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"i know, i know." skylar then giggled creepily "when we're done with that sayaka girl, she'll be in a straight jacket for the rest of her life."
  Keira Alanis / MythicalMarshmallow / 8d 21h 36m 2s
"ugh can't we do something fun Raven" a strange voice came from Raven herself.

Raven sighed "No Leonic, it's to dangerous" she said looking up trying to get comfortable on the bed.
  VincentGirl / 9d 4h 44m 17s
Shu shrugged. “Just take this seriously. We’re already in an asylum. We can’t afford to mess this up.”
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 4h 59m 4s
After Raven was done eating she went back to her room waiting till she saw or heard anything intresting.
  VincentGirl / 9d 5h 9m 39s
Skylar giggled evily. "this is going to be so much fun!" she squealed.
  Keira Alanis / Mythicalmarshmallow / 9d 6h 34m 35s
Shu thought for a while before a small smirk formed on his lips. “I know. Shuri. Alex has never seen her. She got in here after impersonating four government officials and then blowing up a government building. She never comes out, but if she had a game to play~”
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 6h 37m 27s
"we need someone who is good at deception to get her away from him." skylar said.
  Keira Alanis / Mythicalmarshmallow / 9d 6h 40m 13s
She blinked, nodding. “Yeah.... that would work. But how?” He tilted his head. “Alex is around her. He hates you.” He pointed out.
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 6h 45m 38s
"maybe murder isn't the right way to go, what if we make sayaka go crazy?" skylar asked with a grin
  Keira Alanis / Mythicalmarshmallow / 9d 6h 51m 12s
"That sound cool..." she said barely listening to him.
  VincentGirl / 9d 6h 56m 34s
“Should we.... do something?” Shu looked up at her. His eyes were filled with confusion and sadness. He didn’t talk to many of the people in the asylum, but they made him feel normal.. and if that was being threatened.... well he may not stand for that.
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 6h 57m 4s
"i got brought here for terrorism" genos told her.
  Keira Alanis / Mythicalmarshmallow / 9d 6h 57m 27s
she was quiet when she spoke but just enough to hear, "I got caught murdering someone and trading the body in with some guy for money." she said still looking down.
  VincentGirl / 9d 7h 11m 21s
"i don't like it either shu" skylar said "even the terrorist is there." she muttered

"so raven, what did they put you in here for?" genos asked.
  Keira Alanis / Mythicalmarshmallow / 9d 7h 13m 58s
Raven sat eating what she could of the inedible food and made sure her face was cover then waved as her name was mentioned.
  VincentGirl / 9d 7h 26m 3s

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