Mysterious Travels in the Underground

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[center [font "Georgia" [i The tides have changed.]]]
[center [font "Georgia" [i The underground is lively.]]]
[Center [font "Georgia" [i The upside is dull.]]]
[center [font "Georgia" [i The time has come to see the two collide. If only for a moment. ]]]


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[h3 the beginning]
[Kodchasan Fane woke up a bit later then head expected, in fact he knew he was late and well at that point he wasn't that worry about it. His life was just that boring same old same old. Nothing every had happen in the underground in fact living there your whole life you think you be happy, your life fill with wonder. You'd find more things interesting but in fact he found himself bored and tired of his day to day life. Every to him was the same and maybe that's was why he found he craved something more. There had to be more than what he lived him picky monsters annoying demons hateful and spiteful vampires.

Fane sighed rolling out of his bed and landing on a pile of soft squish plush toys. [ "I guess I should get up... Right..."] He eyes connected with one of the plushies. [#ff8295 "Look at me I'm talking to a bear because I HAVE NO SOCIAL LIFE...."] Fane began too fail just a bit before getting up.

Being a pastels or cherry blossom vampire made Fane less desirable in the vampire world and that meant less friends and less interactions overall. Though Fane had came to terms with it as such a young age he began collection stuff plushies as a weird replacement. Fane of course knew it was an odd hobby but in collection he made a friend named Alice she like he was also was a bit odd. She would always rant about a rabbit and a smiling cat but Alice herself was a odd monster if he were to be honest. She spoke of things called humans and a over world. Of course Fane never really believed her but it would be nice if there was something other then the same old same old.

Fane sighed and got dress before heading out to do his daily run of things. First the store and then to class after which he found himself wondering around and staring at the sky and not before long he stumble upon a place he had never been before. At first glance it had reminded him a of a stair case but the longer he stared at it the more he felt like it wasn't and ordinary staircase. Of course the gate and the chains were and obvious tell that something was up but for some reason the old chains had been broken and the gate opened.

Fane glanced around the area before looking back at the open gate. It couldn't hurt to look.. could it? Fane way his way over quickly and quietly slipping through the gate and up the stairs into a weird chamber. Here is where the weird signs came into play some in languages he didn't understand and others in the normal dialect. One in particular stood out to him the letters where letters that Alice had once taught him. She called it human tongue which of course he humored her and let her teach him though he never thought he would ever use it.

[#ff8295 "Keep out... Well that's not nice.."] Fane sighed walking pass the signs into a room and there he found something oddly interesting. Another sign in front of another pair of stairs leading up. Though it said something he thought he would never read. Human world this way. Fane was slightly beside himself Alice crazy stories weren't just stories but actual fact.
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