Mysterious Travels in the Underground

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[center [font "Georgia" [i The tides have changed.]]]
[center [font "Georgia" [i The underground is lively.]]]
[Center [font "Georgia" [i The upside is dull.]]]
[center [font "Georgia" [i The time has come to see the two collide. If only for a moment. ]]]


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[size12 [font "georgia" Julius kicked a trash can annoyed. He was a normal guy who liked cute things. There was nothing wrong with that. But there he was, being ostracized by his family for being too "effeminate" whatever that meant. He was a normal guy or at least to his standards but it doesn't matter to his family. It never mattered to his family. Some guys wore leather and some guys wore plaid. He wore stickers and pink! Pink isn't less manly, it just wasn't! And his stickers weren't girly, they were perfect enough for him. [#69f74a "Damn it. I'll never be enough for them!"] He sniffed in annoyance and in sorrow. He was so saddened but at the same time, he knew his parents would never understand. Would never not hold him to the standards of his brother. He took a shuttered breath and breathed deeply to control his emotions. He kicked the trashcan again before just breaking down and falling to his knees beside the kicked can. He crumpled against the can and just cried. There was a part of him that wanted to throw away all the pokemon, the stickers, the bears, and the chain on his phone, everything. But he wouldn't. They made him happy.]]

[font "georgia" [size12 It took hours for him to compose himself and end his sobbing. He took long deep breathes to calm himself, and finally decided to stand up, on shaking legs. He cleared his throat and began to move to the bus station to go home. At least he lived alone, with all his babies. At least they would comfort him in his time of need. His family would never understand. He realised that, and it was okay. Walking to the station he continued to breath deep and gather himself. He pulled his phone out and looked upon the picture of his and his brother dressed in pink when he was child. That's right, his family would never understand. He sighed and kept moving. Finally reaching the station he took a seat and waited patiently for the bus to come. He wiped his eyes and popped his headphones into his ears. There was a happy peppy song that played and he used that to spring up his mood. Humming to the music happily, he let his worries wash away or at least, put them in the back of his mind. When the bus appeared he pulled out his bus pass and hopped on. Taking that ride he absentmindedly looked out of the window, watching the scenery pass by. While he looked something sparked his attention. He didn't remember seeing that building before. [i [#69f74a Fuck am I on the wrong bus???]] his mind raced as more and more of the scenery became unfamiliar. He made the decision to get off the bus at the closest stop and pulled the line to signal the stop of the bus. Once the bus stopped he walked up to the driver [#69f74a "Excuse me you happen to know when the return bus is coming?"] The driver gave him a once over and shrugged. He offered offhandedly that the next bus will come whenever it did and rushed Julius off. Julius getting the hint gave the guy a not so nice finger and grumbled off the bus.]]

[font "georgia" [size12 Walking back the way the bus came was going to take forever. He looked back at his phone to see if he had any signal to call a taxi or get an uber but he had no signal. [#69f74a "Typical..."] He sighed. Just turning up his headphones he continued his trek back to wherever the bus came from. Again, luck seemed to be not on his side because the sky seemed to open up and want to rain on his already shitty parade. Julius wanted to scream but instead he just ran to find some sort of shelter. He ran a bit further until he found an abandoned building. The rain was coming down harder and taking his chances he went ran over to the door and prayed that it would open. When it did, he was let out a happy grunt because at least he was lucky some how. When he entered the building he was surprised to be greeted by a large foyer that was old, but still beautiful. A grand staircase sat in front of him and he knew that he'd just wait it out there. Taking off his pink bomber jacket, he placed it on the staircase railing to hang to dry. He then followed with taking off his shirt. His little semi permanent tattoos were luckily holding up against the rain. [#69f74a "Don't worry little snorlax and pikachus. Daddy will protect you until you go away."] He leaned back against the stairs and sighed. Maybe he'd dose for a little bit. He deserved a nap. ]]
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[h3 the beginning]
[Kodchasan Fane woke up a bit later then head expected, in fact he knew he was late and well at that point he wasn't that worry about it. His life was just that boring same old same old. Nothing every had happen in the underground in fact living there your whole life you think you be happy, your life fill with wonder. You'd find more things interesting but in fact he found himself bored and tired of his day to day life. Every to him was the same and maybe that's was why he found he craved something more. There had to be more than what he lived him picky monsters annoying demons hateful and spiteful vampires.

Fane sighed rolling out of his bed and landing on a pile of soft squish plush toys. [ "I guess I should get up... Right..."] He eyes connected with one of the plushies. [#ff8295 "Look at me I'm talking to a bear because I HAVE NO SOCIAL LIFE...."] Fane began too fail just a bit before getting up.

Being a pastels or cherry blossom vampire made Fane less desirable in the vampire world and that meant less friends and less interactions overall. Though Fane had came to terms with it as such a young age he began collection stuff plushies as a weird replacement. Fane of course knew it was an odd hobby but in collection he made a friend named Alice she like he was also was a bit odd. She would always rant about a rabbit and a smiling cat but Alice herself was a odd monster if he were to be honest. She spoke of things called humans and a over world. Of course Fane never really believed her but it would be nice if there was something other then the same old same old.

Fane sighed and got dress before heading out to do his daily run of things. First the store and then to class after which he found himself wondering around and staring at the sky and not before long he stumble upon a place he had never been before. At first glance it had reminded him a of a stair case but the longer he stared at it the more he felt like it wasn't and ordinary staircase. Of course the gate and the chains were and obvious tell that something was up but for some reason the old chains had been broken and the gate opened.

Fane glanced around the area before looking back at the open gate. It couldn't hurt to look.. could it? Fane way his way over quickly and quietly slipping through the gate and up the stairs into a weird chamber. Here is where the weird signs came into play some in languages he didn't understand and others in the normal dialect. One in particular stood out to him the letters where letters that Alice had once taught him. She called it human tongue which of course he humored her and let her teach him though he never thought he would ever use it.

[#ff8295 "Keep out... Well that's not nice.."] Fane sighed walking pass the signs into a room and there he found something oddly interesting. Another sign in front of another pair of stairs leading up. Though it said something he thought he would never read. Human world this way. Fane was slightly beside himself Alice crazy stories weren't just stories but actual fact.
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