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"That's good but i still need to find them." she said starting to look in other classrooms.
  ~HER~ / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 12h 23m 33s
Joseph pulled away hugging her, "I think I might get used to this"

Jacob stood there not even out of breath looking around for any followers
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 12h 25m 42s
Mavis would stop at the gate and have have her hands on her knees breathing really heavily.
  Mavis Kiara / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 12h 30m 43s
She would then look inside the classroom with an irritated huff "my information was wrong i guess."
  ~HER~ / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 12h 31m 20s
I blushed before giving in to her kissing back thoughts going through my head making me feel drunk.

Jacob ran snuck by and then ran
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 12h 33m 8s
Mavis would take Jacob's good hand and sneak around them before running super fast to the entrance.
  Mavis Kiara / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 12h 42m 25s
She would smile and kiss him back with her eyes closed.
  ~HER~ / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 12h 43m 19s
Joseph saw them in the art room as they walked past them and turned her around and kissed her deeply.

Jacob was following and saw who he was kissing and pulled her away from the spot.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 12h 52m 54s
Mavis stretches and yawns "is it the end yet?" she asked rubbing sleep from her eyes as she walked to the door.
  Mavis Kiara / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 13h 4m 5s
She just continues with her research calmly and ignores the silly things he does.
  ~HER~ / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 13h 5m 5s
Joseph continued to annoy her yelling in class at her even did something embarrassing.

Jacob smiled, "Let's go quickly"
Mavis woke up at the end of the lesson and looked at Jacob's drawing. "i like this." she said before packing up her stuff.
  Mavis Kiara / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 13h 24m 11s
She would pretend to not be annoyed and she would be secretly doing research on Mavis and Jacob.
  ~HER~ / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 13h 25m 7s
I smiled as I let her take me to her classes and just annoyed her in each one

Jacob sighed and started to draw and ended up drawing something from starwars
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 15h 27m 32s
Mavis did a little O with her mouth. She then yawned falling asleep due to exhaustion.
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she giggled as she pulled joseph around to their study lesson
  Mavis Kiara / MythicMallow / 3d 1h 29m 3s

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