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He sighed grabbing it back and putting it back on smiling, "Well at least you didn't realize it"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 3d 10h 15m 56s
"give me your bag" Mavis said with annoyed huff grabbing his bag. She took off her coat and shoved it in his bad before handing it back to him. She was wearing a pink-purple jumper underneath
  Mavis Kiara / mythicmallow / 3d 11h 59s
He smiled, "is it more important than your life hu if so I can just leave"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 3d 11h 3m 41s
"But i love this coat" Mavis said dramatically as if it was her life line.
  Mavis Kiara / mythicmallow / 3d 11h 13m 11s
He stopped and sighed, "Take off the jacket or leave it at home"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 3d 11h 14m 36s
"I know" mavis said suddenly pointing her finger in the hair. she then took her scarf and wrapped it around her head to hide her hair. "she'll never know i'm mavis now" she whispered as if it was a secret. it would still be obvious to see it was her as she had her purple coat on.
  Mavis Kiara / MythicMallow / 3d 12h 20m 44s
He smiled, "You really think you want to change that you look cute with the purple"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 3d 14h 8m 18s
Mavis nodded but then frowned after thinking "she'll spot us with my purple hair though."
  Mavis Kiara / mythicmallow / 3d 17h 45m 37s
She smiled evily knowing he was lying to make her go away. "of course you do."
  ~HER~ / mythicmallow / 3d 17h 46m 28s
He smiled, "Crowds she will have to take care of everyone if she tries finding us"

I smirked, "As usual I like mine fresh please
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 4d 4h 58m 12s
"how will we do that?" mavis said stumbling as her legs felt tired

"i will torture them for months beforehand" i say to you
  Mavis Kiara / MythicMallow / 4d 6h 54m 54s
He smirked, "in the one place she doesn't think we will hide in plain sight"

I smiled, "give me them alive!!!"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 4d 6h 57m 59s
"where are we going to hide?" mavis asked knowing what i was like and that i would know where they both live.

"i will find then and make you eat them" i say with my psychotic smile
  Mavis Kiara / MythicMallow / 4d 7h 49s
He shook his head, "I know he can handle this he has had worse trust me" I smiled chuckling, "Well, at least my friend knows better than to take me with him hehe so what now pretty you will not get your way just by forcing hell they will nt want you now I will allow a restart if you want but no forcing me to love you because all you're getting is nothing but hatred"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 4d 7h 11m 39s
I see the paper left on the table and read it "darn your friend is running away"

mavis would hold the best friends arm "are you leaving joseph with her?"
  Mavis Kiara / MythicMallow / 4d 7h 21m 44s

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