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  Keira Alanis / Mythicmallow / 162d 4h 16m 56s
((Um guys according to Raiders, Stephen is a ‘he’
  Kisses / 162d 21h 40m 59s
  Keira Alanis / --NutellaBabi-- / 174d 1h 23m 37s
((That sucks, I really enjoyed rping with her. Just a wonderin, if she had to get off, how did you find out? Do you know her irl?
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 174d 1h 46m 19s

  Keira Alanis / --NutellaBabi-- / 174d 14h 1m 42s
He stood up, putting a hand on her shoulder to steady her. "So what should we do first?" He asked, not really knowing how they would do this.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 179d 8h 7m 13s
"Together? Oh, yeah." Scarlett struggled to her feet, stumbling a bit. "I don't know the extent of your abilities, but there's gotta be some super-cool destructive weapon or something that we can use."
  Scarlett (Hidden) / StephenStark / 180d 23h 32m 29s
"you think were that powerful?" He asked, wondering if they even could do that.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 181d 2h 21m 40s
“Blow it up,” Scarlett said simply. “Smash it to the ground. And make sure everyone dies.”
  Scarlett (Hidden) / StephenStark / 181d 2h 23m 42s
"And how are we supposed to do that?" He asked her, still holding her.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 181d 2h 25m 25s
“Destroy them,” Scarlett said, determined. “Destroy every last one. We can’t let what happened to us happen to anyone else.”
  Scarlett (Hidden) / StephenStark / 181d 2h 30m 22s
He felt some guilt, at the fact they couldn't help them, "What are we supposed to do?" He said, wiping the tears from her face.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 181d 2h 36m 58s
Scarlett shook her head, breaking away. “But it isn’t!” she said, tears sprinkling her cheeks. “It’s still there. They’re still there. They can still hurt people.”
  Scarlett (Hidden) / StephenStark / 181d 2h 38m 5s
"It's gone, okay," He said, tilting her head up and kissing her, holding her close.
  Alex anderson / Nobody101 / 181d 2h 44m 48s
Scarlett melted into Alex’s arms, shuddering quietly. “That was terrifying,” she whispered, blinking back tears. “The… the lab…”
  Scarlett (Hidden) / StephenStark / 181d 2h 46m 13s

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