keep the demons away." She said making a lame excuse and noticed her legs were a little tangled with his.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 9d 11h 21m 48s
Sun tackled the girl, twisting so that when they hit the ground, his back was against it, lanfen on his chest. “Now who smells like wet monkey?~” he giggled. Xuanzang watched with careful eyes, ideas forming in his head.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 9d 11h 25m 23s
She squealed and ran away laughing. She grinned and looked over her shoulder to see if he was really chasing her.
  Lanfen / wingedwolfy120 / 9d 11h 27m 35s

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