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Now that you've opened this to see what it's all about Im going to awkwardly explain.

So... I'm really wanting a MxF or FxF fluff roleplay, I had one going but then the other person disappeared sooo... I dont have a plot but I wanna do a custom AU but I am not opposed to a fandom based one with OC's . Because I'm gonna be playing my OC Takia, I would need someone who, though most of the time shes fairly bubbly, is okay with some drug use, and mild to severe anxiety ect. I don't really need much from you so just PM me if you're interested, let me know what kind of rp you want to do, and what character you're using. (I they don't have a profile tell me a bit about them

Here are some fandoms I'm into if you wanted to do a fandom based rp:
[b Harry Potter]
Gravity Falls
[b Supernatural]


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  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 9h 19m 21s
Sure thing lol))

Goddammed limit asdfghjkl))
Do you think it would be best to pull this into the PMs in case someone under age sneaks a peek here))
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 9h 30m 53s
She loosed a soft moan arching her back. "A-Alfa~" She reached a hand to the back of his head running her fingers gently through his fur. "I-I…" She wanted to tell him she didn't think he'd react like that but at the same time, she didn’t want him to stop.
  Takia Azazel Jennings / tic-tak-ia / 10h 23m 41s
Alfa would slide down her neck kissing it unto his snout was in between her breast He kisses the left breast and then extending it around it licking it
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 1d 6h 30m 38s
She yelped a little in shocked by the suddenness of it all, it wasn't what she'd expected. She pulled her lips from his, "A-alfa~". Her voice was small, scared almost, but not in a way that said she wanted him to stop.
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Tic-tak-ia / 1d 7h 55m 10s
Alfa would lift his head to her head and looks into her eyes. His was different it was like something in him has triggered they would be filled with lust he would pin her down kissing her continuously. His tail would slide down her pants.

  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 1d 8h 23s
She recalled what he'd said about his tail and reached down stroking it, thinking [I its fair payback for touching my wings].
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Tic-tak-ia / 1d 8h 6m 0s
Alfa would wrap around her his tail wrapping around her leg and then her stomach. He would be purring lightly as he sleeps and to her stroking him.
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 1d 8h 11m 58s
She'd wake up an hour or so later and sit up, stroking his ears as he slept, she reached for the tv remote, mindlessly stroking as she flipped through channels.
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Tic-tak-ia / 1d 8h 14m 17s
Alfa would cover her head and smiles, "Night hun" He would kiss her forehead and enters the room and placing her down onto the bed and falling asleep next to her slowly shifting into his form
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 1d 8h 16m 54s
She didn't so much as move, but she was oddly silent. She shifted a little her hair falling on her face, turns out pretending to sleep, actually lulled her into a peaceful slumber.
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Tic-tak-ia / 1d 8h 18m 57s
Alfa would walk into the Hotel and would pay the cashier. As he walks to the room he would think, 'Ok we are here if you want I will put you down'
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 1d 8h 27m 13s
She nodded, "Easy enough." her clothes shifted a little to seem a little more suited to a child. she snuggled into him as if she was asleep as he walked.
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Tic-tak-ia / 1d 8h 28m 35s
Alfa would nod, "But you curve was fine just the hair and eyes would have done the trick" He would snuggle his head into her neck and then starts walking treating her like a small child. He thinks, 'Until we get to the hotel ok just act like a child' He would kiss her forehead
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 1d 8h 35m 25s

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