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Now that you've opened this to see what it's all about Im going to awkwardly explain.

So... I'm really wanting a MxF or FxF fluff roleplay, I had one going but then the other person disappeared sooo... I dont have a plot but I wanna do a custom AU but I am not opposed to a fandom based one with OC's . Because I'm gonna be playing my OC Takia, I would need someone who, though most of the time shes fairly bubbly, is okay with some drug use, and mild to severe anxiety ect. I don't really need much from you so just PM me if you're interested, let me know what kind of rp you want to do, and what character you're using. (I they don't have a profile tell me a bit about them

Here are some fandoms I'm into if you wanted to do a fandom based rp:
[b Harry Potter]
Gravity Falls


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She nodded at alfa, "I'll be okay" she then turned to the man, "Do you mind, I'm trying to talk to my fiance here." she thrn turned back to alfa "So should I start with his mind or would you rather kill him?"
  Takia Azazel Jennings / satanisdaddi / 4d 4h 29m 2s
Both horns regrew and kissed her back, "Sorry they got the best of me thought it was you who knocked" His ears went back, "Did I hurt you?" He was now back to his normal self again as he stood there looking at her. The man tapped his foot, "Are you done yet?"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 4d 20h 41m 8s
She sighed and kissed him quick, "don't ever get caught like that again, you hear me?" She crossed her arms pretending to pout, though she could never really be mad at him, as she mumbled "I love you"
Alfa stopped as his left horn grown to halfway and he back away from her letting her go, "What was that" Dark Dragon appeared next to her, "I think a kiss would be an order I'm writing this down so I know how to stop him when his horns are broken"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 13h 30m 1s
She shifted back giving into to alfa's pull as she thought 'maybe i should let him kill me, I'm to weak to even stop him'. She was overwhelmed with anger and emotion, as she let him drag her away, so overwhelmed she started to cry. As the tears rolled down her pale cheeks she said softly, "I know you don't remember me right now, but that baby, is mine, and I know there's nothing I can do to stop you from killing me so I just want you to know... I love you..."
The guy dodged and pressed a point in her arm making it num, "I think you overestimate me... Alfa have some 'Fun' with her" Alfa grabbed her and started to drag her away
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 20h 51m 10s
She snarled shoving alfa back, she swung a fist at the man a sword appearing in her fist as she neared, "Don't fucking try me" She spat the words, shifting between her forms as she swung at him.
Alfa again tackled her trying to pin her back down. The guy stood there and with a dark smile that is as scary as satan's smile, "Aww what's the matter you don't like it?" Alfa grabbed her arm and tried to stop her.
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 7d 16m 25s
She growled pulling out of alfa's grip. "No." she practically growled the word at the men. "He's mine." she bared her fangs and shifted to her devil form. She stood a 8 foot mass of muscle barring her shark like teeth, "Run while you can." She grinned and hurled herself towards the men.
his eyes stared at her as he picked her up and headed for the first floor as if he was commanded to. Once he made to the first floor he just stood there holding her as the men in the suits walked up to them, "Like my surprise, we added to him? Most of his emotions are in his left horn but we take them all also don't worry on the horns they will regrow right now he is nothing but a slave to us now"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 7d 5h 34m 10s
She yelped as he pinned her to the ground, "A-Alfa" her voice shook as she squeaked out his name, "Wh-what are you doing". She couldn't attack him, she couldn't risk hurting him, her mind raced as she tried to figure out how to get her alfa back without hurting him or the baby. She chewed her lip pushing hard against alfa's grip uselessly, she knew she would never beat him in hand to hand. She had no choice but to try for his oddly blank mind. She whispered her command into his mind her voice lilting in a foreign language that would usually control a human mind, she prayed to whatever gods may be that it would work on him.
All she heard was breathing which made it creepy. Alfa appeared in front of her with a blank stare and no horns. He attacked trying to pounce on her so he can knock her out.
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 7d 21h 45s
She looked up at him, and laughed,hysterically, she couldn't help it. "If you know what I am why even bother." she giggled, she'd felt great the past few days, stronger than she ever had. she closed her eyes taking in the presences near her, she was able to pick out the three men coming towards her and destroy their minds. She loosed a soft sigh, "so easy to kill you all." and with that she took off towards her and Alfa's shared hotel room trying to talk to him down their bond, practically screaming one question into his mind, "Are you okay?"
Alfa woke up and headed to the door hearing a knock forgetting that he was still in his female form. He opens it, "Yes?..." The guys looked at him and tackled him and broke his horns before getting off him, "Good we have one of the escaped" Dark Dragon's eyes widen, "Shoot they got him" The same guy later put his hand onto her shoulder chuckling, "You lied to us I was going to let this be easy on you but I guess we have to put you in chains just so we can take you to the government"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 10d 11h 22m 31s
She giggles her mouth still full of food, "I don't mind looking crazy"

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