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There was only one place cora knew and that was kyouka dragon academy. She teleported to her room there. She then mindlinked alfa "tell me when you're done i'll teleport you here."
  MythicalMarshmallow / 9d 3h 31m 20s
Alfa smiles, "teleporting there but you would have to think about where you want to go" He would kiss her deeply wrapping his body around her as he kisses, "I will back trust me"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 9d 3h 36m 10s
"how do i do that again?" she asked curiously.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 9d 3h 37m 58s
Alfa would look at her, "if you don't want to die I would suggest you to move to the other side of the planet if not halfway"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 9d 3h 44m 28s
"ooh, that's amazing." cora says jumping. "nice."
  MythicalMarshmallow / 9d 3h 48m 48s
Alfa smiles, "Do you care to die with ease?" He smiles as his body would lengthen and his arms would fuse with his wings His legs would fuse with his tail and his snout would lengthen forming two more eye sets
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 9d 3h 51m 16s

"that will be awesome!" cora says getting excited. "how will we do it?"
  MythicalMarshmallow / 9d 3h 53m 51s
Alfa would smile, "Yep everyone here in one go"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 9d 4h 11m 38s
Cora kisses alfa back happily. "really? Really?" she asked thinking he was going to say no.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 9d 4h 12m 35s
Alfa smiles as he kisses her deeply, "Everyone here"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 9d 4h 16m 50s
"who are we killing next?" cora ask mischieviously. She rubbed her hands together. "nyehehehe."
  Mythicalmarshmallow / 9d 4h 35m 42s
Alfa would look At Alpha's corpse, "Well, I stabbed her with the blade she used on me"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 9d 4h 46m 38s
"aw, that was quick. I was having fun." she whined, poking alfa's face.
  MythicalMarshmallow / 9d 5h 14m 20s
Alpha would be dead by the time he gets to her, "Done let's go"
  Alfa / Alfa279escaped / 9d 5h 18m 57s
Cora didn't notice the fight. She was still dancing and and cheerleading. "go alfa, go alfa!"
  MythicalMarshmallow / 9d 5h 35m 42s

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