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Welcome to midnight manor asylum, we're all crazy here. From cannibals to terrorists to the innocent and sane, no one will leave the same as when they arived.

all of you are somewhat crazy some of you enjoy things the way they are and some of you want to see change. That's when sayaka arrives she's been sent her for something her twin sister did and is completely normal and innocent. Which side are you on? Will you help sayaka remain the inocent girl she is? Or will you plot against her to destroy who she is and drive her to insanity.


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watching the boy, sally stepped forward and smiled. "its nice to see you again." sally wanted to come in please!" She said squeezing past him and sitting on his bed. All the while holding her bear and laughing.
"your room is too clean!"
  Sally_Williams / 4d 14h 3s
Genos opened the door pushing his silver hair out of this face leaning against the door frame. "what do you want?" he demanded in an emotionless tone as he looked between the three girls in irritation.
  Genos / -PrettyValentine- / 12d 1h 9m 15s
Sayaka stood their awkwardly taking her hand away from Skylar. she was nervous as she had no clue what could be behind that door. She was about to say something when the door opened revealing a slightly irritated male.
  Sayaka Hosono / -PrettyValentine- / 12d 1h 33m 19s
Skylar continued to lead the two of them to a grey door before stopping and turning to the two. "do you remember Genos little sally?" she asked with a smile before knocking on the door and waiting for it to open.
  Skylar and Stylar / -PrettyValentine- / 12d 1h 39m 20s
Nodding once more, sally smiled and giggled. ¨Sally is here because her uncle tried to kill her and succeeded than she killed him!¨ Humming she squeezed her hand and cuddled her teddy bear named charlie while smearing the blood across her hand
  Tsukino_serina / 12d 20h 35m 48s
Skylar smiled taking both Sayaka and sally's hands leading them along through the hall and up stairs. "The are many people here with many conditions" skylar explained to her. "but we're only taking you to see the most active residents" she said adding "isn't that right sally?"
  Skylar and Stylar / mythicmallow / 13d 1h 44m 24s
Sayaka stood up walking over to the two girls while taking in the old stone walls of the manor/asylum. "i guess i tour sounds quite harmless" she said falling for Skylar's easy niceness. "how many people are here?" she asked curiously?"
  Sayaka Hosono / mythicmallow / 13d 1h 47m 42s
still having blood running down her head, sally smiled and nodded. "of course i have." Nodding again sally hummed and pet her bear while watching everyone else
  Sally_Williams / 13d 16h 25m 34s
Skylar walked into the main hall when she heard the commotion, Skylar unusually was not by her side today. The brown haired girl went over to Sally wiping her forehead "Good morning Sally, did you find someone new again?" the girl asked with a bright smile which was a little too bright to be real. "We haven't shown a new resident around in a long long time" Skylar said directing her smile at Sayaka now. "Isn't that right Sally?"
  Skylar and Stylar / mythicmallow / 15d 35m 25s
Sayaka wiped her eyes when she heard the girl speak, she didn't like people seeing her cry. "Well i'm not even supposed to be in this place" she told the girl as she sat up properly so she didn't look stupid lying on the floor. "They took me instead of my twin."
  Sayaka Hosono / mythicmallow / 15d 39m 22s
Sitting in the corner of a room with her teddy bear, Sally watched the incident happen and touched her already bloody forehead. "Thats what they do all the time." She said giggling
  Sally_Williams / 15d 14h 2m 10s
She dragged inside roughly by the guards who threw her onto the coridoor floor. Her blue hair was a mess, her eyes red and puffy from crying. Her voice was horse when she spoke, she must have been screaming at them to listen nonstop "please listen to me" the girl pleaded her voice barely a whisper. But the guards ignored her, leaving her on the floor as they walked away.
  Keira Alanis / MythicMallow / 15d 14h 3m 26s

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