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Alfa would throw Dark Dragon at Cora knocking her down and killing Dark Dragon at the same time forcing him to burst into dust. Alfa would grab her and starts dragging her away, "Power..."
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 8h 34m 13s
"i'll go!" both cora and ren yelled before running off to the armory.
  LittleHermit / 6d 8h 41m 8s
Dark Dragon would look at him, "Get something that is made of lead and stab him make sure you don't hit me" Alfa would attack Dark Dragon slamming him into the ground. Dark Dragon would be behind him and would break a wing off of him.
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 8h 57m 50s
Ren nodded. "we have all sorts of weapons in the armory."
  LittleHermit / 6d 9h 55s
Dark Dragon would frown, "I think he needs a reset we need to kill him... and then revive him does anyone have a lead knife?"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 9h 3m 19s
"it doesn't make sense." cora said oppening a bag of crisps.
  LittleHermit / 6d 9h 4m 48s
Alfa would grab her and starts to drag her away, "Power..." Dark Dragon would punch Alfa away from her, "No this is not you Alfa your not power-hungry what changed that" Alfa would look at him sideways, "Power..."
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 9h 9m 5s
"not for you, if you try and use the cosmic dragon's power it will burn you and you wont be able to turn into an egg." cora told him
  LittleHermit / 6d 11h 16m 21s
He would fall on to his knees screaming in pain, "Ack" he would let go and look at her with blood-red eyes, "Power..."
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 11h 24m 55s
"what is wrong?" cora would ask, reaching for him
  LittleHermit / 6d 11h 34m 1s
Alfa would blush heavily, "Th-thanks" He would hug back but then backs away holding his head
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 11h 40m 55s
"you have cute ears." cora said laughing. She then gave alfa a hug.
  LittleHermit / 6d 11h 43m 4s
Alfa would purr tilting his head to her closing his eyes as he enjoys the playing of his ears
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 11h 50m 13s

cora would ruffle alfa's ears. "we piss each other off on purpose."
  LittleHermit / 6d 12h 5m 30s
Alfa would fold his ears back, "Well it didn't seem like it to me" his eyes dance between them
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 6d 12h 12m 57s

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