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"Yeah, but I just wanted to..." He mumbled, "Let you know that, just in case we don't make it out," I said nervously, I kept walking, coming to a wall, so I turned around and kept walking.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 8h 15m 18s
I smile up at Alex. "Love you too. But for now, let's focus on getting out, okay?"
"Maybe," I thought out loud, still holding her hand. "Love you," I said to her.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 9h 4m 24s
I shrug. "Probably. Or they're just a confusing distraction while a trap springs out."
"Me neither, maybe they mean something?" I said to her, hoping they would help us get out.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 12h 44m 40s
I trail my fingers along the markings. "I have no idea," I say softly, refusing to let go of Alex's warm hand.
  Scarlett (Hidden) / StephenStark / 14h 41m 59s
"Okay, follow me," I said, holding her hand and walking forward. I noticed the walls were now covered in random letters and numbers, "What the hell?" I muttered under my breath.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 1d 12h 35m 51s
I nod quickly, breathing hard. "I just... I hate it here. We need to get out Alex. I can't take it in here much longer."
  Scarlett / StephenStark / 4d 5h 37m 44s
I hold her close and kiss her. "It's going to be fine, I promise." He couldn't handle the thought of her getting caught, or being stressed. He hoped they got out.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 4d 7h 15m 32s
I turn into Alex and just start crying. "I hate this place," I whisper, burying my face in his shirt. "I hate it. I don't want you in here; I don't want to be in here myself. I just want to get out," I sob quietly.
  Scarlett / StephenStark / 4d 9h 5m 18s
I look at her falling and I jump in after her. I was getting out with her or we stayed. I was flying through the air when I slowed down and landed on the ground, looking at scarlet. I took her hand and helped her up. I looked around, unsure where we were. "Are you okay?" I asked scarlet.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 4d 11h 24m 59s
I gulp and step back until I run into a wall. Alex looks so small now...

I take a breath and run forward, and my feet leave the ground. I fly through the air and reach for the opposite edge--and miss.

[i No.]
  Scarlett / StephenStark / 4d 11h 58m 21s
"Maybe, I probably would need a running start." I looked at the gap. I started to back, and then I ran forward, jumping. I got almost there and my waist hit the edge, and I grabbed a hold. I started to pull myself up. "You go now," I said to her.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 4d 13h 1m 18s
I bite my lip again. "Without my powers? I doubt it. You really think you can?"
  Scarlett / StephenStark / 4d 15h 4m 7s
"sorry, I just talked without thinking," He said, grabbing her hand and walking when they came to a gap. He looked into it, as it seemed to go on forever. I knew he could probably jump it but he wasn't sure about scarlet. "Can you make it?" I asked her.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 5d 4h 32m 3s

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