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"are you admitting you love me?" she asked with a smile. [hr ] mavis smiled a little "no one knows about it right? I just don't want her finding us"
I shrug, "How am I suppose to know his thoughts it's not like I'm connected to him or anything shoot he's just a friend my best friend died 5 years ago and I never cared about anyone till now"

He chuckled, "To my families summer home in Washington state"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 6h 43m 49s
She growled angrily "it doesn't make sense! Why would he take her with him?" [hr ] mavis took her scarf out of her hair and placed it on her lap "if you didn't hear me the first time" she said politely as she knew she could speak in a tiny voice "do you have a destination planned?" she asked
Joseph smiled, "I'm smarter than you think I am so please listen oh and there it goes"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 10h 17m 21s
"maybe that's what he wants us to think? It has to be a trick" she insisted.
[hr ]
mavis puts the music on and sighs "do you even have a destination planned?
I facepalmed, "Best escaped vehicle is the one he has why wouldn't she ride with him?"

Jacob started the car and drove away with it.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 10h 26m 39s
Mavis put on the seat belt quickly
[hr ]
She looked at Joseph confused "don't be silly, why would she be in his car?"
Jacob buckled up and waited for Mavis to buckle

Joseph sighed, "Have you checked his car?"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 10h 35m 15s
She smiled as she walked into yet another classroom to look. "that was my plan" she told Joseph.
[hr ]
Mavis followed Jacob to the car taking her purple jacket out of his bag and putting it back on before getting into the passenger seat.
He chuckled, "But she's the last of her kin I don't think killing her woud be a reasonable thing to punish her why not hurt her"

He chuckled, "Well, let's go then"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 10h 39m 25s
"i was making sure there was no more running" mavis said rolling her eyes before she heard his next words "how about no?"
  Mavis Kiara / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 10h 40m 36s
"because mavis needs to learn a lesson" she said with an evil grin.
  ~HER~ / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 10h 41m 26s
He smiled, "I brought it why can I not?" He then chuckled, "Run every day for about an hour then you will know"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 10h 42m 2s
Joseph smiled following her, "Why aren't they small want, I know your want for me is big but it's not like you 'need' them"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 2d 10h 43m 34s
"Oh. My. Goodness." Mavis said once she caught her breath "how are you breathing right?" she asked dramatically before getting to the point "did you bring the car here or did you leave it at your home?" she asked looking around also.
  Mavis Kiara / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 10h 44m 43s

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