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Now that you've opened this to see what it's all about Im going to awkwardly explain.

So... I'm really wanting a MxF or FxF fluff roleplay, I had one going but then the other person disappeared sooo... I dont have a plot but I wanna do a custom AU but I am not opposed to a fandom based one with OC's . Because I'm gonna be playing my OC Takia, I would need someone who, though most of the time shes fairly bubbly, is okay with some drug use, and mild to severe anxiety ect. I don't really need much from you so just PM me if you're interested, let me know what kind of rp you want to do, and what character you're using. (I they don't have a profile tell me a bit about them

Here are some fandoms I'm into if you wanted to do a fandom based rp:
[b Harry Potter]
Gravity Falls


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Roleplay Responses

Alfa was still purring lightly and snuggled into her as he lai on her lap
  Alfa279escaped / 51d 21h 49m 54s
Takia smiled shifting so his head was rested in her lap.
  Takia Azazel Jennings / sharkEboy / 51d 21h 54m 0s
Alfa was purring lightly closing his eyes as he leaned his head towards her
  Alfa279escaped / 53d 12h 22m 28s
Takia sat up next to him, her too big white ears perking up. She sat next to him stroking the fur near his ear.
  Takia Azazel Jennings / SharkEboy / 53d 20h 38m 8s
Alfa turned female, "I promise" He smiled laying there knowing what is going to happen
  Alfa279escaped / 54d 15h 12m 7s
Takia pouted trying her hardest to hide a giggle “promise?“. She rolled them both over pinning him under her, “cause you are mine“
  Takia Azazel Jennings / SharkEboy / 54d 15h 18m 42s
Alfa chuckled, "I have to be 18 I'm 15 right now rules still apply to me including you and cheating the system is not right" He hugged her tightly, "but hey you're my girl"
  Alfa279escaped / 54d 19h 7m 28s
Takia laied back, her heart pounding in her chest and her breathing hard, "I love you Alfa." She hugged him tightly burying her face in his fur. "When can I marry you?"
  Takia Azazel Jennings / sharkEboy / 54d 19h 10m 21s
Can u send me the link again? I forgot to save it))
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Satanismydaddy / 65d 21h 19m 19s
Alfa chuckled, "Okay" he kissed her deeply hugging her tightly

  Alfa279escaped / 65d 21h 41m 46s
She giggled “always“ she stared up at him, “and my breakfast was interupted“
Alfa kissed back, "I love you too sweetheart" He tackled her hugging her down, Are you hungry?"
  Alfa279escaped / 65d 22h 33m 18s
The baby nipped at his fingers and takia giggled “he likes you“ she kissed alfa “and i love you“
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Satanismydaddy / 65d 23h 50m 58s
Alfa nodded, "It is suitable for him" He hugged ber and tried to pet Orion
  Alfa279escaped / 66d 5m 22s
She giggled, “can we name it orion?“ she smiled watching it as it flew towards her falling into her lap. “And i know“ she kissed him back.
  Takia Azazel Jennings / Satanismydaddy / 66d 7h 50m 14s

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