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"seriously, i've told you me and cora are like family, we pick on each other all the time." she said getting angry.
  LittleHermit / 6d 12h 48m 24s
Alfa would nudge him, "Hey don't pick on her she has more power now thanks to me she does have some control over me but I can easily take that away which I'm not"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 12h 50m 38s
Cora looked at ren pleadingly.

"no can do." ren says holding his hands up. "you have to set a good example, LEADER." he said laughing.
  LittleHermit / 6d 17h 36m 3s
"Also all of that pain I was put through protecting you from them even taking a permanent death to remember" he would lean on the wall, "But you have to do the challenge or no food and it has to be you getting the needed stuff to make it also since your the chief this month you pick out what we have to eat too so don't think I'm not mentioning us as well we will have to eat it I will throw myself into it as well your lucky I haven't given you a year"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 17h 58m 2s
Cora looked shocked. "meanie."
ren smirked crossing his arms over his chest. "think of it as repaying your depts to the rest of us."
  LittleHermit / 6d 18h 5m 15s
Alfa would smile, "come on I agree with him there if you don't cook or hunt you would have little skill and remember I'm connected to you so you're more powerful than normal now let's see you cook for a few days then he will make you some practice is what makes you better stronger and wiser but it doesn't work for your first try if you don't succeed try again there is no such thing as failure in cooking now come on" he would pull Ren from her grasp, "I will challenge you to cook for one month straight and if you can make it through that then he would make you, the food that you wish"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 18h 34m 43s
"you're inturupted me." cora huffed. "a few more minutes and he would have said yes."
  LittleHermit / 6d 18h 41m 16s
Alfa would smile, "just make them we all like some things in different ways but you need to make them yourself, for one you're relying on people too much try doing it yourself and try I think you not trying on it is what's the problem go on try it"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 18h 45m 41s
Ren roled his eyes once again. "she is able to make them, she wants mine because they ase superior to hers."
  LittleHermit / 6d 18h 50m 2s
Alfa would be watching with a smile on his face, "This is going to be funny" he would teleport next to him whispering his ear, "Why not make it part of the training she is doing she has to be modern too"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 21h 55m 24s
Cora would drag ren to the kitchen. "waffles now." she said with a smile.
"you are 17." ren retorted. "make them yourself."
  LittleHermit / 6d 21h 59m 39s
Alfa would look surprised, "ok bye then" he would disappear not a trace of him was there
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 22h 6m 12s
"no eating in the dorms!" cried ren and cora in unison. They took pride in their dormroom and were not about to let alfa stink up the room.
  LittleHermit / 6d 22h 17m 28s
Alfa would appear behind him eating a deers leg, "Back I took the rest to my place which is hidden in the library" he tares another piece of meat off the leg
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 22h 21m 22s
"he could destroy the academy doing that." ren says shoving his hair out of his face.
  LittleHermit / 6d 22h 24m 24s

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